There Isn`t A Sorrier Anthropologist Than Darwin

06/01/2016 10:01

There Isn`t A Sorrier Anthropologist Than Darwin


Charles Darwin was the English natural philosopher influenced by archaeological descriptions of early hominids, and whose hypothesis that humans had simian ancestry in The Origin Of Species (1859) was based on the discovery by archaeologists of skeletal remains enough to suggest that apes were the ancestors of humankind. Darwinian evolutionary theory argued that humans evolved from early hominids, who appeared on Earth around 220 million years ago, according to fossil studies by paleontologists, during the Mesozoic period of Earth`s prehistory after saurians had appeared to be the dominant species about 248 m.a., and before the evolution of mammals, which included hominids as a genus. Although the Bible has largely been ignored as a source of evolutionary theory, the appearance of the serpent in Eden as the angel, Satan, removed from heaven by God and transformed into a serpent for rejecting God`s plan that the human host would be greater than the angelic, is suggestive of a previous raptor based intelligence akin to Tyrannosaurus Rex and its cousins, who were bipedal dinosaurs with arms and a tail for balance.



 The pterosaur variety of saurian had wings, for example, the pterodactyl, which is interesting for biblical scholars, because Satan is described constantly throughout the Bible as a `dragon` grown to full size since its days as a `serpent` in Eden after Eve, the first woman, and Adam, the first man, are expelled therefrom by God for agreeing to host womb slavery in parasitism to the parasitoid devourer after accepting its `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, although God`s `fruit of the tree of life` is depicted as conferring immortality. Whereas ephemerality means transient knowledge and so the inevitable loss of any technological development achieved by individual humans, the development of medical science and permanent brainpower is extended life and youthfulness for humans capable of using the labor saving technologies they produce, which slavers don`t want for humans. Consequently, although Darwinian evolution posits apes as the forebears of humans, the Bible suggests that Eve and Adam were saurian.



 Paleontologists agree that dinosaurs had two brains, a brain at the head and a brain at the tail, which explains why Eve, the first woman, is depicted as being created by God from the rib of Adam and from whose side she emerges. Eve is Adamned creature, that is, she`s the emergence of the damned saurian brain that functioned as the tail of the raptor while the brain at the head was the male. Although experts agree that there were male and female dinosaurs, the secondary dinosaur brain is explainable as God`s new creation planned for `woman`s seed`. Before expelling Eve and Adam from Eden with the exhortation that Adam must labor while Eve will experience labor pain before Redemption can occur, God tells Eve her `seed` will have `enmity` with Eve`s `seed`: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Women`s human futanarian species can sexually reproduce with her own penis` semen from her own host wombs, that is, Eve`s Adamned brainpower is a damned brain before her `seed` can sexually reproduce with herselves, while the eons of effort to prevent Eve`s `seed` from producing liberating brainpower for the futanarian humans to run their own race and escape from their parasitical host womb slavers, and parasitoid devourers, are Satanism.



 In Christian iconography Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, is depicted crushing the head of the serpent with her `foot`, that is, women`s futanarian brainpower, which is what God told Eve her `seed` would achieve in Redemption from slavery. Born uncontaminated by male semen, Jesus was consequently `futanarian` through his mother, the Virgin Mary, which explains his role as the Messiah teaching against the male brained Empire of Rome then occupying Jewish Palestine where he lived as a Jew: `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) His disciple, Judas, who was known for stealing money from the collection plate after Jesus` service, told Jesus he should sell the expensive perfume a woman was using to anoint his feet to raise money. When Jesus, as the human host, at what was thereafter known as the `Last Supper`, offered `bread and wine` to his disciples as symbols of his `body and blood`, Judas betrayed Jesus to the Romans as a `dissident` because he didn`t want the human to sexually reproduce and so suggested to the representatives of their tyrannical Empire in Jerusalem that Jesus was a threat to male braining.

 Taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem, Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood and left there to die. Upon his death the Roman guard, Longinus, pierced Jesus` side with a spear because the Messiah had said that a Holy Spirit would teach after his death. Because Jesus was known as the `Second Adam`, the `Second Eve` was anticipated as being born from his side, and so Longinus sought to perform a `caesarian` section, that is, a surgical procedure deriving from an erroneous belief about the birth of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, whereby a dead mother`s child is born: `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54) Jesus` subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures the Ascension of futanarian `woman`s seed`. Consequently, the educative spirit born from the side of Jesus` after Longinus` `caesarian` section is futanarian humanity`s.

 God`s plan is decipherable from the biblical texts, but it isn`t extant as dogma in the subsequent Christian church built upon Jesus` teaching. Although Pope Pius XI, head of the church in Rome, made the doctrine of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven dogma in 1950 based on the teachings of Jesus Christ from what is known as the New Testament of the Bible appended to the Old Testament of the `chosen people` of the Jews, which contains the Talmud and Torah, that is, the law and history of the `chosen people`, the doctrine of the Ascension of God`s futanarian `foot` as a new human host greater than the host of the angels through the sexual reproduction of brainpower from `woman`s seed` isn`t church dogma. Although it`s explicit in church dogma that Jesus` `seed` is in heaven, and that the Virgin Mary is in heaven, it`s implicit that Eve`s `seed` is also in heaven, that is, the Bible is God`s plan for colonizing the planets revolving about the stars with futanarian humanity.

 The Judaic tradition is that a Jew can only be born from a woman, because humans are futanarian, that is, Jews are the `chosen people` because they`re futanarian. Abraham was the founder of Judaism through his son, Isaac, who was the child of Sara, who became barren and gave her Egyptian maid, Hajer, to Abraham. Hajer bore Ishmael who founded Islam through his descendant Mohamed, who received the Koran (610-30 C.E.) from God`s angels, according to Islamic tradition, and Moslem marriages have four wives as a consequence of the two women, Sara and Hajer, bearing sons that were the founders of Judaism and Islam respectively. As Judaism is futanarian, so Islam`s four wife marriages afford the possibility of futanarian sexual reproduction between women in the Moslem family, which is in accordance with God`s plan. Although Christianity perceives itself as a continuation of Judaism through the New Testament of the Bible, the Moslem Koran is an original text containing the histories of Abraham and Jesus, whereas Judaism doesn`t accept Jesus` New Testament as the Bible. Consequently, the Moslem peoples are closer to Abraham and Jesus than Christianity, because Jesus was a Jew descended from Abraham, while Islam derives from Ishmael, a son of Abraham`s. In simpler terms, Jesus is accepted by Islam, whereas Judaism doesn`t accept Christianity, which means that `woman`s seed` is acceptable to Moslems in terms of the social structure, that is, families with four wives, and is a continuation of Jewish tradition as the futanarian `chosen people`, whereas Christian monogamy is closer to ring slavery in host womb parasitism as `parasitoid` male nature prepares to devour `woman`s seed` and the civilization, culture and art she`s still able to produce despite the depredations of the predator that emerges from her body to consume her.

 Without education the rich consume the less rich and so the Earth has consumption in blind unconscious ignorance. However, if the rich were educated in futanarian conservation consumption would occur as an informed process whereby the richer consumers could decide whether to consume or not based on knowledge of futanarian humanity, which isn`t a choice afforded to the uninformed. That`s morality from the perspective of the rich. Eating one`s neighbor, as you`re richer, is a diluted ambition if the perception is that one`s neighbor is human, because they`re human futanarian `woman`s seed`, that is, women. Invariably present in any invasive situation, women wouldn`t be consumed if the invader was human. Without education the rich consumer doesn`t have the knowledge to refrain from consuming, whereas wisdom confers that understanding. Consequently, the `serpent`s seed` doesn`t want to confer understanding upon the rich consumer, so US$ 1 billion is spent to purchase and maintain each `Spirit` bomber, because the consumer is blindly unconscious and ignorant of what it shouldn`t consume, which in Moslem Islam is the `woman`s seed` of the women who conceal themselves publically from view beneath the one-piece coverall of their burkas lest someone see that they`re futanarian human.



 In Christianity it`s traditional for a woman to cover her head in church lest she be seen by angels, who enamored would descend from heaven and seek to have sexual intercourse with her. According to paleontologists winged dinosaurs shrank to become birdlike, which suggests that God`s angelic host more properly corresponds to what children are taught as faery. In the Hollywood Babylon film, Red Dragon (2002) based on Thomas Harris` perceptive 1981 novel, the psychopathic male who kills women to wear their skins is `The Tooth Fairy`, who bases his character on a painting by William Blake, The Great Red Dragon And The Woman Clothed In Sun (1805-10), which celebrates a passage from the Bible: `And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to wage war against the remnant of her seed.` (Rev: 12. 17) If winged dinosaurs became birdlike creatures corresponding to wingéd angels, they`d be the fairy creatures of folklore. Satan`s host of `fallen angels`, removed from heaven by God and the angelic host there, represent the consequences of male braining to the exclusion of human `seed`, that is, futanarian women`s. In short, Satan`s `angels` are of the sort that induce humans to kill women to wear their skins, which is a what a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes, as men and women, is. Consequently, the psychopathic killing of women to wear their skins is a stereotypically male brained activity induced in Satanism as evinced by actor, Ralph Fiennes, in his Red Dragon role of `The Tooth Fairy`, Francis Dolarhyde. However, denial of futanarian education to humans is encouraging worship of `The Tooth Fairy`, who is an extreme instance of the general malaise of the male braining of the species of `woman`s seed` as a single transvestite creature wearing each others` clothes, rather than that angelic faerie creature of folklore children are taught will reward them with a sixpence for putting a tooth under their pillow after its pushed out by a new grown replacement. Symbolically the tooth fairy represents that angelic spirit of growth, which corresponds to Jesus` Holy Spirit`s capacity to facilitate human knowledge, that is, futanarian wisdom, which Francis Dolarhyde`s character of `The Tooth Fairy` in Red Dragon perverts in his psychopathic killing of women to wear their skins as a deranged but understandable transvestite male.



 Children are taught to put a dislodged tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy to give them sixpence, which means that the relationship between the spirit of growth and adulthood is financial from the parents` perspective as traditional folkorists. When the hijacked jets were crashed into the Twin Towers of New York city`s World Trade Center in the United States of America by Al Qaeda terrorist hijackers operating out of Afghanistan on September 11, 2001, the WTC was a symbol of `rough trade`, that is, the `brutality and violence`1 associated with the parasitical host womb enslavement of women`s host wombs for parasitoid devourment in homosexuality in pederasty for warfare against `woman`s seed`, which was institutionalized by the ancient Greek model for Western democracy, Athenian society.



 Because human futanarian women`s socio-economic structure would differ from men`s, 9/11 was a concerted effort on the part of the `serpent`s seed` to deter acceptance of a democracy based on women`s capacity to sexually reproduce their own brainpower between themselves, because men can`t: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) In the East `Babylon` was `a woman` whose name appears as the capital city of the Persian Empire, which ruins dictator Saddam Hussein could see from his palace at Hillah, Iraq, during the period after the March 2003 invasion by America and before he was executed on December 30, 2006, for declaring support for Al Qaeda. The subsequent rise of the Iraqi dictator Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi of the Independent State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and where Isis was the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess of Resurrection, belies the effectiveness of dictatorship when dealing with consumption by the rich.



 Although Moslem nations in Islam are criticized for dictatorships, the rich can`t eat the less rich in a dictatorship that rules against the consumption of `woman`s seed`, which is why Jesus is represented in the Bible as a dictator: `Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God almighty.` (Rev: 19. 15) Although Saddam Hussein`s Iraq was described as trying to `gobble up Kuwait`2 during the Gulf war (1990-1), dictatorship could equally be used to prevent the richer from devouring the less rich, and riches are relative. Kuwait was an oil rich superstate before the Iraq dictator`s invasion, which is paradigmatic of what richer people do with those who`re less rich and so less powerful. Jesus` role in his `Second Coming` after his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven to prepare for his implementing God`s rule is that of a dictator refusing to allow the rich to consume the less rich, which in fact is what occurs at every level in a male brained society without the socio-economic advantages of women`s human futanarian democracy where the perception amongst those who nurture and bear the species isn`t that the borne are for slavery and consumption by the parasitoid devourers in parasitism upon the host womb of the race of women.



 The rich have an extinction program, whereby the individual entrepreneur or inventive personality can`t help the human race even to walk, because it interferes with host womb enslavement in parasitism to their parasitoid devouring of `woman`s seed`, which effectively amounts to cowardly paranoia masquerading as conservatism. In British democracy the Conservative Party is associated with capital, that is, financial institutions and manufacturing industry, which stifle growth apart from activities associated with war economics. As people grow richer they`re less consumable, that is, led by paranoid parasitoid devourer`s, cowardice supports growth in areas ensuring extinction, for example, debilitating medical treatment ultimately designed to bind patients to wheelchairs; the armed forces; the police; independent security companies; surveillance; and government failure to educate beyond a reality `snuff movie` ethos of `action` heroes; for example, those of the Gulf war movie, Jarhead (2005), because education in anti-democratic male braining for war against women`s nascent human futanarian democracy is more likely to produce gaily brash entertaining murderous fools easily frightened into cowardice when embarrassed at needing instruction as to how to get the top off a difficult jar, while anti-women mass media propaganda productive of blind ignorant unconsciousness prepares an explosive social fabric for the security forces to devour as the meal bought for them by the richest.



 The North American Plains Indians had a tradition called `running the arrow` described in the movie Run Of The Arrow (1957) in which actor Rod Steiger in the role of O`Meara is captured by men of the Sioux tribe who`re going to kill him for trespass before his Indian companion, Walking Coyote, asks to `run the arrow`, a tradition whereby an individual convicted of a `crime` is given a chance to run and evade those running behind charged with the task of killing the runner ahead. In 1967 novelist William F. Nolan wrote Logan`s Run which was subsequently turned into a 1976 movie about a society in socio-economic collapse that killed citizens who reached the age of 21 so that the economy of the society remained sufficiently sustaining for the remainder. The story about a `sandman`, actor Michael York as Logan 5, and actress Jenny Agutter as a woman he helps to `run`, Jessica 6, was based on the Plains Indians` perception that elements not conducive to a healthy society should be killed. Runners were pursued by `sandmen` until caught and killed, that is, the `sandmen` were the equivalent of the Plains Indians, who were exterminated by the European settlers in the United States of America by the simple expedient of paying buffalo hunters to kill the 60, 000, 000 herd and so starve the indigenous inhabitants to death by the 1880s. When Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked civil airliners at Boston, Logan airport, to crash into the WTC on 9/11, 2001, it was `Logan`s run`, because the `serpent`s seed` didn`t want developmental progress for the 21st century but rather a parasitoid devouring of human and natural resources in warfare against `woman`s seed`, who is `running the arrow` as a victim rather than a criminal.



 When the Boston Marathon was bombed by terrorists on April 15, 2013, `sandmen` were again endeavoring to prevent the human futanarian `foot` race from running by keeping `woman`s seed` wheelchair bound in automobiles with God`s promise of the planets and stars receding as fast as the would-be escapees could be caught. In socio-economic terms the rich European settlers ate the less rich Plains Indians and the same rich cut off the `foot` of the enslaved humans to make it easier for their parasitoid nature to devour the race. Hollywood isn`t pejoratively called `Babylon`, because Logan`s Run, which was made into a `TV series in 1977-78, is a prototypical `snuff movie` in which people are killed in real life for the entertainment of the viewer who watches the recorded or `live` transmission. The `Hays code` (1930-67) introduced by President Will Hays of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) came into force just 20 years after the first Hollywood film was made by director D.W. Griffith, Old California (1910), and prohibited `woman`s seed` from being seen to raise her futanarian human `foot` on screen: `... women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`3 The appearance of William F. Nolan`s 1967 novel as the film, Logan`s Run, in 1976 represented surrender to the `snuff movie` ethos of extinguishing the human species for the entertainment of the richest parasitoid natures.

 In the development psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (875-1961), which grew as a response to `father of psychoanalysis` Sigmund Freud`s (1856-1939) reductive belief that everything was `nothing but` an expression of the repressed penis, God is described as an archetype, and archetypal expressions of the human desire for progress appear in dreams, art and the imagination to impel development. Although Satan is perceived by some as an archetype, in fact the `fallen angel` is a reductio ad absurdum; like Freud`s occluded perception that civilization, culture and art is the product of futanarian `woman`s seed`. What occurs is described in Greek philosophy as enantiodromia, whereby an opposite becomes its `other` in the course of time, that is, as the rich parasitoids consume God, who represents the human desire to escape slavery on Earth through technological progress, so God becomes Satan in refusing to accept imprisonment and parasitoid devourment as a slave in host womb parasitism for homosexuality in pederasty`s misogynist warfare against humanity`s `woman`s seed`.



 The term `pedophile` is applicable to those who want to maintain humanity in infantile blind unconscious ignorance, that is, pedophiles want to play with the human species, rather than that the race invent and play with its own toys; for example, colonizing starships as depicted in `TV` shows like Star Trek (1966-69). Consequently, `pedophile`, `pederast`, `transvestite`, and `misogyny` aren`t pejoratives, but descriptive of Satanism`s parasitoid methodology for devouring the Earth before `woman`s seed` can raise her futanarian `foot` from the cutting room floor of Hollywood Babylon`s media Empire and run her own race amongst the planets and stars.



  According to paelontologists winged dinosaurs became smaller and more birdlike, that is, they became birds, which are that species genus known as oviparian, because they lay eggs. Consequently, in male braining humans are defined by technologies descriptive of saurian avians, for example, the `Spirit` bomber of the United States of America is a winged male dinosaur dropping bombs, rather than laying eggs, because men`s parasitoid nature is that of a coward that doesn`t want `woman`s seed` to fertilize her ovum so that the human futanarian race can escape. Because the Bible indicates that the `fallen angel`, Satan, is the serpent that becomes the winged dragon, birds are representative of the angelic winged host but `fallen`, whereas the human host isn`t winged, and as winged dinosaurs shrank to become birds, it`s likely that the `fallen` angels correspond to what folklorists call `little people`, that is, the fairy folk of legend. In Islamic tradition each individual has a good and evil angel, the `hamzad`, which encourage and tempt by turns until good or evil results. In terms of realpolitik the US` `Spirit` bomber is evidence that the evil angels won, because Jesus` teaching of `woman`s seed` through the Holy Spirit didn`t. Because humans aren`t educated in knowledge of their own nature whereby women sexually reproduce the species` brainpower with each other from their futanarian race`s own penis` semen, evil isn`t recognizable as men`s parasitoid nature in need of what Jesus called `metanoia`, that is, brain transformation, in acceptance of Redemption from male braining`s unbalanced psychopathology through `woman`s seed`.



 If humanity is described as that which can live humanly alongside other humans, `fallen angels` represent an earlier humanity that wasn`t willing to live with other humans, that is, humans as represented by the US` `Spirit` bomber are humans who can`t live with other humans, so are `fallen` humans rather than winged angels. Although Satan and the `fallen angels` are depicted as inhuman, God`s angelic host that are able to live with each other are by definition human. Satan was removed from heaven for rejecting God`s plan that the human host would be greater than the angelic, that is, they`d be able to live with the angelic host humanly, which Satan didn`t. Or, in other words, those that can live humanly together are humans, whereas those aren`t who can`t, that is, the angels are human if they can live with humans humanly, while the US` `Spirit` bomber is an indication that the inhumanly wingless can`t live with the `seed` of women desirous of fertilizing her own human eggs so that she can develop the brainpower for technologies that would allow her to fly further away, and that it`s men`s parasitoid nature to devour her infancy.



 Because men are parasitoid, US` `Spirit` bombers correspond to the winged dragons of legend, which devastated countries where the people were smaller. Consequently, humans are too big for men, so logically they`d become smaller, as winged dinosaurs became birds, to avoid extinction. The `little people` of folklore and legend represent the humans who`ve been `smalled` by men`s parasitoid devouring nature. In short, the faerie folk are the `remnant` of `woman`s seed`, which the Bible depicts the `dragon` as going off to wage war against, because he`s `wroth with the woman` as a male brained parasite that won`t accept the rule of human women`s more balancedly democratic futanarian nature.


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