Eating The Blind Woman

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Eating The Blind Woman

The developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) said that individuals had to overcome what he termed the `projection making factor`, which derived from the soul or anima and corresponded to the image of the woman that the perceiver found to be desirable in emotional terms. Jung`s thesis was clarified by his description of the shadow, which was the negative or inferior aspect of the personality that the growing individual hadn`t developed enough to want and so it received projection onto the other person who was seen as evil because of it. But the notion that the chemical reaction induced by the emotion of love between man and woman was something to be overcome wasn`t so evident. Jung observed that, in alchemy, the goal of the opus was knowledge or wisdom symbolized or represented by the stone of the wise or lapis philosophorum, which he identified as the developed ego-consciousness of the awakening individual. According to Jung alchemy was both the basis for chemistry and psychology, because it recognized the connection between health and projections. One of the more curious manifestations of the alchemical procedure was the appearance of the figure of the hermaphroditus with the gender attributes of both male and female, which has psychological import because of the hypnotic quality of the relationship between young men and women striving to achieve union.
 For girls snakes are hypnotic, whereas for a boys` penis girls are. In Eden the serpent persuades Eve to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` because the serpent isn`t human and neither are men after Eden, who emerge from the host wombs of women to enslave and devour her civilizations, cultures and art in war. God warns Eve in Eden that her `seed` will have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` but promises she`ll `crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` (Gen: 3. 15) Earth. Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from the Virgin Mary as the first of `woman`s seed` to whom God promises a `new heaven and Earth` while the `serpent`s seed` receive perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain, as a punishment from God. Homosexuals are hypnotic for girls, because they`re not interested in the penis when they see girls. Greek society was based on institutionalized enslavement of women`s host wombs in homosexual pederasty to spread war and its contagiousness, and the Greeks were able to do this because they weren`t interested in girls, which explains how Eve was deceived into eating of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` in Eden. She met a snake who wasn`t interested in girls and she was used to Adam`s penis being interested in her.
 Jung`s psychology of projections indicates that the task of humanity is to overcome the picture presented as a given since Eden that men are human, because women with a penis of their own as `futanarian` are `woman`s seed` and have their own semen and self-reproductive capacity, and that means a socio-economic valence for future independence designed to liberate women as the human species from men as their parasites. As Jesus observed, at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion and death, when he gave the `bread and wine` in fellowship to the disciples, as tokens of his `body and blood`, a good guest is grateful to the host, which translates as the `Son of Man` doesn`t devour its mother after it emerges from her host womb.
 Jesus was a hero because he overcame his projections to arrive at the truth, which was that women`s host wombs had been taken over by a parasite that was devouring her. His mother the Virgin Mary was a self-reproducing woman, because humans are. In Revelation Jesus is born a second time while the `red dragon` grown since Eden waits in vain to devour him. The story of the hero and the dragon is archetypal. God sentences the dragon and the `serpent`s seed` to hell after `war in heaven` against those who seek to maintain the enslavement and devouring of the human species ad inifintum. `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth` (Rev: 16. 5) is the archetype of the woman enslaved in pederasty and war, and in 21st century Los Angeles, Hollywood is called `Babylon` by the cognoscenti  because men are devils who`re engaged in making pictures without the human species. Action heroes devastate large swathes of the Earth and its peoples while the screen heroine remains safely held in their arms to foster the delusion that the human species is being protected. Because women have their own penis as `futanarian` and men`s genitalia is hidden in mainstream movies because of the taboos, there`s never any possibility of genuine human interaction between women who are also designed for only three things; eating, drinking and ejaculating during sexual intercourse with each other.
 By the late 20th century men had been able to create the HIV/AIDS virus by mixing blood, shit and semen during sex with each others anuses, while developing a viral approach to technology. At the dawning of the computer age men immediately began creating viruses to destroy computers. Just as the Greeks feigned friendship for Troy in order to hide inside a huge hollow wooden horse and emerge to enslave the host wombs of the women to spread war and its contagions further, so the Al Qaeda terrorists on 9/11 2001, posing as harmless guests of the USA, hijacked civil aircraft and crashed them into the World Trade Centre of New York to reestablish the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty and war`s contagiousness. The HIV/AIDS virus gains access to the body`s immune system by pretending to be the white cells that are defending it, before killing it. The paradigm is of the host and the parasite. Having produced technological advances by means of her host womb, women`s parasites emerge to waste her.
 Although Babylon is a woman in the Bible representative of men`s enslaving of women for pederasty and war`s contagiousness, Babylon is the former capital city of the Persian Empire, which consisted of what is now modern day Iraq, which was responsible for the invasion of its unwilling host Kuwait and the first Gulf war (1990-1) and the second Gulf war (2001-11) after its President Saddam Hussein declared his support for Al Qaeda and offered the terrorist group territory in Iraq for further bases. As Hollywood, Babylon, made the movie World Trade Centre (2005) about Al Qaeda`s crashing of hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of New York, it was preparing to be the cinema host for the Iraq, Babylon, show, which Hollywood`s movie history had been wetting the appetites of moviegoers for at least since the defeat of Japan at the closing of WWII. The USA had then dropped H-bombs on the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima to summarily end hostilities. Hollywood then began a spate of movies with such aging screen legends as John Wayne acting the part of 18 year old boys, like those who planted the US battle flag on captured Japanese islands in movies of the type of Sands Of Iwo Jima (1949).
 Some people have noted the similarities between 9/11`s terrorist attack on the `Big Apple` of New York and the HIV/AIDS virus` way of insinuating itself from `the base` of the spine, which is what `Al Qaeda` translates as, to the brain, where the Sahasrara chakra is at the `crown` of the head with the Ajna chakra just below at the brow. The throat chakra that contains the Adam`s apple is the place of the voice, and Al Qaeda, `the base`, would then represent the Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine where HIV/AIDS obtains egress through the anus. So 9/11`s attack on the World Trade Centre was Al Qaeda`s driving of the USA to declare war in reimplementation of the `rough trade of pederasty.
 In Judaism the `tree of life` is the Sefiroth with its roots above the Earth and its leaves below, which is a curious picture for those who don`t understand. in Jungian psychology instinctual libido or sexual energy is transformed through work into spiritual and intellectual endeavour, but the usual view is that the penis is below while the brain is the organ of intellectual work and spiritual development of man. If women are the human species, with their own penis and latent `futanarian` socio-economy, the serpent and the `serpent`s seed` wanted the `futanarian`, that is, the `foot of God upon the Earth`, to die, and she`s the brains of the human species, according to Jung`s developmental psychology, because civilization, culture and art emerge from the transformation of the penis` desireful libidic instinct for its mate. The penis of the woman is the brains of her species, so the roots are in heaven, but the devil men have taught that the sexual instincts are hell and the undeveloped brain is spiritual and not a transformer of libidic instinct into those intellectual endeavours which can save the human race. If the `futanarian` aspect of women as a species independent of its parasite is extinguished, she and the humans will be the brainless and eyeless victims of their parasitical devourers and enslavers.
 In the Bible God says `woman`s seed` is bound for the planets and stars of `heaven`, which means the roots of the `tree of life` or Judaic Sefiroth are woman`s, but `futanarian` woman`s either invisible or men have killed her as a form of species` lobotomy. The concept of the devil is then explainable as men`s devilling of human development, so that the woman can`t escape but has to blossom here upon the Earth and have her fruits of her host womb, that is, civilization, culture and art, appropriated by the parasites for their devourments.
 Jesus` teachings of the Holy Spirit is his recognition that his mother, the Virgin Mary, is the `futanarian` seed of the human species of women able to reproduce without its parasite. In Eden Eve emerged from the side of Adam and, after Jesus` crucifixion and death, the Roman centurion Longinus pierced Christ`s side with a spear, presumably to see if his woman would emerge from his side. As the `Second Adam`, Jesus` invisible `self` would be the Holy Spirit as the `Second Eve`, and what she taught was that `woman`s seed` was the `futanarian` future. Revelation describes the woman who is `hidden` after giving birth to Jesus` `New Redeemer`:
`The woman herself fled into the desert where she had a place prepared by God, that there she might be taken care of for twelve hundred and sixty days.` (Rev: 12. 6)
 The Earth`s mythology and religion says that woman is hiding in the invisible realm from men who are the devils that would kill her, because her roots are in heaven and her leaves are upon the Earth. The picture of the Earth is the devil`s painting in which men are devils and can be seen everywhere as the parasites living upon the dying corpse of the human species of woman`s `futanarian` hopes for the future, and she doesn`t even know because they`re devilishly clever enough to blind her through incurable `killer diseases` like HIV/AIDS to conceal the truth from an otherwise long-lived species that would know because it was old enough to be wise and could disseminate the truth to its daughters and ensure the `futanarian` species of woman`s progress outward from the Earth and away from its enslaving and devouring parasites.
 The old adage is that masturbation makes blindness and there`s a grain of truth in that insofar as the nude female body is hypnotic to the eyes attached to the desireful human penis, and so pornography is bewitching. But sexual desire is how human behaviour is recognizable. The penis` desire for the body of the woman induces a hypnotic unconsciousness that Carl Jung calls `participation mystique`. Jesus` parasitology observes that men would devour the woman as the host if they weren`t bound in a hypnagogic `dream time` keeping dormant their parasites` instinct to devour her.
 Without men`s blinding of her to their real desire to enslave and devour, women would be able to see their civilization, culture and art was produced only to be consumed in pederasty and war at periodic intervals designed to cull the human species and prevent her progress to the stars and the planets where God has promised she is destined to live. So men must find a way of blinding her so that she is unable to recognize herself as the human species as self-reproducers of women while making devil pictures upon the Earth of men engaged in non-penis related activities with their parasites` unsuspecting victims is the method they`ve chosen to adopt in the mass media and sociologically. There aren`t any humans on the Earth visibly, because the devils have either killed them or forced them into hiding and are busily painting over their crimes in preparation for species genocide. Meanwhile they`re eating the poor blind woman who feels safe in the presence of lavishly guarded installations such as the supermarket and the bank where rugged security personnel watch over her to see that she doesn`t steal anything from her womb without paying for it heavily.
 Doubtless there are action heroes of the Hollywood type, who haven`t yet won through to the freedom of understanding that the woman of the Earth with her own `futanarian` penis and seed is the man they`re looking to protect but, without acceptance of Jesus` teachings of respect for the host womb of woman, and the action hero`s return to role model staus as teacher of the young, Hollywood, Babylon`s expensive devastations will continue to illustrate the parasites behaviour towards the mother of the Earth and the real human species will be expected to accept that. Jesus is a man because he`s `woman`s seed` and knows that the `red dragon` of pederasty, enslavement and devourment of the self-reproducing `futanarian` human species is his enemy. The `father of lies` is so steeped in sin it`s almost impossible to penetrate the disguise to uncover the truth of the Earth doomed to be consumed in the `perpetual enmity` of its devil men for the soon to be extinct human species.

Women Of The Earth Turn The Human Species Into A Drooling Infant And Show It Dirty Pictures To Disguise Their Killing Of It

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Women Of The Earth Turn The Human Species Into A Drooling Infant And Show It Dirty Pictures To Disguise Their Killing Of It

In the Bible a woman is described as `Mystery, Babylon the Great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth` (Rev: 17. 5), which seems a little harsh unless it`s understandable that the woman has accepted enslavement of her host womb by homosexual pederasty for the purpose of devouring its products. God warns Eve of the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for her `seed` at the beginning of the Bible when God tells her she `shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` Earth for the `new heaven and Earth` promised her in the prophetic Revelation at the end of the Bible.
 Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen prefigures the future of the human species because `woman`s seed` is identifiable as the `futanarian` women who have their own penis` seed or semen and can self-reproduce with their own independent socio-economic valence that will assist them to leave Earth for the planets and stars to escape from the parasites that have lodged themselves in her host womb.
 Many have argued that the Masons are an evil secret organization, and the idea that their lodges are places where they plan the devourment of what emerges from the host womb of women, as the parasite that she lodges within her host womb before it emerges to destroy the civilizations, cultures and art that she is able to produce despite their depredations, is prima facie evidence for the argument that the Masons` lodges are a celebration of their role as the human species` devouring parasites.
 The mystery of Babylon is the baby born from the woman who accepts enslavement and devouring for it because it`s a boy son, that is, a poison, which spreads homosexual pederasty and its contagiousness through war. Ancient Greece enslaved the host wombs of women in homosexual pederasty to spread the virus, and the mystery of Babylon are the women who have assisted their male parasite to kill the human species of independent `futanarian` woman with her own penis because they`re too lazy to develop themselves and prefer to keep their children in infantilism by showing them `dirty pictures` and telling those who are interested that they`re evil.
 If men are women`s parasites the `picture` is a `dirty` one that requires cleaning, but depictions of `futanarian` women with a penis of their own as an integral part of a societal framework that acknowledges her special role are so rare as to keep the humans in infantile perplexity reasoning over pornography`s `dirty pictures`. Properly defined the human picture is dirty because it has women`s parasites on it.  The evil `serpent`s seed` want the humans to understand that they`re dirty but not because the serpent`s seed` are the dirty, evil parasites in the picture, and that`s what child abusers are for. To explain to the infant that it`s dirty and evil and that they`re very offended until the child accepts their picture of what the human is.
 Any woman who wants the infant human species to understand that it`s evil and dirty because it eats, drinks, and has a body, is assisting the parasites and is Babylon, `mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth`. From an artistic perspective, the forgers have constructed a fake picture, which they want the humans to accept. Pornography should be a depiction of a celebrated human activity, which is presented as dirty and evil because humanity`s enslaving and devouring parasite of homosexual pederasty and war wants to keep the human species as a drooling infant so that it can continue killing it.
 Although Babylon was the ancient seat of Persia located in Iraq, and so Saddam Hussein was her infant, and the terrorist hijack on 9/11 2001 that resulted in planes being crashed into New York`s Twin Towers `live on CNN` was Babylon, Hollywood. Most people viewing the television event thought it was a Hollywood movie if they`d not tuned in early enough to witness the news. In Hollywood men don`t have a penis on the big screen, because the audience has been taught to prefer the gun, and through computer games associate the penis with the joystick for `shoot-em up` screen consoles that encourage the players` delusion that other people`s lives are as valueless as theirs.
 9/11 was the perception by hackers into the US defense system that the World Trade Centre was PC Towers, who was PG and so preventing the `rough trade` game of pederasty and war from continuing. The picture tells the viewer that Babylon doesn`t have a penis of her own, and that she doesn`t know because she`s an infant. The picture is dirty and evil because her parasite is protecting its host womb for its further emergings and depredations against the civilization, culture and art that women have so far been able to produce in spite of their enslaver and devourer, and that`s what the `dirty pictures` of Babylon, Hollywood, are.
 Movies like King Kong (1933, 2005) in the big ape`s climb up the Empire State building to beat off the US air force with his fists, or Steve McQueen in Towering Inferno (1974) as the heroic firefighter reminiscent of the New Yorkers` statue of the 9/11 fireman were the preprogram for the terrorist attack, which was primarily based on Logan`s Run (1976), the movie in which everyone is killed by `sandmen` after they reach the age of 21, because Logan was the US airport chosen for the hijackings to launch the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre to kill the 21st century for the human species and reimplement `rough trade` in the Greek gods` games of pederasty and war.
 Because women are an independent species with their own `futanarian` penis what she`s being shown on the big and small screens of Hollywood, Babylon, is her own death while the illusion is fostered that men are her saviours. In movies like The Day After Tomorrow (Emmy Rossum, 2004), Independence Day (Mae Whitman, 1996) and The Day The Earth Stood Still (Patricia Neal, 1951, and Jennifer Connelly, 2008) the planet is devastated but the young women at the centre of the action are safe, which is the fostering of the delusion. Because all of the other women are dead and dying in the destruction.
 The cost is paid for by Hollywood, Babylon, of course, which is what happens in wars, but the money could have been spent on medicine to maintain women`s youthfulness and increase their longevity, which would improve her chances of learning about herself as a species and escape. The Earth`s parasites projected as aliens in movies like War Of The Worlds (Dakota Fanning, 1996) and  Mars Attacks (Sarah Jessica Parker, 2005) don`t want her to develop the technology of space travel, because then the human species would escape from her enslavers and devourers, so they fake protecting her from aliens while being her host wombs` invaders.
 At the `Last Supper` Jesus` offer of the `bread and wine`, as tokens of his `body and blood`, to the disciples who have arranged his crucifixion and death, is as a good host asking for a womb to emerge from into heaven where he won`t be devoured by the parasites. Jesus` subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven was followed in 1950 by Catholicism`s acceptance of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary as doctrine, which assumes that Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen will be the rule in heaven.
 According to the Bible the `serpent`s seed` receives perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain, from God as their punishment for parasitism and refusing to repent and accept Jesus` teachings of Redemption by accepting the host, which is the holiness of the womb of woman from which everything human emerges. In Catholicism the host is the `wafer and wine of the communion cup` as tokens of Jesus` `body and blood`, because Catholicism wants humans to emerge from the womb like Jesus and his mother and not as devouring parasites.
 Human behaviour is the desire to live, not the desire to kill, which is how humans are recognized. How to protect the human from predators is the basic problem of human civilization, culture and art, but if men are recognized as the human species` parasite there`s a basis for constructing a defense against it. After the USA`s NASA space program put a man on the moon, in 1982 US President Ronald `ray gun` Reagan began the implementation of the `Strategic Defense Initiative` as a ring of ground and space missiles around the Earth. Ostensibly to defend against ICBMs, SDI was the last stage in the building of the human species` `death camp` where it could be worked by the alien parasites emerging from the women`s host wombs to devour the humans despite her efforts to give birth to that permanent civilization, culture and art the Bible describes as `heaven on Earth`.
 The 1950s obsession with alien invasion movies such as The Thing From Another World (1951) and  It Came From Outer Space (1953)  arose because men wanted the humans to perceive that the devouring parasites upon the human species came from outside, whereas in fact they were the enemy within. Conventional war is conventional marriage in which the parasite refuses to disarm so that the human species can spend the money on defending itself from their enslaver and devourer. Because woman is the human species` socio-economic valence of future independence from her parasite, she needs robot technology in her own image to protect her.
 In Judaism Christ Jesus is the Meshiah because the Meshiahn Age of the machine is what he heralds as God`s `Logos` or developing technology, through what developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) describes as the transformation of sexual or libidic instinct into spiritual and intellectual achievement. Women are humans and would much rather have robots to care for them rather than parasites to breed them for eating. If all of society were maintained by robots in the Meshiahn Age the only predators would be the parasites, who are discernible as those men who want to emerge from their former enslaved host womb to continue as her devourers and those women who aquiesce to that. Movies like Terminator (Linda Hamilton, 1984) depict machines as the enemy because they`d be the liberators of the human species of woman. The NASA moon program produced better washing machines for women, but ICBMs to keep her busy with the `dirty laundry` her parasite wanted her to deal with:
` ... personal or private matters that could cause embarrassment if made public ... `1
 Jesus` teachings of Redemption represent the woman`s attempt to deal with her parasite`s `dirty laundry`, because machine technology should be for her protection and not her devastation. Without acceptance of her host womb as being for the production of human progress and technological advancement designed to protect her from men`s predatory parasitism, they`ll experience hell:
`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)
 By the late 20th century men had inaugurated the Age of the Virus through mixing blood, shit and semen in their anuses during sex together to create a `biological weapon` to keep women in fear and faithfulness to their parasite`s institution of monogamy rather than discover herself as the human species of woman`s independence through her own `futanarian` penis` valence as the socio-economic future of developing humanity.
 9/11 2001 was the spreading of the homosexual virus of pederasty`s valence, that is, the biblical `blood plague` of Revelation, as Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked planes to crash them into the World Trade Centre and reimplement the `rough trade` of war and its contagiousness. The computerized US defense system had been crashed and the paradigm of men`s virality had been reestablished for the 21st century. The dawning of the new era runs parallel with the emergence of  the computer `geek` who, taking his name from the `circus freak` who ate the heads of chickens, went on to design viruses to devour computers for the public`s entertainment, that is, 9/11 `live on CNN`, where 5000 people at New York`s World Trade Centre had been at least encouraged to run around like headless chickens by the `geeks`.
 `Circus` is a euphemism for `spying`, so 9/11 2001 was carried out by `geek` devourers deriving their impulse, consciously or unconsciously, from the Greek institution of devouring pederasty and war`s contagions, because gaining entrance to systems in order to carry out missions is what spies do. In WWII British commandos were shot on capture as spies, because of their knowledge of Germany`s secrets.  At Peenemunde, Germany`s rocket centre, for example, where devouring V2s were built by `geeks` and launched against London and other parts of England. 9/11 2001 wasn`t `rocket science` but it was typical `circus` insofar as it achieved parasitism`s objective of spreading its devourers` contagion of war cheaply, which is what Roman amphitheatres or `circuses` were built for. Watching people kill each other was the mass public entertainment advertising medium for pederasty and war before television and Hollywood, Babylon. 9/11 2001`s devastating of the World Trade Centre `live on CNN` was `circus` because it spread the contagion of `rough trade`, that is, pederasty and war, which is the `dirty picture` the pornographers want everyone to see.

Schizophrenic Earth

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Schizophrenic Earth

Most people in Western societies have encountered the idea that the divisions within Islam are schizophrenic. Moslem societies are divided into two basic types. Suni Moslems who accept the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed as dictated to him by the angels and written as the Koran (610-30 CE) while the Shi`ia Moslems became a branch of Islam after the death of the Prophet and the belief that his son-in-law Ali was the representative of God on Earth after Mohammed, which took away some of the direct authority of the Koran. The schism within Islam devolved from the desire to place socio-political power in the hands of its leaders rather than rely wholly on the spiritual power of ncontthe Koran and the divisiveness within Islam has grown deeper. Women are taught to cover themselves in public beneath the black one piece covering of their burkah, while the men wear the white full length thob. The men`s faces can be seen whereas only the eyes of the women are visible. Islam has been pejoratively labelled `schizophrenic` by Western society for this reason but, although the label is widely accepted, the explanation lacks cogency.
 In Christianity Jesus is born uncontaminated by male semen as the first of `woman`s seed`. Although Jesus is a teacher in Islam and his story appears in the Koran, he is the Christ of the Western Bible because his mother, the Virgin Mary, is `futanarian`, that is, she`s a self-reproducing woman. God tells Eve she`ll `crush the head of the serpent` as she leaves Earth but shall have `perpetual enmity` between the `serpent`s seed` and her `seed`. Because `seed` means semen and Jesus was the first of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, that is, the `serpent`s seed`, the Virgin Mary prefigures the self-fertilizing independent human species of woman with her own penis` `seed`, that is, her own semen, which is what `futanarian` women have. Beneath their black burkhas Arabian women are `futanarian` and don`t want to be seen because, according to the parasitilogy of Christianity, males are the parasites upon the human species` host womb of woman:
`The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.` (Rev: 12. 6)
 The woman has given birth to Jesus, in his `Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer`, while the `red dragon` of Revelation grown since its days as the serpent of Eden waited in vain to devour him. As the Messiah Jesus would be the herald of the new human species of `futanarian` woman corresponding to `woman`s seed` given a `new heaven and Earth by God while the `serpent`s seed` receive eternal unendurable pain, that is, perdition, as a punishment for their enslaving and devouring of the human species from its own womb as its devourer in ceaseless wars of `perpetual enmity` against the civilizations, cultures and art that women are able to produce from their wombs in spite of their parasites` depredations.
 Ancient Greece provided the foundations of Western civilization before Jesus` teachings, and institutionalized homosexual pederasty ensured the spread of war and its contagions through the enslaving of women`s host wombs for the parasite`s devourings and further emergings and enslavings. In Revelation God sends the `blood plague` to convert men from their sin:
`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)
 The `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS produced in the witchery of mixing blood, semen and shit between brothers in evil is the `biological weapon` of pederasty launched against women`s host wombs to ensure their slavery in fear to faithfulness. In Islam the `faithful` are the true believers, while the `Islamic brotherhood` was the new socio-political force amongst the Moslem peoples during the `Arab Spring` revolutions deposing Gaddafi in Libya, Ben Al in Tunisia and Saleh in Yemen in 2011. In psychopathological terms, schizophrenics believe they have a brother but they aren`t responsible for what they do. Islam is the belief that all men are their brothers and so are collectively concerned with what Christianity calls Salvation:
`Am I my brother`s keeper?` (Gen: 4. 9)
 Cain`s attempt to avoid explaining to God his slaying of his brother Able, because he could cook, and so was more able than Cain, who was a fruit picker, is typical of the psychopathic schizophrenic. The enabled doesn`t want to be more able but wants the other to be unable, which is how the concept of the `ape of God` arose. Ape men ape the enabled to get close enough to slay them for the fruits of their endeavours. Or, in simpler terms, they don`t want to cook, that is, they don`t want to build but they want to live in the house, which is what schizophrenic psychopaths are. Abel`s path was towards civilization, culture and art, whereas Cain`s was the path back up into the trees. Men don`t have brothers. What they have are parasites.
 Although Christianity preaches `brotherliness`, Jesus` recognizes men are parasites. At the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, he gave the disciples `bread and wine` as tokens of his `body and blood`, because he didn`t want to be devoured in death, while the disciple Judas sold him for `thirty pieces of silver` and they abused a woman for anointing Jesus` feet with a too expensive perfume, because it was money wasted on Christ, who was to be crucified the next day:
`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 6)
 The disabling of the able to make more unable is what `brotherhood` actually means amongst `hoods`. The schizophrenic perspective is the disabled aren`t responsible for their crimes, so the `big apes` disable the more enabled to fake what Christianity calls `brotherliness` amongst the disabled and the bigger apes. The apes might be bigger but the trees remain the same size and, in the final analysis, a return to the trees is predestined, because the reduction of the human to ape is what the `serpent`s seed` represent.
 In the Bible Adam and Eve eat the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` (Gen: 3. 15) offered them by the serpent, whereas God has given them the `fruit of the tree of life`, which is immortality. Knowledge of good and evil isn`t wisdom, but wisdom through knowledge is Redemption. Pederasty through enslavement of the host womb of the human species so the parasite can spread through war and its contagions is the `serpent`s seed`, which is power through the `knowledge of good and evil` represented by the serpent in Eden, but the `wages of sin is death`, as Adam and Eve discover when God expels them from Eden for accepting the serpent`s offer:
`You shall be as gods.`  (Gen: 3. 5)
 Adam is told he must work and Eve is told she`ll have pain in childbirth, which is hopeful from her point of view because she does produce civilization, culture and art from her host womb for the parasite to devour in its ceaseless wars of `perpetual enmity` against her and God`s promise to `woman`s seed` suggests her `futanarian` offspring, that is, `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own, will prevail despite her labour pains.
 Christianity`s belief in `brotherliness` and Islam`s belief in `brothers` presupposes sisters, whereas sisters who have parasites don`t have brothers and, if Jesus was the first of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, his experience with the disciples `brotherly` treachery and stupidity suggests Christian `brotherliness` is a deliberately unrealizable ideal designed to keep the parasites busy while the women plot their escape to the planets and stars as the human species with its own penis in delayed socio-economic independence from its parasite.
 Psychopaths want you to be afraid of their brother, who is more evil. Saddam Hussein was the prototypical daddy of the women`s prison and, in the second Gulf war (2001-11), after he`d parasitically invaded his unwilling host, neighbour Kuwait, in the first Gulf war (1990-1), Baghdad was the goal because it was where dad was `bagged`, that is, he was made to wear the hood of the criminal when hung by the neck until dead by the Americans. In Iraq`s capital city of Baghdad he`d been the `bag daddy` of the women`s prison where, robed in their burkhas, the Iraqi women wore the `black bags` for their daddies. Believing in freedom for Iraq, they`d conceal bombs beneath their burkhas to suicide as `Islamic martyrs` fighting against the invader in support of their brothers, whereas in the women`s prison they should be fighting for freedom for themselves.
 In terms of the second Gulf War, George Bush was the good brother and Saddam the `evil one`, but the events leading up to the declared `War On Terror` (2003-) are revealing. Al Qaeda`s demolishing of the World Trade Centre by hijacking planes to crash them into its Twin Towers in New York was a reimplementing of `rough trade`, which is the  slang term for pederasty, and war and its contagions. Although Al Qaeda`s leader, Osama Ben Ladan, was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, by US Navy Seal Team Six, Al Qaeda`s bases were in Afghanistan and, although Saddam Hussein offered Iraqi territory for Al Qaeda bases to operate from after 9/11 2001`s terrorist attack on New York`s island of Manhattan, the USA invaded Iraq rather than Afghanistan, because it cost more. Wasting lives, money and property is what pederasty is for.  Kick-starting the economy of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is the devouring parasite`s self-perpetuating cycle of production and reproduction through `wage slavery`, which is what brothers are for. 
 In Egyptian mythology Set dismembers Osiris who is reborn as the `sky god` Horus who defeats Set, which is what brothers do. 9/11`s terrorist hijack of planes to crash into the Twin Towers `live on CNN` was television set and the `TV war` that ensued was the USA as the `sky god` with its satellite guided precision bombing of Iraq, and the war of the brothers continues, because that`s what devouring parasites emerging from the host wombs of women are for.
 The psychopathology of schizophrenia is that women and men are divided because men aren`t a species. Incapable of reproduction they`re a parasite attached to a host womb. Presumably after killing the original species of woman with its own penis and means of self-reproduction. The penis is still attracted to the woman but the parasite isn`t. Women are taught lesbianism is abnormal, whereas it denotes attraction to her own species. Made  schizophrenic by men, it`s men`s psychopathology women shouldn`t know their parasites` aim, which is to devour her human species` remembering of her own `futanarian` penis and socio-economic valence for independence so she can`t escape from the Earth but is doomed to have her humans devoured by the parasites` schizophrenic `brotherliness`.

Development and the Devil

01/07/2013 16:26

Development and the Devil

To devil development means to prevent the human species from developing, which is essentially the role of the devil in Christian thought. 21st century levels of technology devolve around the capacity of the internet to disseminate information to those who otherwise wouldn`t have the research tools to assist humanity to grow and progress to 22nd century technological advancements. Consequently, the internet is the battleground for developmentalism. Human endeavour centres upon the individual`s capacity to be able to live without being devilled by those who feign friendship in order to steal the products of their labours.
 In the 20th century most people were inveigled into working for someone else on the basis that they couldn`t live without employment. 21st century internet thinking perceives that individuals who are able to research material disseminated through the world wide web can find themselves self-employed in doing something they find interesting and productive without being slaves to an employer, which is the future humanity has longed for.
 The concept of faking friendship is an ancient one, and employers who enslave in order to consume the enslaved are false friends. In ancient Greece women`s `host` wombs were enslaved by institutionalized homosexual pederasty for the purpose of spreading war and its contagions. In the late 20th century HIV/AIDS was spread as homosexual pederasty`s `biological weapon` instilling fear and faithfulness to enslaving monogamy in women and was created in the witchery of anal sex between males mixing blood, shit and semen together:
`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)
 God sends the `blood plague` in Revelation to convert men from their devouring and enslaving of the products of women`s `host` wombs, that is, the civilization, culture and art she`s able to produce despite her parasites. Jesus was the first parasitologist who, born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, perceived that his mother represented the future of the human species. Because `futanarian` women have a penis of their own and correspond to the `woman`s seed` ( ) to which God gives a `new heaven and Earth`. The `serpent`s seed` receive perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain, as a punishment for their devouring and enslaving of the products of women`s `host` wombs in war and through contagion.
 HIV/AIDS feigns friendship for the white defensive cells of the immune system of the body it kills, which is paradigmatic of men. Before the walls of Troy the Greeks left a huge wooden horse as a `friendship gift` from which they emerged to capture the city and enslave the `host` wombs of the women to further spread their contagion. The `surprise` attack by neighbours Japan at Pearl harbor, when `kamikaze` suicide pilots crashed their planes into the decks of the carriers of the US Pacific fleet at Hawaii on 7 December, 1941, precipitated the USA`s participation in the global suicide of human development that was WWII (1939-45) and was emulated by the suicidal Arabian terrorist group Al Qaeda who, feigning friendship as visitors to the US on 9/11, 2001, hijacked civil airliners to crash them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre and precipitate the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty`s devouring war to spread terrorism`s viral contagiousness in the second Gulf war (2001-11), after the first in which Saddam Hussein`s Iraq, `friendly towards the West`, invaded his neighbour and unwilling `host`, Kuwait (1990-1), and constituted a virus that had to be `surgically removed` by the US, British, and other `coalition forces`, which included the Arabian states of Oman and Saudi Arabia.
 `Liberty` looking on from New York harbor is described in Revelation as `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, because the sun of Japan is red and the moon is the symbol of Al Qaeda. According to Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, Jesus, born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, in a `Second Coming` heralding the `Last Judgement` of God upon the evil and the eternal perdition that awaits them.
 Jesus` offering `bread and wine` to the disciples at his `Last Supper` before they hand him over to his crucifiers, is the `host` there. Homosexual pederasty`s war and contagion, which God warned Eve of in Genesis as the `pereptual enmity` that the `serpent`s seed` would have for her `seed` (Gen: 3. 15), that is, the semen of the `futanarian` woman with her own socio-economic valence for self-reproduction and a future without her parasite, means that she`s the `host` of the human species.
 Jesus` giving of `bread and wine` in token of his `body and blood` is confirmation that fellowship is desirable while homosexual pederasty `feigns friendship` to enslave and devour. Jesus died on the cross before Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, and HIV/AIDS is the incurable `killer disease` preventing `woman`s seed` from attaining that longevity in youthfulness most desired by the human species of woman so that she can reproduce and pass on her knowledge and wisdom to her daughters. The devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war`s contagiousness would rather waste the Earth`s resources on killing the civilizations, cultures and art woman is able to produce from her `host` womb despite her parasite`s voracious depredations.
 Pederasty is the devil of human development, because it wants slavery and devourment for woman as a species rather than technological advances that can liberate her. Havng put a man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, through the North American Space Administration (NASA) on July 20, 1969, the USA used space technology to produce an automatic washing machine to provide women with the illusion of freedom, and in 1982 President Ronald `Ray Gun` Reagan began implementation of the `Strategic Defense Intitiative`, which consisted of corralling the human species and threatening it with space and ground based missiles. In Genesis God tells Eve she`s `crush the head of the serpent as she leaves`, but SDI suggests the `serpent`s seed` don`t want her to.
 Although `Liberty` is a statue she represents `Meshiahn` thinking, that is, the machine as liberator, derivable from the Judaeo-Christian concept of Jesus as the Meshiah. The best labour-saving devices would be robots that cared for the human because they were more human than the personality they were facilitating the growth and development of, which is what the eyes and brains of the internet did. Because the image of men is that of the devourer, human robots would be in the image of the human species, that is, `Liberty`, which is why Jesus is depicted as the `New Redeemer` born from her.
 The commonly accepted notion that men must break machines, because they`d replace men, is familiar to everyone from the 19th century Luddites of the textile industry,1 who damaged equipment (1811-17) to maintain their status as undevelopable slaves of the employer. God`s plan for `woman`s seed` to be given a `new heaven and Earth` as the new species of `futanarian`, with her own penis and independent future, is the replacement of men as her parasitical devourers and enslavers, which is what Luddites are.
 Jesus` description as the Logos in the Bible prefigures the development of technology through the transformation of instinct into spirit and intellectual development, where instinct is the desire to enslave and devour `others`, which is presented as economics by consumerism. But the `red dragon` of Revelation is depicted as waiting in vain to devour Jesus, in his `Second Coming` to commence the `Great Liberation` of humankind through the technology of the machine, or `Meshiahn Age` of Logos, which would have begun with the `dawning of the Age of Aquarius`2 as celebrated in the musical Hair (1967) towards the end of the Age of Pisces.
 Because Jesus` symbol was the `fish`, the Age of Pisces represented what developmental depth psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) called the impelling engines of the unconscious emerging in dreams, imagination and art, which Jung called the sea of the unconscious containing these archetypes.  According to Jung the `fish` is a symbol of Jesus in Christianity for this reason and the `water bearer` is the symbol for the `Age of Aquarius`, which suggests a replenishing of the waters of the unconscious where the archetypes live and emerge to inspire genius.
 The twin fish of the Age of Pisces represent the impulse of the Jesus` archetype to empower itself from the unconsciousness to consciousness in a developmental cycle of impulse and achievement, which is the basis of human progress inspired by figures like Jesus and Jung to ensure the promise latent in humanity faced with predatory and intelligent parasites who would enslave and devour her as the new species favoured by God as `woman`s seed` defining itself as separate from the `serpent`s seed` that would consume her upon the Earth lest she escape it and live.
 At the outset of the 21st century, in emulation of the movie Logan`s Run (1976) in which the `sandmen` kill all those over 21 years of age, the Al Qaeda terrorists attempted to suicide the 21st century by plunging the Earth into what was effectively a third world war after George W. Bush`s declared `War On Terror` (2003-) and reestablish the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s war of `perpetual enmity` against woman as the `host` of God`s humanity.
 The Jesus` archetype is what emerged from the unconscious in an attempt to redefine the possibilities of the picture presented to humans. Christ is the first of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, which means `futanarian` woman with her own penis` seed is a picture of the future of the Earth drawn upon it by God through Jesus` teachings of the Holy Spirit. Men`s need is for repentance from sin and Redemption through the archetype of the `fish`, that is, the developmental functionality of Logos emerging from the sea of the unconscious as the Holy Spirit. Spreading its power through the individual soul or anima, as Jung calls it, the `fish` archetype of Jesus` Logos will thenceforth animate and impel human creative individuality in the engineering and dawn of any new endeavour.
1 `...  the movement was named after Ned Ludd, a youth who allegedly smashed two stocking frames in 1779, and whose name had become emblematic of machine destroyers.`
2 Rado J., Ragni G. (lyrics), and MacDermot G. (music), `Aquarius`, The 5th Dimension, 1969.

Eve is Man after the Reptile

30/06/2013 13:02

Eve is Man after the Reptile

Western thought was heavily influenced by the ancient Greek dramatist Sophocles` Oedipus Rex (c. 429 BCE), in which the central protagonist, Oedipus, is metaphorically blind to begin with and actually blind at the end of the play. In the depth psychology of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) the blindness of Oedipus is perceived as due to his marrying his mother unbeknownst to him and the incest taboo is seen as the reason for the character`s self-blinding because he finds it an abomination.

Developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) views incest as an expression of endogamy, that is, marriage within the family or smaller social group, whereas exogamy or `marriage with a stranger` is between cities, or people from different nations or cultures, and resulted from larger societies being formed as civilization grew. The major clue is to be found in the `riddle of the Sphinx`, a creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower half of a lion with eagle`s wings:

`What goes on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening.`1



 Oedipus answers `Man`, but the explanation that an old man needs a stick to walk with isn`t satisfying. Recent discoveries relating to saurians in the prehistoric age have revealed that the infant raptors crawled on all four of their limbs before their back legs became strong enough to support the body and, as their arms became smaller and their hands more capable, the tail acted as a third limb or leg supporting them while they rested or observed the environment about them:


`The plant-eating dinosaur Psittacosaurus – or parrot lizard so-called because of its beak – only started walking on two legs at the age of four.`2



 In Eden Eve is told she`ll have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` after she and Adam, the first man created by God, are tempted by the serpent there to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` rather than the `tree of life`, which fruit gives them immortality, while the `wages of sin are death`, for Adam and Eve have disobeyed God in preference for enslavement for each other, and the devouring wars of the `serpent`s seed` with its ceaseless hatred for the civilization, culture and art woman is able to produce from her host womb for its parasitism form which it emerges to practice its depredations against her Earth through the eons of its presence.


 According to Revelation the `serpent`s seed` will receive eternal unendurable pain from God as a punishment for its enslaving of the human species for the purpose of extinguishing its life force periodically to maintain its enslavement. Defense expenditure on conventional weapons and treaties signed agreeing to rules of engagement represent conventional engagement and marriage in the enforced faithfulness of women`s wombs to the monogamy of their enslavers and devourers.


 In ancient Greece women`s host wombs were enslaved in institutionalized homosexual pederasty to spread war and its contagions, and by the 21st century the incurable `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS had been manufactured in the anuses of pederasts mixing blood, shit and semen in the witchery of sodomy, which God had attempted to eradicate as long ago as Genesis when the city of Sodom was destroyed (16, 19), and so women fearing homosexual pederasty`s `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS have accepted faithfulness through fear:

`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 Oedipus` story of blindness is one of censorship because 21st century mass communicators such as the internet, or television and movies, don`t inform women that they have a penis of their own as `futanarian`, which makes of them an independent species with their own future socio-economic valence. Oedipus can`t see that he isn`t a man because men are women with a penis of their own as a self-reproductive human species that excludes the parasites.


 Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, because homosexual pederasty`s devouring war and its enslaving parasitism wants the host wombs of women for its continuance. Jesus` transposition of `bread and wine` into his `body and blood` at the `Last Supper` he`s sharing with the disciples in fellowship, before they hand him over to the Romans for crucifixion, became the host of the Catholic Communion service of `transubstantiation`. It`s Jesus` desire that the human species shouldn`t be devoured by its parasites and so transformation, that is, conversion to human behaviour through acceptance of Jesus` teachings, symbolized by the `bread and wine`, or host of the Catholic Communion, is a required species` affirmation.


 If the serpent in the garden of Eden represents instinct, the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation that waits in vain to devour Jesus in his `Second Coming` born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is unredeemed because undevelopable from depth psychology`s perspective. If men identify with the `serpent` and its instincts, they`ll be devourers in the `war in heaven` foretold in Revelation against `woman`s seed`, to whom God promises a `new heaven and Earth`, before the `red dragon` and its confederates receive perdition as their punishment:

`At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 23. 30)


 The divorce of the human species of woman with her own penis and socio-economic future as the independent human species from her parasite is `God`s plan`. Developmental psycholgists such as Carl Jung emphasized the transformation of instinct into spirit and intellect because the `serpent`s seed` and the `red dragon` represent the instincts of the enslaver and the devourer of the human species` parasite, which Jung identifies in the ourobouros archetype, which is one of the archetypes or impellers of human progress in the unconscious dreams and artistic imagination of the species.


 The ourobouros serpent devours its tail endlessly, but is also a self-begetter, which depicts the fate of woman as the host womb of the `serpent`s seed`. Unless she can divorce herself and escape from the Earth to the planets and stars, which is described in Revelation as the `new heaven and Earth` given to her by God as her reward for defeating the `red dragon` in war.


 Because woman is the human species as the self-begetting `futanarian` with her own penis and future, everybody would be her family, which explains the incest motif in Oedipus Rex. Jocasta of Thebes marries her son because Oedipus has a penis, and the penis` desire is for the woman because it`s her species` fertilizer but what is thought of as a man in the play is actually a parasite attached to her penis, which is why Jesus represents Redemption for those who accept the host, rather than hijacking it.


 The ancient Greeks before Troy left a friendship gift of a huge hollow wooden horse from which soldiers emerged to capture the city and enslave the host wombs of the Trojan women to spread the Greek contagion of homosexual pederasty and war onwards. The virus of homosexual pederasty, that is, HIV/AIDS, feigns friendship for the body it kills in the same way, and the 9/11 Al Qaeda terrosists rejecting their host to hijack civil airliners and crash them into the Twin Towers of New York, which is what parasites do.


 9/11`s attack on the World Trade Centre precipitated the second Gulf war (2001-11) after Saddam Hussein of Iraq had been kicked out of Kuwait for forcing himself on the host there in the first Gulf war (1990-1), which reestablished the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty and the furthering of war by means of the parasites` viral contagiousness.


 In computer terminology a `Trojan horse` is a virus, but the paradigm is of homosexual pederasty`s desire to suicide others because `geeks` produce them to attack human endeavour. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a symbol of the USA`s defeat of the red sun of Japan at Pearl harbour, where the zero kamikaze `fighters` were the `Trojan horses` arriving unannounced to crash their planes into the decks of the US Pacific fleet`s carriers in 1941 in an attempt to precipitate the USA`s suicide in WWII. The moon of the woman of Revelation is Al Qaeda, whose symbol is the moon and whose terrorists in the USA hijacked the host`s civil aircraft to crash them into the Twin Towers of Manhattan as `islamic martyrs` attempting to precipitate the suicide of the US in another world war.


 In her birth waters of New York harbor `Liberty` is the symbolic new mother of Jesus in his `Second Coming` preparatory to the defeat of homosexual pederasty and its enslaving devourer war. Jesus` fate upon the cross at his crucifixion, death, subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, is presented as suicide by his enemies, but he was tortured to death by those who betrayed the role of the host, which is the message to the parasites, who are evil. Jesus was encouraging fellowship and not suicide, whereas 9/11`s attack on the World Trade Centre was an attempt to reimplement the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty`s `perpetual enmity` for woman as the human species with her own `futanarian` penis and socio-economic future uncontaminated by male semen, that is, a sucide attempt, insofar as the woman could be made to suicide:

`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)

 Incest is depicted as an abomination in Oedipus Rex, where Oedipus blinds himself because of his inadvertent marriage to his mother, Jocasta, and the taboo against it, whereas the extended family of woman is incestuous insofar as incest is defined as endogamy, that is, marriage within the family of woman, while exogamy or `marriage with a stranger` is more easily defined as monogamous enslavement by homosexual pederasty`s desire to own a producer for devourment of its products of civilization, culture and art, which of course includes the children. Consequently, in Graeco-Roman mythology, the father gods Chronos, Saturn (who is Satan in the Christian Bible) devour their children, because they don`t want the future to be.


 Babylon is described as `a woman` in Revelation because women who choose to be the slaves of pederasty and war are an abomination. The mystery is how they became convinced to abandon humanity for the `serpent`s seed` and the solution is that the enslaved are miserable in their enforced archetypal role as the self-begetting and self-devouring ourobouros serpent.

 According to the Bible Onan was killed by God for masturbating rather than fertilizing Tamar, because the worship of the image of woman in masturbation is how men are encouraged. Armies are abominations devoted to the recruitment of arms and the development of arms for slaying. Their penis extensions are their guns, and the aim of the abomination is to have more arms, which means Saddam Hussein`s invasion of the unwilling host, Kuwait, is the result of men`s hero worship of the abomination. It`s a form of masturbation in which the male icon substitutes for the female.



 In Arabia men can always be seen, but the woman is hidden from public view. Apart from a few women such as popstars Nancy Ajram and Myriam Fares, who`re perceived as whores and abominations because they encourage masturbation. Islamic Jihads need unattainable Western women like film stars Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow because Arabian sexual repression produces more arms to use against non-Moslems. The male penis must remain a `universal constant` in homosexual pederasty`s equations if the transposed abomination of penis and gun is to be maintained by the `serpent`s seed` in its `perpetual enmity` for the human species.


 Desire for the woman is transposed into desire for the gun to protect her amongst her brothers, but the transposition reveals that the penis desires to be a gun rather than that the arms of the trained should desire the female host, and so her civilization, culture and art is devoured by the parasites emerging from her womb, and that`s the abomination encouraged by the women of `Babylon`, in Hollywood`s movie capital, Los Angeles, where it`s affianced, as everywhere else, so the male penis can hide its secret abomination towards women behind heroic `action` images of gunmen, which translated from Arabia into the terrorist attack upon New York on 9/11, 2001. Hijacking airliners at Boston, Logan, the gunmen were emulating the film Logan`s Run (1976) in which all those who reach the age of 21 are killed by `sandmen`, because the aim was to kill the 21st century for the human species of woman before the `movie` could run and `Babylon` helped.



 Without images of real women with their own penis as acting movie stars, censorship of the internet and mass media through George W. Bush`s declared `War On Terror` (2003-) can only be seen as a further attack on the human species` desire for knowledge and wisdom. The US national debt is trillions of dollars not spent on healthcare, which would cure HIV/AIDS and allow women to grow old youthfully with enough memory to rediscover themselves as the `futanarian` species of the planet Earth and pass on the knowledge of her own penis and socio-economic desire for a future away from the parasite to her daughters amongst the planets and stars.


 Oedipus` eyes may be understood as the internet and the mass media but he can`t see because of the incest taboo, which tells him that he`s a man, whereas his mother Jocasta is the human in Oedipus Rex and she didn`t know either, because the `serpent`s seed` didn`t want woman to see herself with her own penis, and so the man that once walked on three legs, that is, the instincts of Tyrannosaus Rex, was to devour her.


 The tail of the dinosaur is the spine of the individual, who has developed technologically by means of the transformation of instinct, represented by the saurian tail, into spiritual and intellectual endeavour that permits of human activity. The spine is the third limb of the developed or, in Jungian terms, individuated human, whose achievements are hijacked by predators to serve them as the devourers of humanity, and so the Sphinx`s `riddle` foretells the degeneration of humankind into devouring slavers - and devoured enslaved - lest `woman`s seed` escape.


 The Sphinx in Oedipus Rex represents men`s hubris insofar as they feel themselves to be human, whereas the Bible indicates Adam and Eve preferred the `serpent` and its `seed` to the God of humanity. The Sphinx`s woman`s face and breasts with her lion`s body and eagle`s wings are symbolic of her instinctive defense of woman as the human species. She represents the developed instinct of the mammalian to protect her young, and her spiritual and intellectual `riddle` demonstrates the same power as Jesus` teachings of the host.


 Humans don`t want to be devoured by the saurian instincts of their raptor ancestor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, because the human species is Eve, and her daughters with the reptiles after her if she can`t outgrow them. Oedipus represents men`s saurian instinct to devour, so they blind themselves to what incest is, that is, the desire of woman for herself. Jocasta is Eve, because Oedipus` guide until he prefers to be blindly led by their daughter Antigone, who represents a future of continuing blindness for men and women unable to comprehend the true meaning of the incest taboo, which is homosexual pederasty`s war aim of preventing the human species of woman from reproducing as `the family of man`. Ensuring her continued blindness through its censorship of human images, the snake`s eyes hypnotize her so that men`s devouring imago is perceived as desirable by the devoured. Unless the fascination is broken by her sudden awareness of being eaten.

 The Sphinx is the instinctive mother of women as the human species of `futanarian` with their own penis and future valence, but like Jesus she can`t tell men that they`re not human. The Sphinx suicides in despair after Oedipus provides her with the answer, `Man`, because in the morning of his life he crawls as an infant on all fours, walks on two in the afternoon as an adult, and uses a walking stick in the evening of his decrepitude.In fact the stick is what the North American plains` Indians called a `fire stick` when they encountered settlers from Europe there to steal their land. Young men walk with a gun to kill the humans so that the degenerate `serpent`s seed` can steal from the developed individual. Oedipus is supposed to solve the Sphinx`s riddle by becoming human enough to accept Jocasta as his host, so his third leg is his spine because it represents the invisibly transformed tail of saurian instinct and he needs it to walk as a grown up.





Really Gay Everybody

29/06/2013 10:04

Really Gay Everybody

Basic gender theory on the planet Earth is `political correctness` or PC, which is also the abbreviated term used for personal computer and, in the United Kingdom and those places across the globe that have been influenced by Britain`s imperial history, PC is police constable, that is, policeman, while global policeman is the role of the United States since WWII (1939-45) through the world security council of the United Nations and the new paradigm of the late 20th century and 21st is that of police the virus. 
 HIV/AIDS was the result of homosexual pederasty`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in anal sex with each other to make a `biological weapon` that feigned friendship for the human system before revealing itself as a `killer disease`, which is what homosexual pederasty is. In ancient Greece pederasty was the institutionalized form of enslavement for women`s host wombs so that the parasites could spread their contagion of war and plague further. According to feminism it`s politically correct to define lesbian women and homosexuals as having socio-political equality, whereas women with a penis of their own as `futanarian` constitute an independent socio-economic future without men, who don`t have wombs and so can`t be deemed equal to women, while lesbians are demonstrating the sexual orientation of the human species for itself, which has to compete for electoral recognition with the homosexual parasites that have successfully inveigled themselves into the wombs of the host species of the Earth in the course of eons.
 The events of 9/11 demonstrated the function of the virus of homosexual pederasty, which is described variously in the Book of the Revelation of St John the Divine in the Bible as `blood plague` and the devouring `red dragon` that waits in vain for the `New Redeemer` born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. The hijacking of civil airliners, to crash them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York on 9/11, 2001, was perpetrated by Al Qaeda terrorists, whose symbol is the moon. The other suicidal attack designed to plunge the globe into the `rough trade` of a war fought primarily by the United States in 1941 was the suicide attack upon the US Pacific fleet at Pear harbour by kamikaze zero `fighters` crashing their planes into the decks of the carriers there, and so `Liberty` is the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` after the removal by assassination of Al Qaeda leader Osama Ben Ladan at his hideout next to the Pakistan national Military Academy by US Seals of the Navy Team 6 Unit on May 2, 2011.
 The attack on the World Trade Centre resulted in President George W. Bush`s declared `War On Terror` (2003-), which effectively recognized terrorism as a virus, and so it would be an intelligence war against homosexual pederasty that would involve a struggle for control over the instant global communications medium of the internet as well as of the mass media because devouring pederasty`s image had become perceived as acceptably human. In the Bible the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS is sent by God to convert men from their sin:
`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)
 9/11`s terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre was designed to restore `rough trade` and suicide humankind, because its parasite prefers devouring homosexual pederasty`s war and plague to the continued civilizations, cultures and art emerging from its host womb of woman`s human species, which God describes as the war of `perpetual enmity` between the `serpent`s seed` and `woman`s seed` before she shall `crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` (Gen: 3. 15) and receive a `new heaven and Earth`, while the `serpent`s seed` and the `red dragon` that intiates war in heaven against her to reestablish the slavery of pederasty receive eternal unendurable pain as their punishment from God:
`At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 22. 30)
 Jesus` words refer to the `futanarian` human species of woman who is politically and socio-economically indpendent and, as the same species, doesn`t require marriage because it`s a form of enslaving of her host womb by the parasite through fear in the case of HIV/AIDS` forcing her to accept faithfulness to men without knowledge or information from the internet or mass media images to inform her of her own species and independent human integrity apart from her devourers.
 Focus on `same sex` marriages between men, on the one hand, and women on the other, represents the desire of pederasty to continue the division of the human species from itself on a `gay` planet where the woman`s penis is hidden from her. Uncontaminated by male semen, Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary prefigures `woman`s seed`, that is, the self-reproductive `futanarian` human species of woman with a penis of her own and its ascendancy to the stars and planets.
 In the early days of the founding of the USA from around 1600, it was sometimes necessary for the settlers from Europe to form a circle of wagons to defend the women against attacks by the defending original inhabitants, the North American plains` Indians. After the North American Space Administration (NASA) landed `the first man on the moon`, Neil Armstrong, on 20 July, 1969, and the initial successes of the space program, US President Ronald Reagan in 1982 began the implementation of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), which was a space and ground based missile system that was effectively a circle of wagons with the women in the middle facing the missiles.
 In the Bible God tells Eve she`ll leave with her daughters, but men don`t want the divorce because from the host womb of their parasitism they emerge as her devouring monsters and they want to continue as that. The Earth is their `gay` prison, where `same sex` marriages are encouraged because they embrace the sterilty of death, which is what the parasite emerging from woman as the host womb represents to the civilization, culture and art she`s able to produce despite her parasites` devouring of her in its ceaseless wars of `perpetual enmity`.
 Jesus offers of `bread and wine` to the disciples as a good host in fellowship at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, death, subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. The the `bread and wine` was a token of his `body and blood` because he didn`t want to be the host devoured by the parasites, whereas Judas sold him for `thirty pieces of silver` to his murderers, and the disciples rebuked a woman for anointing Jesus` feet with the expensive perfume spikenard on the day before his death because they thought it was a waste of money. Jesus mildly adminished them for abusing the host:
`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)
 In the Catholic Communion service the host is given to each member of the congregation as the `bread and the wine`, which is expected to transform the recipient into a good host and is called `transubstantiation`. Catholicism gives the ceremony a mysteriousness and significance commensurate with its importance, which is the knowledge and wisdom that women are the hosts of the human species and unredeemed men are her parasitical devourers in enslavement of her host wombs.
 In Revelation the `number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six`, which is the reverse of the telephone number of the emergency services throughout most of the world because of the former British Empire and its colonial domains before it became the Commonwealth of socio-economic cooperation, while 9/11`s terrorism was the reverse of the number of the emergency services in the USA where 911 is the telephone number reversed by the terrorists of Al Qaeda in their attack on the World Trade Centre to reimplement the `rough trade` pogrom of homosexual pederasty`s devouring parasitism upon the host wombs of women:
`Mystery, babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)
 The mystery is that women can be found to willingly accept the enslavement of their species, but feminism`s declared view that homosexuals and women are equal equates with willingness. If we`re supposed to view women`s PC as her policing of her parasitical virus, the Twin Towers of New York were the destroyed symbol of her inability to protect the human system from parasitism. Although 9/11 was seen on the small screen of television news reporting from CNN and other channels, Hollywood`s Babylon is used to promoting virality. The penis is taboo in mainstream Hollywood movies, which makes it virtually impossible for women to even conceive of a relationship with herself as a member of the human species with its own penis and socio-economic valence of independent freedom from what she`s been taught is her male counterpart but that`s definable as her parasite.
 Movies like the remake of King Kong (1933, 2005), which features a huge ape climbing to the top of the Empire State building in New York being attacked by airplanes, and Towering Inferno (1974), a movie about a building destroyed by fire while the emergency services endeavour to rescue the trapped,1 preprogram the events of  9/11 almost as blueprints. Because the terrorists hijacked their planes at Logan, Boston, parallels with the movie Logan`s Run (1976), in which all those above the age of 21 are killed by `sandmen`, are inescapable if it`s recalled that the attack on the World Trade Centre was an attempt to reestablish the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty`s war and plague to kill the movie of the 21st century for women and the human species before it began.
 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the imaginative engine of humankind are the archetypes of the collective unconscious that emerge in dreams, imagination and art as impulses to human development, but if men are the human species` parasite their appearance in the psyche is that of the devouring imago and explains the taboo in the mass media against the male penis` physical appearance, which might remind women of their own penis and lead to their psyches becoming independent. Or at least capable of formulating an escape plan as an initial stage in feminist awakening. Then the human species of woman with her own penis and independence could leave the Earth and its parasitical abominations to watching themselves devour each other on a staple diet of TV and other `gay` movie entertainments.
1 `A civic group opposed to the building of the World Trade Center published a nearly full-page advertisement in the New York Times [1968] warning that the new buildings will be so tall that a commercial airliner might crash into them.`

Jesus` Karma

28/06/2013 10:57

Jesus` Karma

The idea of Karma derives from the Hindu religion of India where reincarnated individuals who are reborn after death experience repetition of scenes and incidents from previous lives which they have to deal with before they can progress in terms of personal growth, or what the developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) calls individuation. In many ways the whole of civilization, culture and art is devoted to the concept of Karma because all films and mass entertainment media are recorded to be repeated. The `Prussian model`1 of education was adopted by many nations before and after WWI and invited repetition so that the infant would be capable in simple knowledge that was viewed by the system as essential; for example, multiplication tables:
1 X 2 = 2
2 X 2 = 4
3 X 2 = 6
 And so on ... repetition is the basis of Carl Jung`s psychology of individuation in which the individual has to learn how to deal with the projections of the shadow that are encountered in life, and Jung equates this learning with the Hindu concept of Karma. According to Jung the shadow is that aspect of the personality which the individual would rather belonged to someone else and so views the other person as being the problem. The individuation process is further complicated by the soul or anima of the individual because it is projected along with the shadow onto those women with whom personal relationships are being formed. The ego becomes `stuck` if unable to adapt to the scene or situation, because it doesn`t have the tools or knowledge to pass the examination. It`s like a boy who doesn`t know how to ask the girl, and so the scenes and situations are repeated until the obstacle is overcome. The real Karma is the boy`s need to ask and the girl`s need to be asked, because that`s what human Karma is:
`Be fruitful and multiply.` (Gen: 1. 28)
 Only if the knowledge of `woman`s seed` from the Bible is applied can Karma be understood. God forewarns Eve in the Bible of the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for hers, but that presupposes she has seed of her own. Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, and he`s described as the first of `woman`s seed`, which suggests women`s socio-economic independence as the self-reproducing human species separate from the parasite that wants to devour the civilization, culture and art that emerges from her host womb in the course of her generations enslaved by her parasite for that purpose.
 Women with a penis of their own are called `futanarian` and information about them is scarce because men don`t want to lose the host womb of their parasitism. According to God `she shall crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` (Gen: 3. 15) and Earth is the scene of her divorce from her enslaving and devouring parasite, which is symbolically depicted as the `red dragon` of Revelation, grown since its days as a serpent in Eden.  After `war in heaven`  God gives to `woman`s seed` a `new heaven and Earth` while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition, that is, unendurable eternal pain, as their punishment for not understanding their Karma:
`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)
 In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty was institutionalized through the enslaving of women`s wombs for the spreading of war and its contagions, which by the late twentieth century had developed into the `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS as the incurable `killer disease` manufactured in the mixing of blood, shit and semen in the deathly sterilty of woman rejecting anal sex between males. Fear of the virus strengthened the grip of the enslaving male masquerading as faithfulness in monogamy. HIV/AIDS was homosexual pederasty`s terror weapon.
 The HIV/AIDS virus itself feigns friendship for the white cells of the body`s immune system before attacking and killing the host. The most famous instance from history is the Greeks use of a huge hollow wooden horse left as a friendship gift outside the walls of the city of Troy from which the Greeks emerged to enslave the host wombs of the Trojan women. In 21st century computer `geek` language `Trojan horses` are the viruses in the system, because they pretend to be friendly, which is what the terrorists on 9/11, 2001 were feigning as visitors to the United States before hijacking civil airliners and crashing them into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre, so precipitating the second Gulf war (2001-11) and a return to the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty`s devouring parasitism through war and its contagions.
 The parasite pretends to be friendly for as long as it takes to get into position for its kill cycle, while the woman as the human species in its birth cycle endeavours to create civilization, culture and art despite its parasite`s depredations. Spending trillions of dollars on war rather than medicine is a symptom of the parasite`s desire to prevent women from having a long memory in longevity and youthfulness so that she can emerge as the human species in socio-economic independence from men as a self-reproducer.
 The Earth`s problem is with a replicating parasite that has taken over the wombs of the human species as its host and constitutes its cancer. Jesus Christ explained it for the disciples when he gave them `bread and wine` as tokens of his `body and blood` because he objected to their deciding to sell him to the Romans for torture and murder upon the cross and was gently reminding them of their fellowship and its importance rather than the devouring parasitism of the killer. Jesus was human and his teachings and mild admonishings of the disciples suggest he wasn`t entirely sure they were human. The day before his crucifixion, death, subsequent Resurrection and final triumphant Ascension to heaven, a woman was rebuked by the disciples for washing his feet and anointing them with the expensive perfume `spikenard` because they believed it was wasteful:
`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)
  The Bible teaches of the evil wiles of the serpent, the `serpent`s seed`, and the `red dragon`, which waits in vain to devour God`s teacher, Jesus, in his `Second Coming`, before God`s final judgement upon the unrepentant. If the woman of the Earth isn`t free, men will go to hell. According to Revelation, `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer`. In her birth waters of New York harbour, after the moon of Al Qaeda`s terrorism, and in rememberance of the US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor and the red sun of Japan`s unprovoked attack there in Hawaii, 7th December, 1941, which propelled the United States into WWII (1939-45), `Liberty` represents the hope of women`s freedom from men`s suiciding of her civilization, culture and art.
 Both 9/11`s terrorist attack by means of hijacked passenger planes being crashed into the Twin Towers by `Islamic martyrs`, and Japan`s kamikaze mitsubishi zero `fighters` crashing their planes into the decks of the US fleet in Hawaii, were suicide. Many are encouraged to view Jesus` crucifixion as a suicide too, whereas Christ`s `Last Supper` with the disciples indicates that he was being suicided by them and Judas, who sold him for `thirty pieces of silver` to the Jewish police, the Pharisees, who handed him over to the Roman authorities after accusing him of sedition.
 Jesus` resigned acceptance of his fate was his illustrating of the problem. The human species of woman wouldn`t suicide along with her parasite - and that`s humanity`s Karma. Mass media entertainment industries are primarily concerned with depicting men who hog the camera and won`t leave the human species of `woman`s seed` alone until she`s accepted her Karma, which is to have her civilization, culture and art suicided by the parasite, which has managed to worm its way into her host womb and convince her from there that it belongs at centre stage while it proceeds in its devourment of  her and what she can produce. If Christianity refuses to `do the math` and show its `working out`, rather than have its congregations learn by rote and repitition that they`re `saved by the blood of Jesus who has redeemed mankind from its sins`, Christ`s fate upon the cross will remain `a  universal constant` for the mathematicians:
`This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.` (Rev: 13. 8)
 The man is the one who wants you to understand that Christianity is simple. Jesus was a teacher who spoke for his supper, and at the last he was killed because of perception. He was deemed to be too high up by the mighty and so was brought low, even though he was just a poor teacher. Born of the Virgin Mary he intuited woman`s penis beside the wells in the desert amidst the tents of the tribes. His teaching is simple, but his teachings aren`t. Christian pastors earn their livings by obfuscation. They explain that Jesus` teachings are of great importance but they`re simple to believe in, and then they begin elaborating upon their liars` thesis, whereas Jesus` Gospel is simple if it`s taught correctly, and that`s why he was killed for sedition. He was teaching that women are the host of the human species with its own penis and future socio-economic independence from men as their parasitical devourers.
1 `After the defeat of the Prussians (Germans) by Napoleon at the battle of Jena in 1806, it was decided that the reason why the battle was lost was that the Prussian soldiers were thinking for themselves on the battlefield instead of following orders.`


Deconstructionalist Human

27/06/2013 20:36

Deconstructionalist Human


One of the more famous British comedians did what many have said they wanted to achieve, which is die on stage before a live audience. Tommy Cooper was a member of The Magic Circle, an organization for theatrical magicians with the motto `not apt to disclose secrets`, and Tommy used his knowledge to practice sleight of hand tricks during his performances:
`It`s not like this, it`s like that.`1
 Humour is based on the perception of the comic that there`s something funny worth drawing attention to. Tommy died of a heart attack at Her Majesty`s Theatre in 1984 while recording a show for Britain`s London Weekend Television company. He collapsed to a sitting position while the audience guffawed. They saw the heart attack as part of the comedy monologue he was engaged in. The curtain came down and Tommy fell backwards until his upper body lay beneath the curtain with his feet sticking out. The laughter of the mirthful audience rose to a crescendo as Tommy`s shoulders were grabbed by someone behind the curtain and, as he was dragged without a struggle beneath the unflappable drapes, his feet disappeared as a finale.
 Although the book of Revelation describes God promising a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed` after the Bible begins with God`s warning to Eve of the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` towards her `seed` (Gen: 3. 15), women with a penis of their own and socio-economic valence as an independent species are viewed as ridiculable by deconstructionalist humourists:
`Not like this, like that.`2
 Structuralism was popularized by the French structural anthropologist, Claude Levi-Strauss, who observed that the structure of the brain and that of nature were identical or the world could not be perceived by humans. Because women have their own penis as `futanarian`, nature is represented by them and their `host` wombs as the human species or that from which her devouring parasite emerges in its ceaseless wars against her Earth. According to Levi-Strauss the green, orange and red of the traffic light system denotes a structuralist mirroring of the brain and nature. Blood red is for danger while orange denotes beginnings because of the sunrise and green is for go because it represents the growing verdancy of nature. In Revelation God sends a `blood plague`, that is, HIV/AIDS, to convert men from their sin, which is to see women as sport:
`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)
 A sport is a freak of nature and to sport means to ridicule, but women are the species of the planet Earth and so aren`t ridiculous. Media representations of humans don`t even consider women with a penis as necessary to the picture, and it becomes increasingly evident from observing movies and television that comedy particularly is designed to distract women`s attention from remember their own penis so men can continue to make sport of them:
Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other, 'Does this taste funny to you?`
 The cannibals are women, and so the human are eating each other, whereas what we are taught to think of as cannibalism is actually what men as the devouring parasites emerging from the woman`s host womb do with her. The foundations of Western civilization lay with Greece where women were enslaved by institutionalized homosexual pederasty to spread its contagion of war and parasitism. On 9/11, 2001 Arabians hijacked airliners and crashed them into the World Trade Centre in New York to reestablish `rough trade`, that is, war and plague through homosexual pederasty, and distract women from remembering their own penis` seed and their nurturing of the human species` socio-economic independence from its parasites.
 There are few men on Earth, if  men are defined as women who have a penis of their own. It is safe to assume that, taught to think of the parasites as men, the enemies of mankind have made sport of true men, that is, women with their own penis and seed, and  have killed most of them, and that`s what the parasites breed for. Woman produces everything from her host womb, and the parasites have taken it over to periodically destroy the civilization, culture and art woman is able to create despite their depredations. It wants to keep her as an ephemeral slave without advanced medical treatments to enhance her longevity so that she can maintain true men, who are herself with a penis and seed of her own.
 Jesus is a good host at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Asacension to heaven. He offers `bread and wine` in lieu of his `body and blood` to his disciples, because he doesn`t want the human species to be killed by the parasites, and the Catholic church uses the same metaphor in its Communion service where the parishioner receives bread and wine to instil the notion of fellowship rather than predatoriness.
 Born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen Jesus is the perfect male because he`s the first to be birthed by the human species. The transubstantiation of the `bread and the wine` into the `body and the blood` of the Catholic Communion service is the acknowledgement that the parasite would rather be human than animal. Jesus` teachings of Redemption are devoted to human behaviour. If males are alien parasites, human is a behavioural concept and not about form, which opens the path to heaven to any and all intelligent species that are demonstrably human in terms of God`s plan for humanity.
 Constructionality denotes intelligence. Although anthropology can`t apologize enough for failing to recognize woman as the human species on the planet Earth, structural anthropology does have the virtue that it allows of the perceptive tools to observe how nature and the brain interact to construct civilization, culture and art. Deconstructionalism doesn`t want things to be constructed because it doesn`t want human intelligence. Women are human, so men`s humour is designed to deconstruct nature`s picture and then human intelligence disappears to be replaced with ridicule for women as sports. War is just an elaborate form of hunting because it`s homosexual pederasty seeking the destruction of the civiization, culture and art that emerges from woman`s womb as a good host for their parasitical aim of killing her and the human species on its own planet Earth:
`Like this, not like that.`3
 Parasites don`t like the human species and hunting sports is just one of the ways it sports with itself in its extinguishing of `woman`s seed`. Soccer players are either left or right footed generally and , because women with a penis are `futanarian`, thousands of men on the bitch each Saturday engaged  in kicking her testicles about is just another of their sports. To be accepted by the host womb of the human species, men joke because they`re not true men, that is, they`re not women or women with a penis of their own as `woman`s seed`. Structured mass media entertainment in the form of movies or television series are designed to misdirect to prevent the woman from asking where her man is, that is, that version of herself who has a penis:
`Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Matt: 22. 39)
 Jesus` teachings in Christianity are that you are the woman, which is a perception that should lead to the realization that, if the woman is you and you`re a male with a penis, then there could be a version of her with a penis of her own, which is why Christianity is trinitarian in its structure. The human species is threefold if the male parasite can be made human, whereas the woman with a penis can fertilize but needs a woman with a penis to fertilize her, which makes her species triune. Jesus` teachings are of the Holy Spirit as the teacher that taught him and will come after him in the invisible realm. It seems a logical supposition that the female with her own penis and seed is born along with her female counterpart, who doesn`t have a penis of her own. The `futanarian` remains invisible because she`s `hidden` from the parasites that would devour her, and so in the Bible it`s written:
`And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.` (Rev: 12. 14)
 Because the Great Seal of the United States of America is the eagle, and `Liberty` is the woman of freedom, the sealed secret is the hidden `futanarian` woman, who true men, that is, women, would want to self-reproduce with and engage in socio-economic independence as the human species. The serpent`s seed` of pederasty and war doesn`t want her to escape. But God tells Eve she`ll `crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` Earth. The divorce is described apocalyptically in Revelation as the ascendancy of the `beast`, followed by `war in heaven` to restore woman to slavery, and the inevitable victory and triumph of Jesus, God, and heaven`s angelic host:
`At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 22. 30)
 There`ll be no marriage in heaven, because God doesn`t want institutionalized enslavement for the human species of woman, and woman with her own penis, whereby the parasites calling themselves her male partners have civilizations, cultures and artistic products to destroy as sport. Without her parasite `woman`s seed` will be `as the angels`, according to Jesus, which means an increase in the number and understanding of God`s angels.
 Deconstructionalist male humour is anti-women and anti-human, whereas constructionalist humour is human because it reveals the implicit deconstructionalist hate. Baseball celebrates seal clubbing because the Virgin Mary wanted to keep hers. Red signifies the breaking of the hymen but blood also attends childbirth, and the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` in Revelation, that is, Jesus in his `Second Coming`, while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him. If the USA is represented by `Liberty` in her birth waters at New York harbor after the moon of Al Qaeda`s flags and the flags of the red sun of Japan at Pearl harbour where the becalmed US Pacific fleet was sneakily attacked by the Japanese in 1941 to precipitate another war, the USA represents Redemption.
 Because the terrorists hijacked their planes at Boston, Logan airport, before crashing the airliners into the Twin Towers, the movie is Logan`s Run (1976) in which everybody who reaches the age of 21 is killed by sandmen, and the sign of their maturing is a red palm. Pederasty wanted to kill the 21st century for `woman`s seed` by precipitating another war. In constructionalist terms, red is the traffic light the deconstructionlist program understands.
 Spending money on war rather than medicine decreases longevity and the possibility for women to pass on to their daughters knowledge of themselves as the human species, whereas the structuralist program is continuation from stop (red) through pause (amber) to go (green) before pausing, stopping and continuing again if obstacles to the progress of the human race are encountered. The male alien parasites are an obstacle to the human species, because they`ve only learned `stop` from nature`s structuralism. Because of sterile homosexual pederasty, men have even produced HIV/AIDS by mixing blood, shit and semen in anal sex in preference to women and as a `biological weapon` to preserve her parasites` `host` womb in  faithful monogamous marriage with a male through fear.
 Deconstructionalists have interpreted the traffic light system as the green of the Earth, the sun of the sky, and the female menstruation cycle, which cleans unfertilized eggs from the vagina, that is, the parasites don`t want the human species of women to reproduce, so the traffic light system is a metaphor for their devouring of the human race, which is still being taught to use pedal cars as a means of distracting it from the real issue of technological advancement being necessary to human development and progress so that woman can reach the planets and stars God has promised to her.
 In some nations of the Earth women aren`t even allowed to use pedal cars and it becomes a dream, which is what men as the alien parasites do with humans. Ever denied but anticipated and dreamed of future is what Earth has come to represent for the species upon it.  Homosexual pederasty`s brain doesn`t have the human brain`s structural identity with nature, and wants to change the human`s so that it corresponds to its. The devouring parasite wants to be able to recognize its human meal and doesn`t want its food to avoid it, so it`s maintaining the devoured in ignorance. The solution for the human is to reestablish the connection with mother Earth so that the human brain becomes once again structurally identical with nature and woman as the human species. The structure of the brain of the devouring parasite would no longer be able to effect a producer-devourer relationship between the brain of human nature and itself, and the recognizable alien would be exterminatable by the human.

Logan`s Run, the Boston Marathon, and Red for Stop in Arabia

26/06/2013 15:54

Logan`s Run, the Boston Marathon, and Red for Stop in Arabia


Because the 9/11, 2001 Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked their civil planes at Boston`s Logan airport it was an attempt to kill the 21st century in the same way that `runners` were killed in Logan`s Run when they`d turned 21 years of age. The sign of their demise was a glowing red palm which notified the sandmen of their being eligible targets. At the Boston Marathon in 2013 the `runners` were stopped by a terrorist who didn`t want the human race and so he`d decided that the palms of his victims were read as to their future.
 Date palms are naturally to be found in Arabia where a traffic light system of green, orange and red is used in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere to denote whether or not a company has its quota of Saudi employees (green), an insufficient number (orange) or not enough and so meriting closure (red) of the concern. At the most prestigious Universities in the Middle East, for example, educationalists from all over the world are subject to the same scrutiny with regard to their acceptability in terms of performance criteria that could summarily affect their lives if they`re failed as `reds` because a Ph.D or M.A. in linguistics isn`t deemed a credible teaching qualification for ABC English language learners:
`The required minimum percentage of Saudi workers depends on a business’s size and industry. For example, a company in the insurance and business services industry that employs 50 to 499 workers is assigned to the Red group if Saudi nationals make up 0-4% of its workforce, the Yellow group if 5-19%, the Green group if 20-54% and the Premium group if 55% or more of the workforce is Saudi.`1
 The more Saudis there are in a company, the more foreigners they can have, but if the visitor becomes a `red` they`re dispensable in terms of human resources. If the imagery and symbolism of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon is applied, that is, stopping Logan`s run, traffic light red is a death sentence from the Saudi `sandmen`, whereas Westerners have been conditioned to believe the people of Saudi Arabia are their friends, because they formed part of the coalition to remove Saddam Hussein`s invading army from Kuwait In the first Gulf war (1990-1) and assisted in toppling him from power in Iraq after the Arabian terrorists hijacked airliners at Boston`s Logan airport on 9/11 to crash them into the World Trade Centre on Manhattan island, New York, to precipitate the globe into a second Gulf war (2001-11) because they didn`t want a green to forego terrorism, which is what the US offers to its agreeable visitors, but the Arabian terrorists had decided that the palms of the future were understood as already red with the blood of the innocent.

Clubbing The Seal

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Clubbing The Seal

In the Tarot deck of divinating cards wands are reduced to clubs as one of the four suits in an ordinary pack of playing cards used by gamblers, for example. The Tarot is thought to be a portable Torah or book of Judaic law and the twenty-two major arcana, which distinguish it from the average gambler`s cards, correspond to the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet.
 The corruption isn`t due to time. The Knight of Wands has a different meaning to the night clubber. One of the more famous `girlie` magazines of the 20th century was Club International (1972-) which featured the symbol of the club from the suit of playing cards as its leitmotif. Nude women were the focus of the pages, but a woman with a penis of her own isn`t usually to be found in Club or any other `adult` magazine for those over 18 years old and unknowing, whereas Jesus Christ himself was born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, which made `futanarian` woman with her own penis the self-fertilizing `woman`s seed` promised a `new heaven and Earth` from God in the Bible while the `serpent`s seed` receive unendurable eternal pain for keeping women in slavery and ignorance.
 The Great Seal of the USA is an eagle and, according to Revelation, the woman who gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, while the `red dragon` grown since its days as the serpent of Eden waits in vain to devour Jesus in his `Second Coming`, is given the wings of an eagle to take her to a place of safety, which means that she is sealed. Because the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus uncontaminated by male semen, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` might be presumed to have given birth without her hymen being broken, which means that the US` sealing of her accords with Jesus` prophecy of the Holy Spirit being sent to teach. At his crucifixion and death, before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, Jesus` side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus:
`Surely this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)
 In Eden Eve emerged from the rib or side of Adam and Jesus is described as the `Second Adam`, which suggests that the `Second Eve` emerged from the side of Jesus after his side was pierced by the spear of Longinus, which afterwards was known as the `Spear of Destiny` for that reason. The US believe in `Manifest Destiny` for their nation, so the `hidden` woman with the Great Seal placed upon her is the woman who gives birth without sign, and so she corresponds to the Holy Spirit.
 Although Eve is born from the side of Adam she is the teacher, and Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would teach after him, so she again emerged from the side of the `Second Adam` as the invisible teacher. In Christianity the baptised are described as `born in the spirit`, because they`ve accepted Jesus` teachings through the Holy Spirit, so in his `Second Coming` Jesus is born from the Holy Spirit because she`s the teacher and he`s the taught.
 Her central teaching is `Liberty` or freedom and the evil of suicide and of suiciding others. She is the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` because she`s `Liberty` after the defeat of the red sun of Japan in 1945 when their kamikaze suicide pilots crashed their mitsubishi zero aircraft into the decks of the unsuspecting US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor in 1941 and again she is `freedom` in her birth waters at new York harbor after 9/11 and the suiciding terrorists of Al Qaeda whose symbol`s the moon and who crashed their hijacked civil airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on Manhattan island:
`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)
 Both incidents were suicidally designed to precipitate the USA into global conflicts, that is, World War II (1939-45) and Gulf war II (2001-11) that had as its parasites` goal the suiciding of as many nations and peoples as possible. In ancient Greece the `host` wombs of women were enslaved in institutionalized pederasty to further homosexuality`s war against the human species of woman. The `mystery` of the woman Babylon is that she`s their breeder, because enslaved in ignorance without the teachings of Jesus to guide her out of her bondage to homosexual pederasty. That Western civilization has grown out of the Greek model of society is evident from the rise of the `killer disease` HIV/AIDS, which is produced through mixing blood, shit and male semen, and is described in Revelation as the `blood plague` sent by God to convert men from their sin:
`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)
 Sex became a form of Russian roulette in the 20th century in which women were forced either into suicidal relations with strange men or enslavement through fear in faithful monogamy to a devouring parasite not even of her own species, so that it could devour the products of her womb, that is, civilization, culture and art, in the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` against `woman`s seed` that God had forewarned Eve of in Eden when he told her she`d leave and `crush the head of the serpent` (Gen: 3. 15) as she went.
 In the Tarot deck the Grail or cup from which Jesus ate and drank at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion is devalued into the suit of hearts in the gambler`s pack of playing cards. Jesus` offering of `bread and wine` as a sign of his fellowship towards the disciples is set against his offering it in token of his `body and blood`, because he wants to live and doesn`t want to be suicided by parastites, which is what the disciple Judas does when he sells Christ for thirty pieces of silver to the Jewish police, the Pharisees, who give him to the Romans to crucify as a social revolutionary.
 The suit of spears becomes spades in the corrupt deck of cards, because it`s a grave digger`s suit. Gambling is suicidal and encourages the perception that wrecklessness is heroic, which is why playing cards are a corruption of the Tarot devised by Judaism as a mnemonic for the law of the Torah. The fourth suit is pentacles in the Tarot, which are diamonds in the players` deck, because their vision is narrowed upon money.
 A pentacle is a star, because the stars and planets of the heavens are promised by God to `woman`s seed`, and wands are the symbol of her penis. Although the cup and the spear are symbolic of redeemed man and woman`s sexual fertility, the wand and the star are the symbol of `woman`s seed`, that is, woman with her own penis and socio-economic independence from the `serpent`s seed` as God`s future for those chosen to continue the human species in heaven.
 In the developmental psychogy of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) some importance is given to the Tarot because of the four suits` correlation with the four functions of consciousness; Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition. According to Jung the functions are unconscious and have to be differentiated as the individual grows in awareness. In undifferentiated form they correspond to ears (Thinking), eyes (Sensation), nose (Intuition) and mouth (Feeling), and to the wand, pentacle, spear, and cup of the Tarot deck.
 In Christian terms, the wand is the penis and, because it represents the brain related by the ears, yearning for the voice and mouth (kisses, speech, fellatio) of the woman is what it denotes. The woman corresponds to the pentacle, that is, the encircled sun star of the Earth, who in Revelation giives birth to Christ once more while men wait in vain to destroy him:
`... and on her head a crown of twelve stars.` (Gen: 37.9-11)
 In socio-political terms, the European Union, as the largest economic bloc of states since the Soviet Union, not founded on colonial empire as the British Commonwealth was, began as 12 independent economic units as nations before it began to grow and so symbolizes the hope of a socio-economic future for women in Western civilization, culture and art, who have their own independence as a species with their own penis and self-reproductive nature separate from unredeemed men who don`t constitute the human species from a biblical perspective:
 `In 1973 the Communities enlarged to include Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.`1
 1958`s founding members were Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, and West Germany. Greece joined in 1981, Portugal and Spain in 1986 to make twelve states corresponding to the number of stars on the flag of the EU and to those of the woman of Revelation. As a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) with the USA and others, the EU had a role within the largest combined global military force ever conceived at the commencement of the 21st century.
 Signs of the apocalyptic events of Revelation included the break-up of the former Yugoslavia amidst `ethnic cleansings` (1991-2001) in which Moslem and Christian militias instigated pogroms upon each other in places such as Kosovo and Srebrenica. In Sudan`s Dharfur black West African natives were pogrommed (2003-) by hereditary Arabian overlords from the Gulf region in an entirely Moslem struggle. 9/11, 2001`s terrorist attack by Al Qaeda on the USA resulted in Saddam Hussein`s declaration of support for Al Qaeda and his deposition by coalition forces in Iraq`s Baghdad during Gulf war II (2001-11) following his ill-conceived invasion of neighbour Kuwait in 1990 and that had precipitated the removal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait in Gulf war I (1990-1) and which led to the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 where the misogynist rule of the Taliban posing as `fathers of Islam` had provided bases for Al Qaeda`s attack on the USA.
 Known terrorist supporter Colonel Ghadaffi of Libya was overthrown with help from Europe and the USA while the `Arab spring` continued in its removing of governments antithetical to humanity in 2001 in Egypt (Hosni Mubarak), Tunisia (Ben Ali), and Yemen (Saleh). President Bashar Assad in Syria remained engaged for a while in civil war while it was recalled that his original family name `Wahash` meant `beast`:
`Many of the Internet-savvy youth of these countries have, increasingly over the years, been viewing autocrats and absolute monarchies as anachronisms.`2
 The upheaval was described as `youthquake`, but the label doesn`t identify the problem, which is keeping women at an undeveloped level in order to regard them as children and prevent them from knowing they`re the species on the planet. Denying advancement in medical science through the promulgation of expensive conflict is one of the ways in which homosexual pederasty spreads its contagion of devouring death to the human species, because she can`t live long enough to see through the obfuscatory material to perceive the truth that women are presently engaged in a war for survival with humanity`s parasite.
 The basic tool of perception is sight, but the parasite`s aim is to prevent the eyes of the woman from being able to escape from seeing it. Because `futanarian` woman has a penis of her own as the human species` socio-economic independent valence to which God promises a `new heaven and Earth` due to the fact that she`s `woman`s seed`, she wants herself and doesn`t want to see the devouring parasite at all.
 In terms of the Tarot deck of divination, the function of `Sensation` is associated with the eyes and the encircled star of the pentacle, which represents the heavens men don`t want women to divorce them and leave for. Blinded to her true nature, she`s kept in ignorance by censoring, and false pictorial imagery of men as heroes, through a mass media projecting its protection of her while destroying her in her own environment. Without medical treatment to assist her education and retain wisdom through longevity of memory she`ll face extinction.
 Although the wand of the Tarot deck represent the magical aspects of the woman`s desireful penis for herself and escape to the stars represented by the enclosed sun star of her pentacle, the degenerate gambler`s club relates to the `hidden` woman of Revelation with the `eagle`s wings` of the USA`s Great Seal to protect her after the birth of the `New Redeemer`, Jesus, in his `Second Coming`. If women are to be kept as brainless slaves, there`ll be periodic seal culls so that the new daughters with their sealed hymens are `born to be child`, which produces the uncomprehending `wild child` of adolescence because that`s what the abuser wants:
`Yeah darlin' go make it happen.
Take the world in a love embrace.
Fire all of your guns at once,
And explode into space.`3
Seal clubbing is what men are for who want to maintain the `host` wombs of women as enslaved producers of civilization, culture and art to be devoured by their parasitism. Soft porn magazines like Club International represent the triumph of the male pederast who displays women without their own penis in celebration of all those young men she`ll produce for homosexuality to devour after her species has been `clubbed` into memory loss so that she`ll produce younger seals for the parasites to penetrate with their spears:
 `Love your nighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 29-31)
 Jesus` exhortation reflects upon youth`s need to recognize that the woman is you, which means Christian self-abnegation based on Jesus` own redemptive self-sacrifice upon the cross. Observing that women have their own penis as a self-reproductive economic independence is a cause for celebration and marvelling if Jesus` teachings are accepted because she`s you.
 Navy Seal `Team Six` was credited with being the US unit that killed Al Qaeda leader Osama Ben Ladan in Pakistan in 2011. If there`s a relation between the Great Seal of the US and its Navy Seals, the `hidden` woman of Revelation is theirs in Christianity. However, if seal clubbing is what war is designed to achieve through the preservation of homosexual pederasty and its contagions, that is, HIV/AIDS and other diseases that maintain women in degenerate infantilism as corruptible new seals with hymen to be speared, the Middle East`s labelling of the  USA as the `Great Satan` will have been earned.
3 Steppenwolf `Born To Be Wild` from Steppenwolf, 1967.
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