Business, the Christian Church, and its Shrivelling Members

14/06/2013 14:53

Business, the Christian Church, and its Shrivelling Members

The basic economic unit of the 20th century was the automatic washing machine, which was the consequence of the United States` NASA program to land a man on the moon. Apollo 11 astronauts used a lander that even looked like an automatic washing machine with its single porthole. From a woman`s point of view, however, Neil Armstrong`s famous phrase didn`t mean liberty and freedom through the machine but enslavement:

`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`1


 Standing in the waters of New York harbour, the statue of Liberty is a woman bearing the torchlight of freedom, but in socio-economic terms she`s waiting for a machine to wash her clothes for her rather than having to do it herself. According to Judaic tradition, the Meshiahn age is what is being prepared for, that is, the machine. In Christianity, Jesus is the Meshiah or Messiah because he`s man born of woman but not through contaminating male semen, which in the 20th century preferred itself in anal sex`s mixing of blood, shit and semen, which resulted in the plague of HIV/AIDS described in the Bible as the `blood plague` sent by God to convert men from their sins:

`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 In the apocalyptic Revelation, `Babylon the Great` is a `woman` who is defined as the `mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth` (Rev: 17. 5) because she is the result of men`s enslaving of woman for the purpose of spreading war and its contagions. In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty was the disease spread by the Greeks after enslaving the `host` wombs of women to further its plague by means of war. Jesus` teachings as the Meshiah were of the Logos, that is, the Word of God, which through God`s `host` wombs would provide the intellect and spirit of humanity with the machine technology it would need to liberate itself from men`s devouring parasitical pederasty.


 At the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion and death due to one of his followers, Judas, selling him to the Roman security forces as a dissident, Christ showed the disciples `wine and bread` as symbols of his `body and blood`, which was later adopted as symbolic of the mysterious `host` of the Catholic Communion service in which parishioners receive the spirit of God by means of a wafer and a sip of wine from the priest`s chalice. In historical terms, the `host` is the womb of the human mothers of the Earth and Jesus` teachings advocate men`s elevation of woman rather than her enslavement. On the day before his crucifixion a woman had attempted to wash his feet, but the disciples had berated her for wasting expensive oil:

`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)


 Having contracted to waste Jesus for `thirty pieces of silver`, the disciples were now `targetting` a woman for wasting money they could have spent. Jesus` words of rebuke are the most powerful in the Bible because they represent God`s desire that `woman`s seed` should prevail. Because the Virgin Mary was the `host` for Jesus` birth, Christ is viewed as the `first man` since the creation of `sinless Adam` by God. Jesus is the continuing good `host` after God in Eden and subsequent to Christ`s emergence from the `host` womb of his mother, the Virgin Mary, prior to his being tortured to death by unredeemed men at his crucifixion. Jesus is a good `host` to the disciples because he gives them food in fellowship that encourages them not to kill and eat each other, which is de facto the same thing. When Jesus instructs the disciples to leave the woman unremarked upon as she washes his feet, Christ is effectively saying he doesn`t want them to kill and eat her either.


 Adam and Eve were commanded to accept God as a good `host`in Eden when they received the `Tree of Life`, but the evil serpent tempted them with the `tree of the knowledge of the fruit of good and evil`, which in socio-historical terms means the wars of `perpetual enmity` with homosexual pederasty`s `serpent`s seed` and its various forms of death for humanity through its contamination of the `host` womb.


 Just as Christ`s mother was a good `host` because he was born uncontaminated, so Jesus` exhortation to accept `bread and wine` rather than his `body and blood` means to accept woman as a producer, but not of humans as food from her womb, which is equivalent to the parasitical activity of war and killing. Jesus and his mother were humans, whereas the `serpent`s seed` aren`t.


 In Revelation God gives a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed` after telling Eve in Eden she`ll `crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` (Gen: 3. 15), which suggests men are the `serpent`s seed`, if they remain unredeemed, and God sentences them to perdition. Men have to accept the `host`, that is, woman, if they are to have Redemption from the sin of rejecting her in preference for each other.



 The `blood plague` of Revelation is HIV/AIDS` `killer disease` and a symptom of homosexual pederasty`s refusal to refrain from war and killing, which is usually represented as human behaviour in `action` movies such as Bruce Willis` Die Hard (1988) or Arnold Schwarzenegger`s Terminator (1984), whereas Willis` role is encouraging of suicidal extremism and Arnold`s is the part of the washing machine woman would have had if men hadn`t spent the Earth`s resources on killing her rather than preferring her.


 Women have their own penis as `futanarian` woman and so represent species` independence, which is what the Virgin Mary`s birthing of Jesus without male semen prefigures. Men are women`s parasites and the male penis is only the sign of their parasitical desire to emerge from the `host` womb of the woman to spread its `disaster movie` contagion further.


 Movies such as Die Hard encourage the parasite to suicide destructively, because that`s what parasites do in the body of the `host` organism. Schwarzenegger in Terminator is a better parasite rather than a better washing machine, because he`s destructive machinery, rather than a human machine, which is why Jesus corresponds to the Meshiah of Judaism and anticipates the Meshiahn, that is, the machine, which will care for the human because created by humans.


 Men`s refusal to construct a machine to liberate the woman is their recognition that the `robot` of the future will replace them as redundant because women have their own reproductive valence as `futanarian`. It is in men`s interests not to develop, because they`re parasites and want to kill the `host`, that is, woman, and the body of the civilization, art and culture that has emerged from her womb in the course of the millennia.


 Observing that the washing machine could conceivably develop into a machine that could care for the human species, that is, woman, men cancelled the NASA space program, which had resulted in the technology necessary to build an automatic washing machine, in favour of enslaving the species as its devourer. The actual mass produced automatic washing machine is now merely a remaining sign of the human species` slavery to a falsely optimistic  vision of freedom through technological progress:

 `The number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six.` (Rev: 13. 17)


 666 is a reductive figure because women are enslaved by washing machines that still require their attendance. In the 21st century there are billions of individuals on the planet Earth, but the number of men is diminishing because they want to be the ones who own the slaves, that is, the women who don`t have machines that can wash their clothes without supervision, and that`s why the `number of the beast` is 666. Because it`s small number isn`t growing any bigger and diminishingly represents men`s desire to be the one who is the enslaver-devourer of the humans. The reductive argument is that such a one is bigger and stronger, which is why the `beasts` of 666 want to be thought of as men, whereas women`s penises are much larger on average than their parasites`.


 Even if a man were to be found with a penis larger than a woman`s it`s a reductive perspective because women have their own penis and `size isn`t important` when species` continuation and survival is essential. Futanarian women can fertilize themselves if they have to because they have all of the genitalia. Because women have vaginas and men don`t, men`s apparent physical bodily superiority is merely intimidatory, so the `female slaves` will comply without ever examining the concept of the woman with a penis as a species independent of men blinded to her own destiny through imprisonment, death, surveillance and propoganda.


 In feminism it`s `politically correct`, that is, `PC`, to define women as homosexual because they`re lesbians, whereas women who are attracted to their own species with its own penis are normal while men who are engaged in pederasty are woman`s enslavers for the purpose of making war upon her and spreading its contagions further.


 `PC` is the word used for policeman, because it`s `police constable` in the UK and former British Empire, which is now the Commonwealth of Queen Elizabeth II and her government in Whitehall. Because 999 is the number of the police, the `number of the beast`, 666, is its reverse, which means that God`s Revelation in the Bible foresaw woman as the human species jailed by her purported protectors. In the 1930s it was the Nazi pogroms against the Jews that were used as an excuse to find and exterminate women as a species with her own penis and socio-economic valence, but the concentration camp was first documented as a methodical pogrom during the British occupation of South Africa in the Boer war (1899-1902) against the Dutch settlers, and similar pogroms were intitiated late in the 20th century during the `ethnic cleansings` as the former Yugoslavia broke up into Moslem and Christian enclaves after the fall of Communism while differences between the elitist Arab rulers and native West Africans in Sudan resulted in similar pogroms in Dharfur and elsewhere that were identified as Moslem factional hatreds but women doubtless bore the brunt.


 The terrorist attack of 9/11 on the Twin Towers of New York mocked 911 as the number of the police in the USA. Because the destruction of the World Trade Centre was a return to the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty and war for the wombs of women enslaved to produce Gulf War II (2001-12), which followed as a direct consequence of the two hijacked civil airliners that were crashed into the WTC.


 Often called the `world`s policeman`, the USA`s feminist `PC` ideology of equality for pederasts and women forms the basis for an attempt to exterminate the human species by the `beasts` of Revelation because men accept themselves as human while the evidence contradicts the assumption. Jesus` teaching is that woman is the `host` for the human species and men are her parasites because she can self-reproduce. To kill the humans men have first jailed her.


 Having imprisoned the woman on the planet Earth and given her a washing machine as a sign of her enslavement, men have presented themselves as her heroes while preparing to eradicate her as her parasites. Blinding her to the reality of her own penis and independent socio-economic valence has been a sine qua non of the campaign. Surrounding women in the movies with death and destruction, like Linda Hamilton in Terminator, while the parasite Schwarzenegger destroys the carefully constructed environment, is typical of Hollywood, Babylon, and reflects the propoganda.


 Putting the token human at the centre of the devastation to pretend she`s being cared for while the evil aliens kill those we aren`t encouraged to care about is one form of propoganda. Pretty female newsreaders telling us stories of atrocities in Chechnya and Bosnia to make us feel comfortable in the knowledge she`s safe while her sister humans experience another pogrom is a form of the same propoganda, and so are television series like the British BBC`s drama of a WWII Japanese concentration camp, Tenko (1981-4), or Within These Walls (1974-8) starring Googie Withers as a female women`s prison governor, because men want to see women behind barbed wire and bars dying together as a prohibited `lesbian` species.



The normative argument is that humanity will survive together, but if men aren`t definable as human and are parasites seeking the extinction of women as the human species, Jesus` plan for Redemption is the single greatest endeavour in history. Because Christ recognized men aren`t human just because they`re born from women`s `host` wombs. Men have to respond appropriately to the host, or they`re irredeemably trapped in parasitism`s devouring of the human species.


 The consumption that began what the Bible foretells as the beginning of the reign of the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation (12.3) was identified by French seer Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566) in The Prophecies (10.72) as `terror from the skies`, which would occur at the dawn of the 21st century. Corresponding to the World Trade Centre conflagration of 9/11 perpetrated by the Arabian terrorist group Al Qaeda operating out of Afghanistan, the fulfilment of Nostradamus` prophecy suggests `Business and Christianity`, which is what the various orders of the masonic builders espouse, has an important future role. If the Earth and the humans upon it are to avoid being consumed by pederasty`s wars and its cancerous contagions such as HIV/AIDS, which derive directly from the despising of women`s `host` wombs to further the parasites` sterile program of homosexuality and its depredations:


`When the unnamed woman, most of her body tightly wrapped in a shawl, fell sideways after being shot several times in the head, the spectators chanted: `Long live the Afghan mujahideen! (Islamist fighters)`, a name the Taliban use for themselves.`2


 Although medical science is perceived as advancing, it isn`t in the interests of the parasite to promote longevity for the human species because memory and wisdom, together with education, would result in women`s remembering herself and her penis` independence, which would interfere with men, that is, her parasitical virality`s pogromming of her.


 The human has become the worm in the apple of economics so far as the parasites are concerned. Those who construct are perceived as baiting a hook as a worm for a `big fish`. Like Bill Gates at Microsoft, the giant US computer software company. Bill worked at his business for a generation, and so did Steve Jobs at Apple Macintosh. But the creator is perceived as a worm to be removed from the apple, as it were.


 Reincarnated in some other guise the creator begins anew and the latest construct is another `big apple` for the human worm to be extracted from once it has finished its task. Constant rebaiting of the worm, that is, the aspiring human, constitutes the activity of the real parasite who feigns interest in catching a `big fish` while merely concerned with baiting the human who believes it can escape the devouring maw of its enslaver.


 The terrorist attack on the `Big Apple` of New York was the removing of the worm from the apple of its creation, that is, the peaceful industrious human, to rebait the hook for pederasty`s devouring `big fish`, that is, war and its contagions. If the masons were concerned with building and longevity, women would be understood as the human species, whereas builders like Gates and Jobs are conceived as `apple worms` to be reincarnated to build more for devouring parasitism to consume.


 If masonry and the masons are truly concerned with building a future based on human longevity through `Business and Christianity`, first it must be recognized that Jesus` teachings are that women are the humans on the Earth. Because, without that dawning realization becoming the principle of the builders, God`s interest in the Earth will not be being served by those who proclaim themselves as God`s rather than gods:

`... only men can be made Masons.`3


 If men are masons but women are the human species` indpependence because of their own penis and self-reproductive valence as represented by the Virgin Mary`s birthing of Jesus without contamination by men`s semen, masonry isn`t concerned with housing humans upon the Earth, or off it either. The size of the male penis in respect of the female`s evinces the truth:

`The average length of an erect penis by age in inches and centimetres at 20 yrs and over is 6.1 inches (15.5 cm).`4


 Obviously 666 is an allusion to penis envy, because women are bigger than men`s standard 6 inches. The shrivelling of `Business and Christianity` church members is in direct proportion to the extent men reject women as the human `host`. The smallness of the male penis is commensurate to the parasites` desire for self-extinction while extinguishing the human species` penis of woman secretly and quietly by maintaining her in ignorance so that she doesn`t know enough to understand what`s occurring and plan her escape.


 Some women`s penises are long enough for them to perform oral sex on themselves easily as well as self-fertilization, which suggests they`re amazingly adaptive, virile and fertile. Because Jesus was celibate, the `Business and Christianity` of the masons operates on the assumption developmental functionality increases in direct proportion to the rate at which the penis shrinks from view.


 Having removed the female penis from most people`s view, the parasites have made the male penis taboo on the grounds that its visibility might threaten the builders` program. However, if great constructors such as George Soros, who played a significant role in the transition from communism to capitalism in Hungary (1984-9) or Donald Trump, New York city real-estate developer, are seen as worms to be removed from their apple so that the hook can be baited again for the devouring parasitism of pederasty`s war of `perpetual enmity` against the human species, the male penis is only the less visible symptom of the parasite`s all-devouring hunger.


 According to developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) functionality is directly attributable to the rate at which instinctual libido, which in the male is entirely penis related, is transformed into spiritual or intellectual energy. If that`s true then the size of the penis is important. Technological progress diminishes in inverse proportion to the degree of sexual interest, that is, if the male penis doesn`t want to be seen and it doesn`t want the female penis to be visible, it doesn`t want socio-economic growth, or `seed` as numberless as the `sands of the seashore`, or `the stars [and planets] of the heaven`, which is promised by God to Abraham (Gen: 22.17), founder of Judaeo-Christianity and Islam through his Moslem descendant Ishmael.


 Because God promises a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed` in Revelation and Jesus is her first man by virtue of his birth from the Virgin Mary as his female progenitor, it`s the sexual interest of the larger penis of the woman that the parasite wants to suppress because it represents a desire great enough to attain to the planets of the cosmos and escape her imprisonment and slavery.


 Unless the woman of the Earth can be guaranteed independence in the Meshiahn or machine age of liberation from drudgery, or her greater penis and capacity for libidic transformation can be harnessed by herself to facilitate technological advancements that will allow her to flee, men`s parasitism has doomed her human species to extinction.


1 July 20 1969.