Soccer And US Football, Women Aren`t Their Species

20/03/2013 10:11

Soccer And US Football, Women Aren`t Their Species


Eleven men and the opportunity to replace them if they`re not performing well is the game of soccer in which eleven players on one team attempt to kick a ball into the net of the other team. Women are allowed to play soccer, but they`re not allowed to play alongside men at either amateur or professional levels. Although women`s teams are popular even to international standards. The difference in strength is usually given as the reason for separate male and female teams, but the default criteria is genitalia. Men have a penis and women don`t, according to the theory. However, women who are `futanarian` have a penis of their own. Apart from constituting a species independent and separate from `Man` in the sense that they don`t need a man to reproduce, and so have their own socio-economic valence and future potential as humanity, they have the right equipment to play soccer.



 In the Bible Eve is told there`ll be `perpetual enmity` between the `serpent`s seed` and `woman`s seed`, and in Revelation God gives a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed`, which suggests woman has seed of her own and, because she has her own penis as `futanarian`, she has seed, and so is the `woman`s seed`. Obviously there`s an alliterative relation between football and futanarian, and a similar relation between US football and futanarian because of the space suit style of the American footballers who receive six points for their team for completing a touchdown by getting the ball into the end zone of the opposition, while `touchdown` is the phrase used by NASA`s US astronauts to indicate a successful mission completion:


`That`s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`1



 The touchdown is followed by the kicking of the one point between the posts in American football, which suggests a point being made. Women`s American football teams are popular in the USA but, as in soccer, they`re not permitted to play alongside men. The one point being made is that the foot on the moon isn`t the futanarian species of women, because the `serpent`s seed` don`t want her to escape. In the Bible there`s war in heaven before the evil receive perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain, as a punishment from God:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)



 What they`d done was enslave the human species, which is woman and futanarian, because men are the alien parasitical virus that has formed a symbiotic relationship with her but is a contagion rather than a development. Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, because he was `woman`s seed` and not a contagion. Western civilization is based on the Greek model of pederasty, which is enslavement of the `host` wombs of women to further homosexuality`s contagion of war, because that`s how the Greeks spread it.



 Attacking neighbouring city states, the Greeks enslaved the `host` wombs of women to further war. The `red dragon` of Revelation is depicted as waiting `in vain` to devour Jesus, in his Second Coming, as the `New Redeemer`, `born to the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, which means war cannot devour `woman`s seed`, although the `red dragon` wants to.



 God sends `blood plague` to force men to convert from pederasty and its enslaving of the human species, which is woman`s seed`, and HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against the `host` wombs of women is the result of their practicing the sterile valence of anal sex in which the witchcraft of pederasty mingles blood, shit and semen to further its disease. Forcing women into faithfulness by frightening `woman`s seed` with its genetically designed `biological weapon`, that is, HIV/AIDS, is that aspect of monogamy which misogyny`s `black magic`  is using to enslave and devour, and so the `red dragon` of Revelation is depicted as lying in wait.



 Although soccer`s misogyny consists in symbolically kicking woman`s egg around the pitch as the futanarian ball, US football`s misogyny is placing a foot upon the moon to hold woman here upon the Earth so that her futanarian seed can`t escape. Soccer denotes the infanticide of the human species, which is futanarian woman`s seed, that is, woman with a penis and her own socio-economic valence, because it`s twenty two men kicking her egg about as a futanarian football who`ll never be able to play with herself. A euphemism for woman as a species being prevented from living an independent existence.



 American football is the narration of how men got to the moon first and denied women`s futanarian foot life. The spaceman toddling in its romper suit upon the lunar surface is a symbol of men`s infantilism. The zenith of their aspirations after Neil Armstrong`s moon landing in 1969 was to prevent woman from leaving, and the American footballer retains the glamour of its past triumph in the shape of glossier shirts and improved helmets. However, as It says in the Bible:


`She shall crush his head with her heel before she leaves.` (Gen: 3.15)



 Most sports played with a ball can be associated with the `woman`s seed`. In tennis the ball is over the net, which refers to the ova of woman, which is either prevented by the contraception or fertilized, that is, caught by the net or through. In women`s professional tennis, Maria Sharapova would translate as telling the woman to `shut up and marry` because the futanarian ova is over, that is, `woman`s seed` is at `fault` at the `baseline` while `service is being introduced`, and `service` is a euphemism for enslavement of woman as a species. Because men don`t want `woman`s seed` to make a `foot fault`, which is to reproduce herself as `futanarian`.



 In cricket there are six balls to an over in which the bowler has the chance to get the ball past the batsman and hit his wicket, which is ostensibly the woman that the English knight is defending with his modern broadsword. However, if the batsman is caught while attempting to hit the ball out of the reach of the opposing team`s grasp and score four by sending the ball to the boundary, it`s symbolically the ova `catching`, which is a euphemism for the `woman`s seed` fertilizing the ova, but the catcher of the ball in cricket indicates a desire to prevent the `woman`s seed` from fertilizing the ova of woman.



 According to the Bible the woman of Revelation that gives birth to Jesus, in his Second Coming, that is, the `woman`s seed`, is hidden in a `place of safety` to which she`s carried by the `wings of an eagle`, which could correspond to the United States because of the eagle of the `Great Seal` of the authorizing office of the Presidency, but gives credence to the claim that the USA is `the Great Satan`, as it has sometimes been accused, based on the understanding that it doesn`t promote freedom for women but merely a form of `political correctness` that allows women to feel equal to homosexuals.



 Feminists argue that men and women are equal, which has evolved into the notion that homosexuals and lesbians are equally `gay`, whereas women who have a penis of their own as futanarian know the penis desires its own species. Homosexuality in pederasty is the enslaver of `woman`s seed`, which means that men are women`s parasites and not equal to her `seed`. The notion that lesbians are equal to men is false. Lesbians demonstrate the valence of their own species` sexuality, which resists enslavement in homosexual pederasty and its contagion of war and plague. In embracing the notion that women are equal to homosexuals, feminism is accepting devourment for woman as a species, which is an attempt at both genocide and species suicide.



 Most political extremes are perceived as dangerous for what they represent, but political correctness based on notions of equality between homosexuality and women in pederasty represents extremist misogyny. In ancient Greece the term enantiodromia was used to indicate what occurred if undue weighting was given to a principle applied for the common good: the reverse of what was intended.



 If woman is the means of production, because everything human comes from her `host` womb, then Marxism is `ownership of the means of production`, which is slavery. Capitalism and its `PC` feminist proponents of `Liberty` and freedom for homosexuals as women`s equals represent consumption as the devourer, where consumption is not only pederasty`s enslavement of woman to the devourer war, but the general malaise, for example, HIV/AIDS is what the criminal fraternity call a `frightener`, which enforces faithfulness in monogamy, but misogynist pederasty is the contagion that consumes faithful `woman`s seed` and its product of art, culture and civilization, in the wars of the serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` against `woman`s seed` that God warns Eve will occur.



 Because low level technology, which is paradoxically represented by landing on the moon but no further, is how men keep women susceptible to the biblical `three score years and ten` as an accurséd  lifespan decreed by God against Adam and Eve`s descendants. Although God promises a `perpetual body` through Jesus as a reward for the seed of woman`s continuance and persistence against the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed`, an eternally young life through medicine`s advance and so knowledge of herself as a species is what men don`t want `woman`s seed` to have. Because she`d be her own species` producer, and so unlike Princess Leia in the movie Star Wars (1977), for example, she`d be able to escape from enslavement through the developing of her own technology and science.



 The argument that men`s brains are more capable is a fallacy. If women have a penis of their own, they have the same equipment and better than men`s, because women are self-reproducing and self-productive. In fact art, culture and civilization is what woman has been able to produce as a self-producer, while men are the viral contagion of pederasty and war that periodically devours her to reduce her productions and maintain her as its slave womb:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17.18)



 The mystery is that Babylon is the producer, but the slave of men, whereas she`s depicted `Hollywood style` as a glamorous independent film magnate. In other words, the mystery lies in how she`s persuaded to be the slave of a parasitical alien virus rather than a species in her own right with her own penis and socio-economic `launch pad`. The reason is that she can`t escape from the alien that, contrary to Hollywood movie representations since the 1950s of fascism, communism, Islam, etc., as invading aliens, is already here, and men are simply depicting the threat as `other`, whereas the devouring alien is here amongst us now, and it`s consistent claim to be Them (1954, 2006) makes it true.



 The movie The War Of The Worlds (1953, 2005) based on science fiction writer H. G. Wells` 1898 novel is a standard for remake in Hollywood because it`s archetypally supportive of the basic principle of men, which is that the alien invader is `out there`, whereas the alien invaders in movies such as The War Of The Worlds are depicted as being what men themselves are here.



 Just as the ancient Greeks used a huge hollow wooden horse before the walls of Troy to entice the Trojan men into taking it within the city where the Greeks emerged to enslave the `host` wombs of the Trojan women to spread their contagion of pederasty and war, so the Arabian terrorist hijackers on 9/11, 2001, disguised themselves as visitors before taking over the `civil` aircraft and, using them as a `Greek horse`, crashed into the Twin Towers to further spread pederasty`s viral contagion of war.



 Troy is a city in upstate New York, and `to work like a Trojan` is laudable, but we`re taught that a `Trojan horse` is a virus, whereas a `Trojan` is a `workhorse` in idiomatic terms. HIV/AIDS is pederasty`s `Trojan horse` insofar as it works to enforce and frighten women to ensure faithfulness in monogamy to a parasitical virus that isn`t her species.



 HIV/AIDS even feigns friendship, as the Greeks feigned the offering of the `Trojan horse as a gift` before Troy,2 and the Arabian terrorists feigned friendship for the Americans of New York state as tourists, by pretending to be white cells of the body`s immune system before killing it.



 9/11, 2001, was a 21st century alien invasion movie for the small screen, `live on CNN`, and the USA who, since 1979, had actively supported Saddam Hussein, because of Iran, and the Taliban in Afghanistan against the Russians, with alacrity accepted the aliens` invitation to spread its contagion of devouring pederasty and enslavement to further war. The comparable science fiction movie of the period was Mars Attacks (1996), which was presented as a `spoof`, but the concept of the Earthmen`s endeavouring to make peace with the iredeemably warlike aliens is what woman as the species on the planet Earth has been trying to do since her womb was taken over by the aliens.


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