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The Role Of The Good Critic

03/12/2012 14:57
The Role Of The Good Critic   In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) is posited the `God archetype`, an unconscious content of the psyche that seeks expression through the lives of individuals. The `God archetype` takes many forms, which Jung calls archetypes. Most...


06/10/2012 09:14
Snowdrops in Spring, Sunny in Summer, Leaves in Autumn, Yule Log, Robin in Winter  

The Knights Of Abel With Rounds To Spare

18/07/2012 14:05
The Knights Of Abel With Rounds To Spare     They`re Cain, and they`re not Abel, They kill routines and bore all scenes With piece work implacable.     They ate, smelt there, and frowned a lot, Their kind is hand and sperm a lot. They`re knights of the dead Abel, That lowly...

Onan and Snow White

21/06/2012 15:48
Onan and Snow White   In Genesis Onan`s brother is murdered because he`s `wicked ` (38. 9-10), and the explanation is that he didn`t want to impregnate his wife, Tamar, so that she would remain beautiful. Er was murdered by God and Onan was told to impregnate Tamar, who was Onan`s...

The Boys & Us Whores

26/05/2012 11:35
The Boys & Us Whores   Read correctly the Bible is a contextualized lie. It begins with the poison apple from Snow White. The serpent of Eden seeks to poison the relationship between Adam and Eve, and God. In effect, the serpent wants to be the poison `seed` of the apple, that is,...
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