The Man From A.N.K.L.E

20/04/2013 11:27

The Man From A.N.K.L.E


Boston is often thought of as the story of a bar, that is, the TV `situation comedy` bar Cheers, where Shelley Long, as the barmaid Diane, pulls on her pumps, and not to run the Boston Marathon, which was the human race disturbed on 4/17 by terrorist bombs. Boston`s Logan airport was chosen by Arabian terrorists for the hijacking of the planes they crashed into the Twin Towers of New York on 9/11, 2001. The Arabians have long criticized the West for intemperance with regard to bars and alcohol, but the 9/11 attack would be regarded by most people as a typical instance of intemperate Arabs `losing their cool` when coming into contact with a culture not as imprisoning as their own. Moslems believe in the Koran, which forbids alcohol, whereas the Bible doesn`t.



 The attack on the Boston Marathon continued the Arabian terrorist theme of preventing `runners` they don`t favour from succeeding in the human race. 9/11 began at Boston, Logan airport in imitation of the Hollywood movie Logan`s Run (1976) and its TV variant (1977-8). Logan was a `runner` in the film and episodic cliffhanging TV series of science fiction tales in which `runners` were killed by `sandmen` because the `runners` wanted to live beyond the age of 21.

 Although the Marathon chocolate bar was promoted as an energy source for `runners` of such races as the Boston Marathon, its name was changed to Snickers, while the Boston Marathon runners` wearing of `sneakers`, which is a form of footwear favoured by Arabian women beneath their burkhas or abiyahs, and conceals everything except their eyes, probably represents the terrorist attacker`s encouragement, because many Arabian women were `sneakers` insofar as the functioned as `suicide bombers` against the US army during the second Gulf war, which the Arabian terrorists precipitated on 9/11 because Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq, went on TV to declare his support for the terrorists. The style of the terrorist attack upon the Boston Marathon was that of the `supervillain` in the Hollywoood Batman movies, where the criminal depredations of `The Joker` and `The Riddler` are puzzled out by forensic psychology. The names of the bars of the prison aren`t important, but the names of the prisoners are:


`Roll out of bed, Mr Coffee's dead;
The morning's looking bright.`



 Changing the names of the bars doesn`t free the prisoners. The idea of the bar as a place to drive your car derives from Arabia`s Egyptian mythology, where the `Ba` is the personality, and the `Ka` is the spirit. Those who are `demon driven` by the desire to accept the false spirit of alcohol arrive at the bar in their car and proceed to lose consciousness through the imbibing of addicting drinks, because unconsciousness is what the demons want for the 21st century`s spirits (Kas) and personalities (Bas) of those they drive.



 The `demons` of alcohol addiction drive the `Ka` or possessed spirit to the bar, that is, the 21st century `Ba` personality, who is the unconscious drunk, and so alcohol is the `demon drink`. In the `Roaring Twenties` of the United States` Prohibition (1920-33),  organizations seeking to prohibit alcohol consumption, including the American Temperance Society (1826-), which was first established in Boston, made bars illegal, because the new invention of the motor car, such as the Model T Ford, were popular modes of liberating transport for the individual, and alcohol fuelled personalities were deemed to be dangerous.



 Profiling a psychopath is a difficult task for the criminologist. The most famous bar in Boston is Cheers along the route of the Marathon, and there`s sexual innuendo in buxom barmaid Shelley Long`s pulling on her pumps as a metaphor for the penis` desire to finish:


`… everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came.`



 Most people have favourite bars they frequent, but not many see the bars as imprisonment. The refrain about eyeryone knowing who you are and being glad that you came is a deliberate sexual innuendo, `coming` is a metaphor for ejaculation during sexual intercourse , and whores are always glad when their clients come to the brothel because they pay but being `known` for visiting whorehouses is just as dangerous as being driven by the demon drink into unconsciousness because taking your money is what whores are for. Consequently, poverty and ignorance are bedfellows. If `woman`s seed` is to change the bar`s snickers to Cheers, changes in the `Ba` personality must change the personality of the bar:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.`



 Although the album Blackout (2007) doesn`t mean that Britney Spears has changed her name to Britney`s Beers, the cover of her single `Piece Of Me` suggests that opposition to the drunken blindness of alcohol is a part of her message as a `teacher`. Depicted on the cross of Jesus, Britney isn`t pierced by the spear of Longinus, which effectively released the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from Christ`s side as Jesus` promised new guide for humankind. In `Piece Of Me`, she`s a symbol of the `spirit` of the `American Dream`, which is the multivalent Holy Spirit/Paraclete born from the spear of Longinus that was called, after the crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven of Jesus, the `Spear of Destiny`. Because it gave birth to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In terms of the myth of the `American Dream`, Britney Spears represents e pluribus unum, which is the `one from the many`, and is the legend found on the `Great Seal` of the United States of America because the multivalent Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `spirit` of America`s `Manifest Destiny`. Occlusion of the Holy Spirit`s guidance for those who want to see God is what happens in alcoholism, which is a form of homosexuality because it`s a cowardly and suicidal desire for brain death:


`Sufficiently high levels of blood-borne alcohol will cause coma and death from the depressive effects of alcohol upon the central nervous system.`1


 In Cheers barmaid actress Shelley Long (Diane) was replaced by Kirstie Alley (Rebecca), which change of the `Ba` personality meant a change for the `personality` of the bar. Britney Spears is the unconscious `American Dream` of `pulling power`, which is the `pull` of Britney Spears, where `pull` means the desire of the penis for the woman and the personality to achieve that ambition, and is what American actor Ted Danson demonstrates as bartender Sam Malone in Cheers through his continuing relations with Diane, Rebecca, and the other women who come into the bar.



 If the `Ba` personality at Cheers was `futanarian` and pulled Britney`s beers when she came to the bar as a `Ba` personality, `woman`s seed` would never pull on her own pumps, and the Boston Marathon wouldn`t ever be won by the woman`s penis, which wants to run with its own seed. 4/17 was the human race`s desire to run the Boston Marathon in sneakers rather than make `sneak` suicide attacks on American `runners` by `sandmen` wearing `sandshoes` who don`t want `woman`s seed` to live long enough to recognize and kill them as pederasty`s parasites.



 Melinda Messenger is one of the more attractive women stars in the American firmament, and would the US army shoot her if she had her own penis? Killing the messenger is proverbial for men whose intemperate reactions to what they perceive to be bad news is legendary. 9/11`s terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre was designed to reestablish the `rough trade` of pederasty and war. The United States of America`s decision was to declare a global campaign against terrrosism without considering what it symptomized. That killed the message of `woman`s seed`, who has her own socio-economic valence as a species independent of men`s preying on young boys as ingénues in the `rough trade` of its recruiting for parasitism. The teachings of the `futanarian` Holy Spirit were rejected by the United States in favour of the demons of pederasty, and the demonization of `woman`s seed` depicting her as ludicrous rather than as the human species` independent womb free from the devouring parasite`s enslaving of her.

 If the human individual is accepted as having a `Ba` personality`, that is, in accordance with the religion of ancient Egypt,  by the 21st century the individual had caused the `Ka`, that is, the spirit in Egyptian terms, to technologically develop the motor car as a vehicle for the `Ba` personality to travel, but the `demons` of modernity want to drive the car to the bar, where they appear as `false friends` encouraging the unconsciousness and ignorance of the `Ba` personality through addiction to alcohol, which is the paradigm of the acceptance of enslavement for `woman`s seed`, that is, the spirit or `Ka`, and a degenerate `Ba` personality.



 The paradigm of the 20th century`s computer age was the HIV/AIDS virus, which spreads by `feigning friendship` for the body it kills, and is what the Arabian terrorist `guests` of the USA were on 9/11: `Trojan horse` viruses. The `geek` term is used by the demons of the computer age for the `machine codes` that its descendants of Greek pederasty construct to suicidally destroy the computers that have been built as aids to human development. The `Trojan horse` is actually `Greek` because it denotes the suiciding virus of homosexuality, where the `geeks` suicide the developing individual or technological civilization:


`Beware Greeks bearing gifts.`2



 Traditionally, the `geek` is a sideshow freak at a funfair who eats the heads of chickens. The notion is that of an idiot who doesn`t want the chickens. In terms of Greek pederasty, the homosexual doesn`t want the women, who are the independent human species with its own `futanarian` penis, but the parasites` system is to enslave `woman`s seed` and have her run about like a headless chicken without any brains, which is what happens if the chickens are beheaded by the `geek` devourer, who is the modern day Greek pederast producing a terroristical virus to kill the development of `woman`s seed` whenever he creates `machine code` to suicide the liberating machines of her technological escape program. `Greek` doesn`t want women to develop through technology and escape the enslaving parasites of Earth for the stars, but would rather keep `woman`s seed` without education or information, that is, beheaded and blind, and so unconsciously ignorant of her own species` penis and  socio-economic potential for independence and liberty.



 The 9/11 terrorists plunged the globe into more war so that pederasty could spread its contagion further. Greece founded Western civilization on the basis of women`s enslavement as `host` wombs for what God terms the `serpent`s seed`s wars of `perpetual enmity` against `woman`s seed` (Gen: 3. 15). In Greek socio-history, the paradigmatic instance of the enslavement of women`s `host` wombs for the spreading of pederasty and war`s contagion was the huge hollow wooden horse left by the Greeks. Taken into the city of Troy by the Trojans, the Greeks emerged from within the `Greek horse` to enslave the women`s `host wombs. The aim of the `sneaky` homosexual `demon` is to `feign friendship`, like the Greeks before Troy, and the supposedly helpful computer `geeks`, with their `machine code` viruses that break down the liberating system humans create to assist development.



 Pederasty`s biological virus of HIV/AIDS `feigns friendship` by mimicking the defending white cells of the body`s immune system before killing the `host`. Pederasty`s HIV/AIDS virus is the `biological weapon` of the `red dragon` of Revelation, that is, the `blood plague`, which virally encourages both cowardice and suicide, and that`s what terrorist martyrdom represents: homosexuals who don`t want to live and don`t want anyone else to either.



 In the Bible the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to Jesus in his `Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer`. The woman is `Liberty` clothed with the red sun of the flag of Japan whose Mitsubishi zero pilots suicidally crashed their planes into the US Pacific fleet at Pearl harbor in 1941 before the United States eventual victory after the dropping of atomic bombs on the Japanese mainland cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The yellow moon is the flag of Al Qaeda`s terrorists who crashed hijacked aircraft suicidally into the Twin Towers of New York in the sight of `Liberty` in New York harbor. Neither actions represented bravery, but were sympomatic of the sterile union of homosexuality`s cowardly suiciding of those who want to live. God`s warning to humankind is of the false heroism of the cowardly suicide who seems brave, but is demoniacally possessed as a Japanese `kamikaze` suicide,  and is homosexually cowardly because he seeks the destruction of those around him as a `killer virus` that doesn`t want life. The realization that the demon of men is the cowardly homosexual desire to suicide itself and others is the birth of the `New Redeemer` from the waters of `Liberty` in New York harbor.



 The human race is represented by the Boston Marathon, in terms of America`s role as `Liberty`. In Latin `ped` means `foot`, but `footrace` is what the human species are as `futanarian`, which is what the Marathon of God`s Bible represents. Adam and Eve are first enslaved by the `serpent`s seed` in Eden with the promise, `You shall be as gods.` Finally, in Revelation God`s `Liberty` gives `woman`s seed` a `new heaven and Earth` because she has starships through technology to take her to new planets. Greek pederasty is designed to prevent `woman`s seed` from developing as a `footrace`, that is, emerging as a `futanarian` species with her own penis. Because women do have their own penis as `futanar` which, in the Hungarian language, translates as `run` and `teacher`, where `fut` means `run` and `tanar` means `teacher`.



 If Jesus` teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete coming after him are to be believed, the `futanar` is the teacher who `runs` after Jesus in the Marathon `footrace` to the stars for `woman`s seed`. Jesus is the first of `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, because Mary prefigures the woman who can give birth to herself as an independently reproductive `futanarian` species with her own penis, and that doesn`t need a demoniacal parasite feigning the friendship of a symbiote, so that it can train her to run around the bars of her prison as a whore for the production of its wars of pederasty from her `host` womb:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 19. 5)


 Although the names of the bars along the route of the Boston Marathon are less important than the names of the prisoners at the US facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where many Moslem Americans were held in detention after 9/11 to discover what they knew, the renaming of the chocolate bar with the `uncommerical` name of Marathon to the more `commercial` Snickers is a part of the terrorist story. Although it`s possible to see the Arabian women`s `sneakers` when they`re wearing their burkhas and abiyahs, it`s not possible to see the women`s knickers, or beneath the `hijabs`, which veil their `Ba` personalities` snickers:


`… to laugh in a half-suppressed, indecorous or disrespectful manner.`3



 Decorum and respect are main issues in the Middle East and the coverings of the women are their protection from indecorum and disrespect. In Moslem societies it`s possible for a man to have four wives, so there`s a greater likelihood of `futanarian` women being found within a marriage, that is, a woman with her own penis. This accords with notions of the birth of Jesus` `New Redeemer` to the `hidden` woman, where Arabian women`s desire to hide her penis from men`s bars of snickers wins the `futanarian` human species` the Marathon `footrace` for Jesus, the first of `woman`s seed` born 2000 years before 9/11. Although the wrapper on the `Ba` personality of the `hidden` Arabian woman doesn`t change, the covering conceals the human race.



 In his `Second Coming` Jesus can`t be devoured by the `serpent`s seed` grown into the `red dragon` of Revelation, and will have an `iron rod` that protects the `hidden` woman, which is probably Jesus` penis as her `iron scepter` (Gen: 19. 15) of indomitable libidic energy concealed beneath the Arabian abiyah or burkha. In the Bible Jesus is the `Logos` or `Word`, which is the transformative principle of the penis` spiritual desire for heaven, that is, the technological advances of science that will result in `woman`s seed` journeying to the planets of the stars above the Earth. In Revelation the `hidden` woman is taken to a place of safety on `eagle`s wings`, and the eagle is not a symbol only of the United States, but the ubiquity of the eagle amongst the nations of the Earth is an indication that all must share in her protection.  The `New Redeemer` needs a vehicle for rulership and the symbol of the eagle is a religious icon for those who would seek to protect the `hidden` seed of woman against the `serpent`s seed` of pederasty`s `perpetual enmity` for the human species in its wars against us:


`He shall rule the nations with an iron scepter.` (Rev: 2. 27)


 The 4/17 Boston Marathon attack took place on America`s `Patriot`s Day`, which marks the beginning of the American Revolutionary War to rid itself of the British colonial yoke of oppression at the battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachussetts on April 19, 1775. Traditionally, Boston is at the centre of America`s concerns with `Liberty` and freedom because of the `Boston Tea Party`, a protest against colonial taxation without political representation. Rather than pay tax on tea from England, which went to the British government, the Americans of Boston threw tea from a ship into Boston harbor on December 16, 1773, which resulted in the Declaration of America`s Independence in 1776.



`Liberty` in New York harbor is the symbol of woman`s freedom because she represents the future of her own `futanarian` seed. The `Boston Tea Party` is seminal in the liberation of `woman`s seed` because she doesn`t want her penis to be taxed by God for what her male parasite does. The terrorist hijackers at Logan airport, Boston, were Arabians mimicking the `science fiction` future of the `sandmen` of Logan`s Run, who kill the `runners` in the movie because they want to live beyond the age of 21. The concept is that women of the 21st century shouldn`t look young and be old, because then they`d be wiser in new sneakers. Men would be recognized as the parasites that devour if they resist slavery to pederasty and war.



 America gives the label `training shoes` to `sneakers`, and the label can be applied to Arabian women `suicide bombers`, who strapped explosives to their chests underneath their traditional black one-piece coveralls, the burkhas and abiyahs, to `sneakily` attack the US military during and after the Gulf wars, because the Iraqis didn`t want the Americans to see their women`s knickers beneath their hijabs:


`… everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came.`



 In the West everyone has a name and identification `ID` so there aren`t any signs of `futanarian` woman because they`ve been `disappeared`, and can`t hide beneath a burkha or abiyah in a `traditional marriage`, as the Arabian women do. America`s Guantanamo Bay detention centre on the island of Cuba probably revealed Moslem women were hiding the human species of `woman`s seed` as `futanarian` with her own penis and socio-economic potential for freedom from male parasitism beneath their abiyahs and burkhas.



 Although the Arabian terrorists on 9/11 used their `guest` status to hijack planes and crash them into the Twin Towers, the fate of New York`s `city of the planes` bears some resemblance to God`s displeasure at the `cities of the plains`, Sodom and Gomorrah, (Gen: 16, 19) which were destroyed because of pederasty and the inability of God`s angels to discover a reason to save them. If the West is labeling `woman`s seed` so that she can be `disappeared` from the art, culture and civilization she produces from her own womb, although on 9/11 America wasn`t entertaining angels unawares (Heb: 13. 2), God was moving in a `mysterious way`4 to awaken pederasty to its doom of eternal perdition for `disappearing` women`s `futanarian` seed from the planet Earth:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 Produced by the serpent`s seed`s mixing of blood, shit and male semen in sterile nihilistic masturbatory acts of anal sex, Revelation describes pederasty`s `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS as the `blood plague` of God`s enforcing of men`s conversion from their evil enslaving and devouring of the products of women`s `host` wombs in wars of perpetual enmity` against the art, culture and civilization `woman`s seed` produces from despite the efforts of her parasites to consume it.



 Feigning friendship for the United States, the Arabian terrorists of 9/11 represent the virus paradigm of the computer age as they hacked into the US defence system to precipitate the second Gulf war (2001-11) and spread pederasty`s contagion. For Americans on 4/17 the Bible was the Boston Marathon because snickers over the woman`s penis are what the `serpent`s seed` wants rather than sneakers below the knickers that contain `woman`s seed`:


(American knickers) short trousers that fit tightly just below the knees …`5



 Eve was told by God she`d `crush the head of the serpent with her heel` (Gen: 3. 15) as she left Earth, and the hemline of her dress in Arabia is designed to conceal the ankle because that`s what her `futanarian` species is waiting to do. In the United States of America `Liberty` has the same hemline but noone ridicules her penis, so why should the Arabian women`s `Ba` personality be perceived as ludicrous in the Marathon `footrace`? Because men`s preference is for the bar Snickers rather than the human species` `futanarian` woman with her own penis. Men are women`s devouring parasites and don`t want her to leave Earth, so the penis either denotes a taboo into which we`re not supposed twomen`s  inquire, and subjection to men through the `love gun` of her parasite`s devouring virus, or a lampooning of `futanarian` women as the enslaved human species` penis.



 Blaming the messenger for the news brought is an ancient problem that often resulted in the death of the bringer of what were perceived as bad tidings. But can God be punished for the message of 9/11? Marathon was the name of the place in ancient Greece where the Greeks fought their battle for nationhood and defeated the army of Persia. The Greek `runner` Pheidippides collapsed and died after giving the news of the Greek victory. However, if Greece had been defeated, it`s socio-historically probable Pheidippides would have been executed for bringing bad news to the Greek Senate in Athens.



 Truth for the United States` Senate is `woman`s seed` as the human species` penis, and so the messenger, who was Jesus` celibacy crucified, arranged to have his message delivered by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Just as Eve emerged from the side of the first Adam, so Jesus is described as the `Second Adam` because the Holy Spirit effectively emerged from his side of Jesus as the `Second Eve` when he was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus after his death.



 9/11, 2001, was about the `Big Apple` of Eve`s wisdom garnered since Eden and what had occurred during the 2000 years since Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary as `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen. Though Eve was tempted by the serpent, that is, enslaving pederasty, to eat of the `tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil`, and gave some to Adam in Eden, 2000 years after Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, in the 21st century the US Senate was still refusing to promulgate knowledge and educational information about the `futanar`, that is, Jesus` Holy Spirit`s teachings of `woman`s seed` and the future of the human species.



 Persia is now modern day Iraq and Iran, and the United States of America`s army has been fighting Iraq and Iran since 1979 when President Jimmy Carter`s Democrat government in Washington D.C. began to support Saddam Hussein`s Iraq against an Iran that had deposed the Shah to establish an Islamic state that the USA saw as contrary to its ambitions in the region. Although the Thatcher-Reagan years of alliance between Britain`s Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan`s American Republicans saw victory over Argentine dictator Leopoldo Galtieri in the 74 day Falklands War (April-June 1982) to recover the Malvina islands after invasion, and Soviet Russia`s capitulation in Eastern Europe to the `free market economy` of a business meritocracy, Democrat President Bill Clinton failed to deal with the growing threat to Middle East security posed by Persia and the father and son Bush era of Republican Presidents, George Snr., and George W. Jnr., were left to deal with Saddam Hussein`s invasion of Kuwait. The subsequent Gulf wars (1990-1, 2001-11) against Iraq were the direct result of the United States` aiding Iraq against Iran and the `false friendship` of `political expediency` for pederast and war, which resulted in 9/11`s viral terrorist attack and the spread of its contagion.



After the first Gulf war, Saddam Hussein supported the Taliban terrorist organization based in Afghanistan and calling itself `Al Qaeda`, which means `the base` and has been interpereted by biblical commentators as `the beast`, although Syria`s President Bashar Al-Assad`s original family name was `Wahhish`, which is interpreted also as meaning `beast`, and so Bashar Assad is ranked along with other terrorist supporting dictators, such as the deposed Libyan Colonel Gaddafi, who was held responsible for the terrorist bombing of the aircraft that crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland (1988).



 The bestial `Al Qaeda` were responsible for the 9/11, 2001 terrorist attack against New York, and that resulted in the USA`s invasion of Iraq and Iraq`s eventual defeat in 2011. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad`s refusal to stop Iran`s nuclear program made him the target for America`s fears of a Persian weapon of mass destruction being developed to use against the United States in the 21st century, and so pederasty`s wars continued to fulfil God`s warning that the `serpent`s seed` would have `perpetual enmity` with `woman`s seed` through the devouring parasite of war`s enslaving of her `host` wombs to produce more `poisons` in the form of `boy sons` contaminated by the male semen that would fuel the hatred of the `red dragon` for the `futanarian` human race`s desire for liberty.



 The Greek messenger Pheidippides` run from the battle of Marathon to deliver his news of victory was enshrined in the 20th century in the 26 mile `Marathon` race run at the Olympics, and so the change in name of the chocolate bar from Marathon to Snickers represents the killing of the messenger, which occurred because advertisers weren`t happy with the sales` figures:


`Television commercials of the era feature John Wayne's son Patrick as Marathon John who would regularly confront villain Quick Claude.`6



 Eseentially, the Marathon chocolate bar is a pacifier in the Wild West scenario, where Wayne gives Claude a bar of chocolate to pacify his wildness, but a pacifier in US gun culture is a weapon, which means the Marathon bar has associations with guns rather than `runners`, but that could have influenced the 4/17 Boston Marathon terrorists` mimicry of their predecessors on 9/11, 2001. Logan airport, where the planes were hijacked in Boston, by Al Qaeda`s `sandmen`, echoed the situation in the Holywood `scifi` movie Logan`s Run where `runners` were killed by `sandmen` because the `runners` wanted to live beyond their 21st year.



 Although `ped` in Latin is `foot`, in Greek it`s `child`, which means pederasty is related to the woman`s `fut`, that is, the `woman`s seed`, as `futanar`, where in Hungarian `tanar` is `teacher` and `fut` is the penis of the woman that needs to take her training shoes more seriously so that the human species can develop beyond parasitism. Child psychiatrists are pediatricians and child abusers are pedophiles, but `woman`s seed` is divorced from knowledge of herself in the human race by the knowingness of parents who don`t want the human species to develop beyond walking. Consequently, if the human race is a `footrace`, that is, a race of `futanarians`, the change of the name of Marathon to Snickers is men`s deliberately ridiculing of the penis` desire to escape to the stars in women`s knickers.



 Pederasty represents the divorcing of the child by means of patriarchy`s a priori `knowingness`, because women`s knickers are to be understood as something to snicker at, even though they could contain the future of the human race. In simple terms, women`s knickers are the stock in trade of the comedian, because men have a penis, and men have removed women`s. Consequently, the Snickers bar of chocolate contains the joke amongst the parentally `knowing`. The human race can never win the Marathon because the `snickers` of `adults` between themselves over the women`s penis inside her knickers is a knowledge the enslaving pederasts don`t want for their enslaved children`s future as the wagers of their wars against her.



 Because of the victory of the Greeks at Marathon, pederasty became the basis of Western civilization, and the spreading of its virus through war. The prototype is Troy where the homosexual Greeks hid inside a huge wooden horse and the Trojans took it into the city as a `friendship gift` where the Greeks emerged to enslave the `host` wombs of the Trojan women to spread their war`s contagion further. Women exist merely as `host` wombs in pederasty, which produced the HIV/AIDS virus by mixing blood, shit and semen in nihilistic masturbatory anal sex. The 20th century`s `killer disease` was a viral metaphor for the computer age `geeks`, where the Luddites `feign friendship` for the computers that liberate the human system before they try to kill it.



 `Luddites` are named for Robert Luddite, a disaffected textile worker who gave his name to the anti-mechanical pressure group of workers opposed to 19th century technological advancement. The Luddites were only active between 1811 and 1817 but  the principle was applied in the 20th century, most notably amongst car workers, who saw machines as a threat to their jobs.



 The machine is the liberator of the human system, which means the Luddite actually maintains slavery for the human species while `feigning friendship` for `woman`s seed`, who needs a machine built in her own image. The NASA space program put a man on the moon using a lunar module that resembled a washing machine, and although women are the users of the washing machine, the logical `giant leap for mankind` would be the `human` robot that could operate a washing machine, and so care for the human as the better machine, because it`s more human insofar as it cares for the human and is liberating, which is what car workers understood in the late 20th century. If robots built cars, robots could operate washing machines, so women wouldn`t need to. The `giant leap` from the washing machine that is self-operating to the robot that cares for the woman as the human species with her own `futanarian` penis and sociological independence is even simpler. Because `woman`s seed` doesn`t need men to reproduce her species, Luddites are her enslavers.



 The creator of the `machine code` virus that attacks the computers` defence systems, much in the way that the 9/11 terrorists plane crash at the Pentagon Defense Department at Arlington, Virginia, attacked the US` system, is a Luddite and the active cell of pederasty`s terrorism, which doesn`t want the `host` wombs of women to escape from its parasitical devouring of her. Consequently, the 20th century is the socio-history of the refusal of the virus to allow the human species to develop so that `woman`s seed` can escape:


 `I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)



 In Revelation `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` after the birth of Jesus` in his `Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer` from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who is `hidden` and protected by him. In his first sojourn upon the planet Earth before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, Jesus was crucified and experienced death at the hands of pederasty. Jesus` celibacy is important because he was the first of `woman`s seed` as the developing `Son of Man` born to the Virgin Mary and uncontaminated by male semen.



 Jesus` is a pedophile`s story, because the infancy of `woman`s seed` doesn`t want contamination. Jesus wanted to know God rather than that men should `know` him, where `knowing` has been a biblical euphemism for homosexuality since God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 16, 19) for believing that anal sex was `knowing`, whereas the Hebrew `yadha` literally means `knowing through sexual intercourse`, which anal sex isn`t and so it`s called `sodomy`. God doesn`t want to encourage the spreading of the contagion of pederasty and war through those whose message is that knowledge of God can be had by means of anal sex.



The computer geek`s creation of computer viruses is consciously, or unconsciously, based on the HIV/AIDS virus` biological pattern of `feigning friendship` for the system it kills, which formed the psychopathology of the 9/11 terrorist hijackers` `hacking` of the US` defense system. 9/11 was an instance of the `blood plague` of Revelation, that is, demonic possession promoting the false bravery of suicide, but accepting the demonic spirit as a tool isn`t the conversion from evil that God`s sending of the `blood plague` was designed to achieve. The hackers` virus of demoniacal possession had hacked into the spirit of the terrorists and resulted in the hacking down of the Twin Towers, which was an instance of the `blood plague` in God`s employment. Although the demoniacally possessed would have perceived themselves as instruments of God, that`s extremism.



 The Arabian 9/11 terrorists hijacked planes at Boston`s Logan airport, Massachussetts, to spread war and its contagion of pederasty further on into the 21st century. In Hollywood`s, `Babylon`, the movie Logan`s Run was based on the idea that people should die if they refuse euthanasia at their 21st year, and `runners` who run because they want to live longer are killed by `sandmen`, which was probably the basis for the attack on the Boston Marathon at the beginning of the 21st century.



 Arabian youth grew up on satellite TV movies from channels such as MBC Action in which `blockbusters` from Hollywood, Babylon, feature alien invasions and New York`s destruction as entertainment; for example, Independence Day (1996) features the destruction of the Whitehouse, Washington D.C., New York and Los Angeles, while the President escapes aboard Air Force One and, in Escape From New York (1981), the city is a maximum security prison where Air Force One has crashed with the President of the United States on board and actor Kurt Russel has 24 hours to find him:


`Snake lands atop the World Trade Center in a stealth glider, and locates the plane wreckage and escape pod.`7



 On 9/11 the terrorist hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania before it could reach the Whitehouse in Washington D.C., but the 9/11 scenarios are definitely an eclectic mix of Hollywood, Babylon. The terrorists` crashing of planes into the World Trade Centre `live on CNN` has as much to do with the desire of the infamous to be famous on the `small screen` as it has to do with pederasty and war`s enslaving of the `host` womb of `woman`s seed` in the furthering of its contagion and its devourer`s program:


`In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.`8



 Boston`s Marathon terrorism indicates that the Earth has a psychopath`s path, and the change of the Marathon chocolate bars name to Snickers is indicative of secret laughter. The foot race can`t be won by humans, who are `futanarian` women with their own penis and represent a future without male parasitism. The `futanarian` path is cyclical insofar as the woman with her own penis is `hidden` from heterosexuality, but the result is confusing for women who desire themselves and are called `lesbian`, while men who perceive themselves as female in orientation are taught to conceive of themselves as homosexuals, which is a psychopathic valence and not sexual. If the `futanarian` path is `hidden`, psychopathic tendencies will inevitably arise in a schizophrenic society that doesn`t want to see itself in the mirror of existence because it isn`t a true reflection of humanity.



 The cycle path and the footpath are psychopathic images in pederasty. Those who go afoot are weak, and childlike in their blinkered knowledge of heterosexuality, while those who pedal have a stronger desire, or thirst for knowledge, but work in humanity`s enslavement. The path of the car is to the bar, that is, the spirit or `Ka` is demon driven until the `Ba` personality finds itself addicted to blindness and the desire for the unconsciousness of brain death through alcoholism, which is the individual demise of those struggling for consciousness against the psychopathology of enslaving and devouring pederasty.



 Because the path of the `futanarian` human species is `hidden` or occluded in blindness and death, the psychopathology of pederasty presupposes its killer. HIV/AIDS` incurable `killer disease` is the biological expression of the demoniacal spirit of pederasty`s desire for the death of the human race, which tends to confirm the presupposition that there`s a killer who doesn`t want technological advances in science that would increase the conscious knowledge of the human species and make it more difficult for the murderer to kill the infant species:


`This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.That number is 666.` (Rev: 17. 18)



 In Arabia women aren`t even allowed to drive cars, while the perception of depth psychologists such as Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) is that the human species` spirit is driven by the desire of the soul or anima for woman. If `woman`s seed` has her own penis, she can`t drive her own `Ka`, that is, the spirit of humanity, and her `Ba` or personality is possessed by a demon that refuses to allow her to develop, which is why she isn`t allowed to drive a car in Arabia. Because it would be a first step towards the human species of `woman`s seed` being in the driving seat in terms of its development and progress. In the American science fiction novel The Number of the Beast (1980) by Robert A. Heinlein a pair of couples squabble interminably over who gets to drive the spacecar `Gay Deciever`. In psychological terms, the four characters, Jake, Zeb, Hilda and Deety correspond to the four functions of consciousness, that is, `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`, and so do the four wives that are permitted in Islam, where the man, who wears white in Arabia, is surrounded by four women who wear black traditionally, while psychologically he represents the ego of the `Self` with its four functions. According to Jung, `Thinking and Sensation` are male functions, whereas `Feeling and Intuition` are female, which corresponds to the male pairing of Jake and Zeb in Heinlein`s novel, and the pair of Hilda and Deety, who are the wives as is traditional in western Christianity and elsewhere. However, if the `futanarian` woman were at the centre of the arrangements, the deceiver, that is, the Evil One who is the `gay` father of lies, that is, pederasty and its contagion of war, would have been dispensed with and the human species could go on without it. Heinlein`s car represents the unattainable `American Dream` of progress if the `beast` of pederasty is in the car preventing the driver, that is, the anima or soul, from progressing in its desire to have itself as `woman`s seed` without its parasite up above amongst the stars of heaven.



 Boston is just one of the cities in the USA where the `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS was first detected as an aspect of the `serpent`s seed` and its `biological warfare` against `woman`s seed` through pederasty`s witchery of mixing blood, shit and semen. In fact witches were executed in 1692 in Salem, Massachussetts, and probably because pederasts perceived them to be knowledgeable and so capable of escaping them as `host` wombs for the nascent species of `woman`s seed`. Witches are depicted riding broomsticks, because the woman`s hand on the broom handle with the brush between her legs is an obvious symbol of the woman with her own penis:


`… 19 persons having been hanged, and one pressed to death, and 8 more condemned, in all 28, of which above a third part were members of some of the churches of New England, and more than half of them of good conversation in general, and not one cleared; about fifty having confessed themselves to be witches, of which not one executed; above 150 in prison, and 200 more accused … `9



 The Salem witchhunt was about what women were for, because the woman with her own penis understands that she`s for herself and the other women, and the witch riding her broomstick is the symbol of `woman`s seed`, whereas the witch trials of Salem, Massachussetts were a magician`s black mass in which women were being coerced into accepting their subjugation to pederasty as children straying from the path of God, whereas they were adult members of the human species on the path of `woman`s seed` in accordance with Jesus` teachings of the Logos.



 The `wise woman` has long been a figure of persecution without real explanation, but if women were long lived and socio-economically independent as a species, because of their own Logos, that is, penis` technological valence, which is a `futanarian` capacity to reproduce and develop, men would be redundant. Consequently, it`s in the interests of men`s parasitism to keep women in ignorance. The killer`s method is to ensure women remain ephemeral, and so war and diseases like HIV/AIDS are pederasty`s enslavers. Men don`t want women to develop because then `woman`s seed` would escape from their parasite`s incurable `killer disease`.



 The lyrics to the theme song for the US `sitcom` Cheers set in a Boston bar are designed to connote psychological fear of homosexuality, whether that`s because women are falsely taught their sexual desire for the self they see in the mirror is wrong, or because the boy`s penis tells him it`s female. Because the human race is `futanarian`, the penis of `woman`s seed` is female:


`And your shrink ran off to Europe,
And didn't even write:
And your husband wants to be a girl.`



Many people drink alcohol, because they`re sexually schizophrenic in pederasty, which is designed to make it easier for the psychopath to induce cowardly acts of suicidal bravery in those who want to live, and is what most Hollywood movies depict. In pederasty, footpaths, cycle paths, and pedals in motor cars, represent an ascending scale of values. Both schizophrenia and the treadmill, where the computer mouse wheels in futility as the human species endeavours to achieve technological progress while its enslaver`s desire is that the biped should pedal itself as a victim of its psychopathic killer.



Pedalling is a term often used to describe that process whereby sellers convince others to buy, and so the term `pedaling your ass` is a common term in the idiom of the `rough trade` for a boy who sells his anus for homosexual coitus. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre was designed to reestablish war and so spread pederasty`s contagion further, which is why they used passenger planes to crash into the Twin Towers, which were symbolically the economic `legs` of the United States, and the Arabs wanted to see if America could still complete God`s Bible Marathon of the triumph of `woman`s seed` after their removal precipitated war as the main contagion of pederasty`s that would prevent `futanarian` woman from receiving the `new heaven and Earth` of Revelation and so win the human `footrace`.



`Liberty` is the symbol of woman`s freedom because she represents the future of her own `futanarian` seed as a species separate from men who are her parasites. Although Jesus was tortured to death by his parasites before the spear of Longinus cut open his side open to effectively release the teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, the unconscious knowledge of `woman`s seed`, the cross isn`t the only torturer`s device. The `shoe` was more common during the Middle Ages when it was called an  `iron maiden`.



 The concept is similar to the idea of a `juicer`, and the notion of the empty `shell` after the soul has left. Consequently, the women of Arabia in their abiyahs and burkhas are the jews there. They resemble `iron maidens` because they`re made that way by Arabian men. In Judaism it isn`t possible to be a jew if you aren`t born from a woman, which suggests that only women are jews. Arabian women in their abiyahs and burkhas that resemble `soft` iron maidens are the jews of the Koran.



The idea of the woman as a `shell` is more understandable if the Arabian women, who were the `suicide bombers` in their abiyahs and burkhas during the Gulf wars, were made to release what was inside their `shell` after detonation, much in the way that the Holy Spirit/Paraclete was released from Jesus` side by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus` when he cut Christ`s side open, but the releasing of what the `shells` of the Arabian women contained would correspond to the `biological warfare` the Americans were so concerned Saddam Hussein was planning.



 Arabian `iron maidens` could represent the release of spiritual `poison gas` as demon-possessed `suicides` detonating their `shells` on contact with their terrorist masters` targets; much in the way that the Japanese Mitsubishi suicide pilots crashed their planes into the US Pacific fleet in 1941 because they were `programmed`. Because the  common term for `iron maidens` is `shoes`, the Arabian women in their abiyahs and burkhas were effectively `sneakers`, which means that the high jumping terrorist who attacked the bar at the Boston Marathon was saying he preferred Snickers to being a see shell in sneakers:


`The Boston Marathon bomb blast has claimed 3 lives and over 142 are injured. With thousands of runners competing in the race, two bombs went off near the finish line sending hundreds scrambling for their lives. One of the dead included an 8 year old child and injuries ranged from head wounds to amputations.`10


 If the Arabians after 9/11`s felling of the Twin Towers, were asking if the US still had the `legs` for `Marathon Monday` Boston was `knickers`, because it was a celebration of the reintroduction of pederasty`s `shorts`, that is, `woman` seed` wasn`t going to win the human `footrace`. Because, in emulation of the `scifi` movie Logan`s Run in which the `runners` who refused euthanasia at 21, were killed by the `sandmen`. The Boston Marathon bombers were declaring that `woman`s seed` wasn`t going to make it past the 21st century because they`d stop the `futanarian` footrace:


`The arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, and the earlier death of his brother [Tamerlan] during a firefight with cops, ended five days of terror sowed by the double bombing at the marathon finish line, which killed three people, wounded 176 and left the city of Boston on edge.`11



 Soon `pedal pushers` will be de rigeur again, that is, short trousers for women cyclists, because the socio-economic cycle of pederasty`s enslaving of women`s `host` wombs to further war and its other contagions to shorten life hasn`t been broken. The `pushers` will continue to `pedal` their `rough trade` in short-lived boys and girls ignorant of their `futanarian` sexual valence as `woman`s seed` with a penis of her own and an independent human species` future curtailed by their murderers.



In terms of the spreading of the contagion of war, the Americans were being invited by the Arabians to get their `ass in gear` on 9/11, which is pederasty`s idiom for `move your ass`. Hollywood movies with titles like Armageddon (2005), which details an attempt to stop an asteroid crashing into the Earth rather than a battle against the armies of evil, and The Last Days (1999), where the Evil One comes to Earth to find a bride, but is sent to hell instead by Arnold Schwarzenegger, suggest the USA is `sold on the idea` of apocalypse, biblical or otherwise. Armageddon is in the Middle East, and even though the setting for the battle with the Evil One is described in the Bible as the `plain of Megiddo` in Israel, that`s 200 miles from Baghdad, Iraq`s capital city, which suggests the United States` thirst for confrontation persuaded them to suicide Saddam Hussein as their own demon of cowardice through bravery rather than face God`s truth.




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