The Stolen Penis

06/06/2016 09:00

The Stolen Penis


Although Jesus wasn`t burned as a witch, the Romans were inventing the television aerial. Taken to the hill of Calvary by the Romans, and nailed to a cross of wood, where he died, Jesus subsequently had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Although that doesn`t seem to modern thinkers a transmission of a `TV` picture, Jesus was `woman`s seed` born uncontaminated by male semen. In Christian iconography, Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, is depicted crushing the head of a serpent beneath her foot, because Jesus` teaching was Redemption for `woman`s seed`: `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Human futanarian `woman`s seed` have penis` semen of their own for the fertilization of women as the host womb of their species. In Eden God told Eve her `seed` would have `enmity` with the serpent`s, who was the angel, Satan, turned into a serpent by God, for rejecting God`s plan that the human host would be greater than the angelic. Eve`s `seed` would have `enmity` with the serpent`s, because Satan proffered the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` to her, and the first man, Adam, which it was death to taste, saying `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Because they`d rejected the `fruit of the tree of life`, that is, immortality, God expelled Eve and Adam from Eden with the promise of Redemption if Adam labored, although Eve would experience labor pain, which was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Jesus, as God`s `foot` is human futanarian `woman`s seed` accepted by men like Jesus, because of their capacity for sexually reproducing human brainpower to liberate themselves from the `TV` that the Romans and their predecessors had been manufacturing out of men and women. The `TV` principle was simple. Breed humans as a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes in `TV` transvestism for the entertainment of the Roman Empire that built huge amphitheaters to watch people being killed inside. When John Logie Baird invented the `TV` machine is 1926, by 1930 Hollywood, Babylon had banned the possibility of a woman`s penis being seen in the huge movie theaters that had arisen from the development of the film industry in Hollywood, city of Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States of America in the state of California, through the establishment of the President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), Will Hays, `Hays code`: ` ... women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`1 Consequently, when `TV` in the home largely replaced cinema theaters as the main source of entertainment, futanarian `woman`s seed` wasn`t a part of the picture transmitted, because Satanism had defeated Christianity, that is, Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven was a `TV` transmission from the Roman`s point of view, and the cross of Jesus was a `TV` aerial. Because futanarian `woman`s seed` was capable of sexually producing human brainpower between women, Jesus` execution was designed to prevent women from appearing, because the Romans wanted `TV`.



 When Jesus` disciple, Judas, who was known for stealing from the collection plate after a sermon, spied the Jewish Messiah being anointed with perfume, he suggested that the perfume be sold to raise money, and Jesus rebuked him: `Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6). Consequently, when Judas sold Jesus to the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, for `thirty pieces of silver`, and the Pharisees gave Jesus over to the Romans for crucifixion, it was because Judas didn`t want Jesus to have a girlfriend and sexually reproduce as `woman`s seed`, because that would have made the `TV` too difficult for the Romans and the subsequent `TV` Empire of Hollywood, Babylon, to make a `snuff movie` out of the human species. With men and women without human futanarian `woman`s seed`, `TV` manufacturing of a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes to make war upon the `remnant` of humanity, which was based on the Greek `model` of democracy, that is, institutionalized host womb slavery for ephemerals in blind unconscious ignorance for homosexuality in pederasty, was assured: `And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war on the remnant of her seed.` (Rev: 12. 17) `TV` is the medium that depicts the `red dragon` of the apocalyptically prescient Revelation of Jesus` disciple, John, which appears in the New Testament of the Bible written about Jesus` life, and which forms the basis of Christian belief: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Although `Babylon` is described as `a woman` in the Old Testament of the Bible, which is the Talmud and Torah, that is, the history and law of the Jewish `chosen people`, she lent her name to the city of Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), because the capital of the Persian Empire was for host womb slavery of `woman`s seed` to spread men`s contagion of homosexuality in pederasty and war. Hollywood was called `Babylon`, because it represented the source of the `TV` transmission, which by repressing human futanarian `woman`s seed` had, by the late 20th century, produced the `incurable killer disease`, HIV/AIDS, through homosexuality in pederasty for war`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses to manufacture a `biological weapon` described in the Bible as the `blood plague` sent by God to convert men from their sin, and which was deployed to keep women in fearful faithfulness to men`s ring slavery: `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores, but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) What they`d done was kill `woman`s seed`, that is, God`s futanarian `foot`, so that the parasite upon women`s host womb, that is, the poison masquerading as her boy son, could emerge and kill the host, which is what parasitology terms `parasitoid` nature. Untold eons ago a parasite inveigled itself into the human futanarian host womb of the human species and stole `woman`s seed`, that is, replicating itself as women`s boy sons it emerged as a parasitoid to kill the human host in warfare against her, and the poisons of HIV/AIDS are the latter stages of its parasitical teleology. In short, the animals are watching `TV`, while preparing to devour the human species as `snuff`, where `snuff` is the term used by the media as a term for recorded real life killing for the entertainment of the viewer.



 Although `TV` is characterized by sexual taboo against depictions of actual human intercourse, which should be between human futanarian `woman`s seed` and the human host womb of women, the absence of futanarian women means the absence of women, and so an absence of human brainpower due to the absence of depictions of human sexual intercourse between women. In other words, `TV` promotes brainlessness through the penislessness of women. Consequently, war is the direct propaganda result of sexual repression, because people are taught that violence against `woman`s seed` is morally superior, because depictions of actual human sexual reproduction between women would reveal the truth, which is that only the animals are watching the animals performing. The humans have either left, or were made extinct millennia ago, so that the parasitoid devourer emerging from the `remnant` of the human species` host womb and penis` semen can extinguish her. The term `snuff` means `ground tobacco`, and SMOKING KILLS is the warning affixed to most packets of cigarettes, because it`s a phallic symbol of men`s euphemistic extinguishing of the penis` `seed` of human futanarian women`s. In fact `smoking` is a euphemism for fellatio and killing from the description of a murderer as a `smoking gun`. Consequently, `moral ground` is `ground tobacco`, that is, the human futanarian species of `woman`s seed` manufactured as a `snuff movie`, because morally `TV` rejects women to the extent that there aren`t any seen on it, and because what`s seen on `TV` is the product of men`s manufacturing men and women as a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes in `TV` transvestism, it`s brainless, because it`s not the product of human semen, which is why Jesus` birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, prefigures the Resurrection and Ascension to heaven of `woman`s seed`. Through the liberating capability of women`s own brains` powers for sexually reproducing from her own penis` semen, and host wombs, labor saving technologies, and permanent memory conferring medical science, will allow her to permanently maintain and operate the starships she builds to lift her to colonize the planets amongst the stars in heaven. Because of Christianity`s approval of a society that doesn`t contain humans, and in fact disenfranchises humans from the democratic process, because human futanarian `woman`s seed` is extinguished from sexually reproducing the brains she needs to vote herself into office, and men constitute 0% of the child bearing population, which means women are 100% human and all of the vote, they`re the `red dragon` of Revelation, which `snuffs` the species on `moral ground` symbolized by the `snuff` ground tobacco of its sniffing iffily if the `TV` programers try to educate the children, because `snuff` is what gets up people`s noses, whereas everyone human knows where the penis goes; even if the alien purveyors of `snuff` don`t want them to have enough brains to blow their nose.



 The Christian age was that of the burning that Christianity looks forward to as that eternal unendurable pain, which God promises to the evil, while the good receive a new heaven and Earth as their reward. Helping God on to burn the evil, Christianity furthered the cause of evil. Adolf Hitler`s Christian German National Socialist (Nazi) Party burned upwards of 20, 000, 000 Jews in ovens in `death camps` after he was elected in 1933 and became dictator. Adopting the Roman fasces symbol of a bundle of wood, with an ax in the center, from fellow fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, elected in 1922 in Rome, Italy, the Nazis used the symbol for the construction of a hide, behind which the Romans planned the building of their huge amphitheaters, for the building of their `death camp` fences topped by barbed wire. The smoke from the chimneys was a simple instance of sniffy Christianity burning incense to Satan. It`s traditional in Judaism for Jews to be born from women, because women are Jews, that is, human futanarian `woman`s seed` are the `chosen people`. Although Judeo-Christianity is depicted as the opposite of Moslem, Islam, though Abraham`s son, Isaac, was the founder of Judaism from his wife, Sara, afterwards she became barren and gave her maid, Hajer, to Abraham, and Hajer bore Ishmael, who was the founder of Islam, through his descendant, Mohamed, who received the Koran (610-30 C.E.) from the angels of God, who`d been told that the human host would be greater than the angelic. Although the four wives permissible in Islam are deemed by many Christians to indicate a desire to legitimize Ishmael`s birth from a woman unmarried, Moslem marriages afford the possibility of sexual reproduction between women in accordance with Judeo-Christian futanarian tradition. Christianity`s hatred for humanity was further illustrated during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia into independent nation states, when fascist Serbian Christian militia built `rape camps` for upwards of 70, 000 Moslem women during the Bosnian war (1992-5) in order to male brain a generation of Moslems, so that the Christians could continue to watch themselves on `TV` displaying their burning passion for Satan. Christianity was the age of the incendiary. In the Middle Ages women weren`t crucified, they were burned at the stick amid popular understanding that they rode broomsticks, which were symbols of the human futanarian penis` semen of their own species of `woman`s seed` and its capacity to raise them from the Earth through their own brains` powers as independent women socio-economically separate from men`s enslaving of women`s host wombs as her parasitoid devourer in war against her.



 Where Jesus` crucifixion represented the invention of the `TV` aerial, and the decision not to transmit human pictures, but rather HIV/AIDS, witch burning represented the `smoking` of `woman`s seed`, which reached its apotheosis in the burning of Dresden`s 100, 000 population in four raids between February 13 and 15, 1945, when British and American planes bombed German manufacturing industry there, and when the US decided to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9 August, 1945, to instantly burn to ash the populations of those cities of fascist Japan during the war (1939-45) to defeat fascism in Asia after the Japanese `sneak attack` on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, and the US Pacific fleet. After the Russians withdrew from their role as peacemakers in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s where they`d been since the defeat of Nazism, Yugoslavia`s collapse aroused Moslem anger over the Serbian `rape camps`. When Al Qaeda`s terrorist group, led by Saudi Arabia`s Osama Ben Laden, operating under the auspices of the misogynist Taliban regime in Afghanistan, hijacked civil airliners to crash them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York city on September 11, 2001, it was an attempt by global misogyny to reestablish `rough trade`,2 that is, institutionalization of host womb slavery for `woman`s seed` for the spread the `brutality and violence` of homosexuality in pederasty and war and its contagions, for example, the `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS, which had first been diagnosed in the African Congo in 1959, where it was described as a human version of the simian immuno-defecieny virus (SIV). Although common belief is that AIDS comes from monkeys, it`s more likely that monkeys come from acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS) because it`s a human degenerative disease, that is, humans are degenerating to a simian level of functionality supported by Christian `morality` based on `snuffing` out `woman`s seed` as the `red dragon` of the Bible by burning her as a witch.



 When Saddam Hussein appeared on Iraqi `TV` to say that he supported Al Qaeda, the US invaded in March, 2003, and he was executed on December 30, 2006. In other words, `TV`, which had shown the events of 9/11 `live on CNN` and other networked news channels, had been employing philosopher, George Santayana, as its publicist: `Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.`3 However, those who repeat the mistakes of the past are doomed, which is what `TV` does. Christian `TV` burns `woman`s seed` as its witch, that is, the women of Moslem Islam are in the same futanarian tradition as Judeo-Christianity, which is burning them as it did the `chosen people`, because it wants to watch the event `live on TV`, rather than actively participate. Although Saddam Hussein was viewed as supporting Al Qaeda on 9/11, what he actually said was: `... the mentality of the US administration has been pre-loaded, prior to the incidents.` In other words, Hollywood, Babylon programed 9/11`s violence, as a computer is programed, by `TV` input: `On this basis, they built their preparation in advance. On this basis too, they prepared (the mind) of the computer, which was programmed on this assumption, which has taken the form of a conclusive verdict.`4 HIV/AIDS was the viral symptom on the Earth`s computer, programed by the Western democracies rejection of `woman`s seed`, to favor institutionalized host womb slavery in ephemerality for the human race by a parasitoid devourer waging war as a homosexual in pederasty for the burning of the species as a witch capable of producing brainpower to free it from Satanism. Because the women of Islam wear the one piece coverall of the black burka to hide themselves from the eyes of Westerners without women, they`re the witches that the alien parasitoid devourer wants to burn as their `red dragon`, Satan, in war against `woman`s seed`. Saddam Hussein observed to the US that Hollywood, Babylon, had launched a virus when director D. W. Griffith made the first movie there, Old California (1910), and that 9/11 `live on CNN` was the virus on the screen of the computer, because the US didn`t have any women, and repeated the lie daily for the rest of the world to emulate its propaganda, which is why Saddam Hussein said on September 3, 1996: `May the cowards be defeated.`5 The Moslem women of Islam hide themselves because the West threatens them daily with pictures of women who are penisless, and so there aren`t any humans in the West, or anywhere else, so far as the propaganda tells them, which means they have to educate fathers, husbands, daughters and sons outside of the mass media to defend their ephemeral enslaved species against Satanism`s lies, because the cowards of the West are scared of mentioning the penis, although they`re brave enough to mention the war, because it consists of battles against women that they`re Satan to win: `I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right.`6 The penis, that is.,php/Main/FootPopping/ .

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