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Star Trek: The Good Kirk and The Noggered Kirk

30/04/2013 15:56
Star Trek: The Good Kirk and The Noggered Kirk   In episode five, of the US TV series Star Trek (1965-), The Enemy Within (1966) a `transporter malfunction` causes the splitting of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise and the creation of a good Kirk and a not good Kirk. The not...

The Man From A.N.K.L.E

20/04/2013 11:27
The Man From A.N.K.L.E   Boston is often thought of as the story of a bar, that is, the TV `situation comedy` bar Cheers, where Shelley Long, as the barmaid Diane, pulls on her pumps, and not to run the Boston Marathon, which was the human race disturbed on 4/17 by terrorist bombs. Boston`s...

Pornography`s Demons

14/04/2013 16:34
Pornography`s Demons   Traditionally men have been thought of as the sole fertilizing possibility for women`s ovum. The testicles of the male produce spermatozoa and the stiffened penis inserted into the female vagina through sexual arousal results in ejaculation of the sperm which travels to...

Saddam`s Hamzad

27/03/2013 12:38
Saddam`s Hamzad   The hamzad is traditional amongst the Moslem peoples, who believe the Prophet Mohammed received the word of God dictated by the angels, and written as The Koran (610-13 C.E.) after Jesus` teachings of Redemption, which became the New Testament of the Bible as an add similar...

Soccer And US Football, Women Aren`t Their Species

20/03/2013 10:11
Soccer And US Football, Women Aren`t Their Species   Eleven men and the opportunity to replace them if they`re not performing well is the game of soccer in which eleven players on one team attempt to kick a ball into the net of the other team. Women are allowed to play soccer, but they`re not...

Arabian Haiku

16/02/2013 23:22
The sun`s love of warming me; The cold pure water.  

Diana Was Murdered

25/12/2012 15:32
Diana Was Murdered   A nation mourned, as its media had collectively organized a `black mass` for `Di the Virgin`, Princess of Wales, since she was married in St. Paul`s Cathedral to Prince Charles of England in 1981. Up against the wall, not on the verge, was the 1997 `message`, after...

The 50s Alien Invasion Movie And The Culinary Triangle

05/12/2012 18:29
The 50s Alien Invasion Movie And The Culinary Triangle   In the structural anthropology of Claude Levi-Strauss, the mainstay of his socio-economic theory is the `culinary triangle`, which is depicted as the geometric formula for historical advancement through technology. Cooking is the...

The Role Of The Good Critic

03/12/2012 14:57
The Role Of The Good Critic   In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) is posited the `God archetype`, an unconscious content of the psyche that seeks expression through the lives of individuals. The `God archetype` takes many forms, which Jung calls archetypes. Most...


06/10/2012 09:14
Snowdrops in Spring, Sunny in Summer, Leaves in Autumn, Yule Log, Robin in Winter  
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