The Pit And The Pendulum

15/09/2016 09:12

The Pit And The Pendulum


Einsteinan physics was the step forward in thinking about the nature and functions of the universe that preceded the more elaborate ideas of physicists, for example, Niels Bohr (d. 1962), whose work on particle physics resulted in theories associated with `alternative universes` existing parallel to that in which each individual was born, and Steven Hawking, who developed a Unified Field Theory of the cosmos in which everything could be seen as fitting together in an explicable way. The earliest physicist to develop a model of the cosmos was Johannes Kepler (d. 1630), who observed that the planets move about the sun like clockwork, that is, their motion was predictable, which suggestion was supported by observations of the stars in the night sky. Although Albert Einstein`s (d. 1955) theory of relativity elaborated on the work of Kepler, which mainly concerned the observable phenomenon of nature, whereas Einsteinian physics was based on postulates, which argued for the existence of `wormholes`, for example, allowing instantaneous travel between a part of the universe and another, through what were more scientifically termed `space-time anomalies`, based on what physics could reveal about the phenomenon of `black holes` that were stars that collapsed and developed a strong gravitational pull suggesting that objects were being redirected through them into an unknown region.



 Einstein`s physics was the basis for science fiction stories that featured interplanetary adventurers leaving Earth and returning to find they`d aged only a few years while their friends and relatives were much older, for example, in Time For The Stars (1956) by Robert A. Heinlein (d. 1988), Tom and Pat are twins and while Tom voyages amongst the planets and stars above the Earth, his twin grows old and dies before he returns having aged only a few months. Although the cosmos was stranger than Kepler had envisaged Hawking`s Unified Field Theory represented a refusal to let go of the `cosmos as clockwork` model, that is, physicists spent much time on establishing explanatory principles for what hadn`t previously been understandable as a basis for re-establishing the `cosmos as clockwork model`. Consequently, the model for human activity became the clock. The concept of actions being completed in time resulted in a perception of the cosmos as a machine in which the human individual labored to produce what had probably already been produced before, because that was the nature of the mechanism, that is, the mechanics of the cosmos were such that it produced what it was designed to manufacture irrespective of the will of individuals.



 In Australia the original aboriginal inhabitants before the settling of the land mass by settlers from Europe and elsewhere had what they called `Dream Time` whereby a party of hunters could return to a place in which an animal had been killed for food to kill the same animal and eat it again. It was the Australoids that migrated to the Indus valley in India, where the Vedas (1500 B.C.) provided the basis for the Hindu religion that contributed to much of the religious philosophy of India`s Guatama Buddha (560 B.C.), who was the founder of the Buddhist religion. The Australoids developed a theory of karma or reincarnation, which was elaborated by Hinduism and Buddhism, and can be seen as deriving from their experience of `Dream Time`, that is, clockwork. If the hunted animal had been in a place before it was killed, then it would always be in that place before it was killed. By logical extension the born would be reborn, because they`d been born. Jesus was the individual who, born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, offered a path out of reincarnation and damnation. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, that is, the Torah and Talmud, which is the history and law of the Jewish `chosen people`, God damned the first woman, Eve, and the first man, Adam, for accepting the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, from the angel, Satan, who`d been turned into a serpent for rejecting God`s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic. God told Eve her `seed` would escape ephemerality in slavery to parasitism: `You will crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) In Christian iconography, Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, is depicted crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, because `woman`s seed` is futanarian, that is, the Jews were `chosen`, because women born since Eve can sexually reproduce with each other the brains` powers needed to develop the technology to escape from the Earth to colonize the planets amongst the stars of heaven above.

 When Jesus was taken to the hill of Calvary and nailed to a cross of wood where he died, he had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of `woman`s seed`: `Love your neighbor as you love yourself. `(Mk: 12. 31) As the serpent represents host womb parasitism to slavery in ephemerality, and in parasitology the parasite is termed `parasitoid`, which emerges from the host to kill it, men are definable as women`s parasites because, as Jesus` disciple, John, observes in the Revelation of the New Testament of the Bible based on Jesus` teaching, and which forms the basis of the Christian religion, futanarian women can sexually reproduce an independent species of women without recourse to male semen: `The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war on the remnant of her seed.` (Rev: 12. 17) In short, men have been waging war on the human futanarian species of `woman`s seed` for eons. To escape damnation women must escape male braining, that is, women must sexually reproduce their own brains` powers as a species independent of men. Preventing women from sexually reproducing as a futanarian race potentially socio-economically independent of men is Satanism, which is practiced by the alien parasitoid viral life form as a means of ensuring slavery in ephemeral ignorance on the part of the human species so that it can be made to wage war on itself for the entertainment of unredeemed evil nature.

 Scientists postulate that space borne viruses are responsible for the origins of life on planetary bodies,1 which suggests that somehow untold millennia ago a viral life form inveigled itself into the host womb of the futanarian species of women and stole her semen to replicate itself as the parasite that would kill her as a parasitoid alien devourer of the human race. The biblical narrative of Eve and Adam with the serpent depicts the relationship between the futanarian humans and the parasitoid alien viral life form which Jesus` disciple, John, presents as having become the species` devourer, war. In short, the biological mechanism is similar to the clockwork model of the cosmos of the physicists, where the `incurable killer disease` of the late 20th century`s HIV/AIDS virus spread by men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses is symptomatic of the human malaise whereby it isn`t possible to escape from the implications of accepting the parasite and its parasitoid evil nature unchallenged by clockwork models of behavioralist psychology in which homosexuality is depicted as a minor aberration.

 In ancient Greece, which is held to be `the model of democracy` by some historians, host womb enslavement of women for homosexuality in pederasty for war was institutionalized, thereby preventing women from sexually reproducing together the foundations of a women`s matriarchy based on their capacity to sexually out produce men who, according to their own propaganda systems associated with their parasitical control of modern mass media, can`t sexually reproduce with each other. As a consequence, the human species` `biological clock` is a `time bomb` expected to explode, because the evil nature of the alien parasitoid viral life form is accepted as a natural part of the cosmos` clockwork, whereas it`s a symptom of a belief in male centered behavioralism as the only societal model. In other words, the time bomb mechanism will predictably explode because it`s the clockwork model of the cosmos that the believers in behavioralism espouse. Or, in simpler terms, because the clockwork model of the cosmos is explainable by men`s belief in behavioralism, the clockwork model of the cosmos is likely disprovable.



 In the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, the concept of karma is central to reincarnation, that is, the death and rebirth of the individual as a cycle from which it is difficult to escape; in the sense that the newborn has been born before, and perhaps even from the same host womb in the same space-time location: previously. Because all planetary bodies have gravitational fields, and the `collapsed star` of the `black hole` is an Einsteinian model for `wormholes`, that is, instantaneous cosmic travel drawn through black holes by irresistible attraction, it`s hypothetically comprehendable that planetary bodies, for example, the Earth, represent a `gravitational pull`, which prevents individuals from permanently escaping their host wombs, and that`s what is signified by the terms `karma` and `reincarnation`. The notion that the Earth is a planetary body as a part of the cosmic clock necessarily involves the perception that the heavens in their course are a mechanism describing a 24 hour clock from the viewpoint of the people of the Earth, that is, they`re born in a time-line delimited by a period of 24 hours, which means they live for but a single day, before the hole of time, that is, the womb, reclaims them to re-emerge at the same time, and to live but a single day again, because that`s how the `gravitational pull` of the clock of the Earth functions.

 The `wheel of karma` is a term often used to describe how the individual is born fated by the stars to behave in a way consistent with the time and place of emergence form the womb. Although environmental factors are probably the determinants in the development of the individual psyche, mystics promote karma as a wheel to which humans are unbreakably connected because they`re in some way engaged in atoning for evil acts perpetrated by them in former lifetimes each occasion they`re reincarnated. Or, in simple terms, the futanarian human race of women can`t run and escape, because men have them as slaves. The concept of the driver behind the `karma wheel` of the car is an instance of the acceptance of the clockwork model of the cosmos wherein the cogs whir and the tyred wheels turn. In physics the `heat death of the cosmos` is predicted because of entropy, that is, all systems run down. Consequently, the clock mechanism runs down and stops if it isn`t rewound, which is why psycho-physicists posit the need for an energizing of a system `running down` because of entropy. In short, the human species` system is `running down` because of men`s rejection of the human futanarian system of `woman`s seed` in favor of parasitoid devouring of the race through alien war waged against her. In other words, without human brainpower sexually reproduced by women with each other from `woman`s seed`, there`re only wheels and cogs in the clockwork mechanism of the `biological time bomb` devised by the alien parasitoid devourer to detonate and exterminate the human species.



 In the late 20th century security forces began to carry Glocks, that is, murderously powerful guns made by Glock Ges.m.b.H. in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria, to rule over the mass of people, rather than clocks. Although the `concentration camp` was associated with the German National Socialist (Nazi) Party that came to power after the election of 1933 when its leader, Adolf Hitler, declared himself dictator, and began to incarcerate the Jews as `spies` and kill them in what afterwards were known as `death camps` in which upwards of 20, 000, 000 were poisoned before being stacked like logs of wood and incinerated, the Second World War (1939-45) to defeat German fascism, after the First World War (1914-18) to prevent German Imperialist ambitions, merely established the principle of fascism within social frameworks. The symbol of the Nazis was the fasces adopted from Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator in Italy after the 1922 election who`d used the fasces, a bundle of wood with an axe in the center, which was a symbol of the power of the Empire of ancient Rome, as his emblem. The Roman fasces was a symbol of planning; for example, during the expansion of Rome, planners would cut wood with an axe to build a hide which they`d plan an encampment. The Nazis, and the Italian and Japanese fasces were the emblem of the `death camp` during WWII. Consequently, the Glock, which began to enter service with the Austrian police in 1982, and subsequently became an instrument of global control, represented the new mass mind`s reluctant obedience to the clock, and the determination of national governments to force the cogs and the wheels of the clockwork machinery to continue working as slave labor.

 Just as `cock` is slang for penis, while `cock` is also a term for the readying of the hammer of the gun to respond to the `trigger release mechanism`, so that the powder in the cartridge of the bullet is fired to kill the human target, so the Glock is a symbol of the end of time for `woman`s seed`, because human futanarian women no longer have cocks of their own to sexually reproduce the brains` powers of the species to escape from its killer. Consequently, the automobile wheels of the glockwork goes round with its cocks, but the mechanism only produces what the male brain has produced before in its reincarnations, because there isn`t any `woman`s seed` to improve the space-time continuum, for example, if 66.6% of humanity is men and women, 33.3% is futanarian, but futanarian humans can sexually reproduce with each other and women, which means that men have disenfranchised the human vote: `Let he that has understanding have wisdom. The number of a man is the number of the beast and his number is six hundred three score and six.` (Rev: 13. 8) In short, `666` is men and women manufactured as a single male brain wearing each others` clothes in `TV` transvestism, which reincarnates the race for the entertainment of the alien parasitoid devourer in its war against women.



 HIV/AIDS` `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6), that is, the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) resulting in acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS), which infects the organs of the body until systemic collapse and brain death occurs, is an indication that homosexuals have succeeded in promoting less human sexual interest and more interest in pederasty: `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores, but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) Without cocks, that is, cogs of their own, the women don`t have anything to make the wheels go around for them, because they haven`t enough semen of their own futanarian species to develop brainpower for progress. Consequently, `TV` shows like the science fiction series, Star Trek (1966-68), present a future of guards with high energy beam weapons, that is, `phasers`, who appear protectively towards the female members of the crew of the starship, Enterprise. The adventures of the actors and actresses of Federation Starfleet in fact only represent those allowed by the puppeteer pulling the strings at a greater distance in the future than Glock Ges.m.b.H., Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. The figure of Jesus with his hands and feet nailed to the wooden cross of the puppeteer, while the strings are prepared for his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven by means of the transporting beams of wood with strings attached to the holes in the hands and feet of the puppet actor, in fact supports the puppeteer`s soi distant freedom, rather than affords a vision of liberation through male brained technological progress, which of course remains a fiction, because it`s designed to promote stagnation in the slavery of humanity as ephemerals maintained in ignorance without any genuine possibility of escape.



 Although Isaac Newton`s (d. 1726/7) contribution to physics was largely based on his perception that an apple falls from a tree because of an invisible force called gravity, that is, the gravitational pull of the Earth downwards into its center, Newtonian physics isn`t firmly established as connected with `the fall of man`, which is traditionally associated with an apple as the `fruit` that the serpent, Satan, tempted Eve with, and which it was `death to taste`, because it represented host womb slavery to a parasitoid devourer. However, the perception that the child is doomed to return to the host womb, because of the Earth`s pull, if it doesn`t escape to colonize the planets amongst the stars of heaven above, does provide the absent correspondence between pre-lapsarian humanity and Newtonian gravity. Because the children of the human futanarian race of `woman`s seed` will always be pulled by the Earth`s gravity back into the host womb to be reincarnated, unless male brained damning of women`s capacity for developed progress is liberated from misogyny`s sexual repression, the future of the species is that of the Hammer House Of Horror studio`s movie, The Pit And The Pendulum (1961), based on the 1842 Edgar Allen Poe tale in which the pendulum of a clockwork mechanism is the blade of an axe Satanically descending to kill the victim strapped to a sacrificial altar.



 Although the pit of the tale is a real aspect of the narrative, and into it is expected to fall the unnamed protagonist victim of the Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834), which was in fact inaugurated by queen Isabella I of Castille, and king Ferdinand II of Aragorn, as an instrument to torture to death those who were deemed only to profess belief, rather than own it, the pit is a metaphor for hell. According to the Bible, God has ordained eternal unendurable pain for the evil as a punishment, which takes place in the pit of a place called hell. Because male brained damnation is ephemeral slavery in host womb parasitism for `woman`s seed`, the perpetrators are hell bound, that is, the axe blade of the descending clockwork pendulum is a metaphor for species` castration, which is the reason for the evil`s being sentenced to perdition by God. If `woman`s seed` is prevented from sexually reproducing her own brains` powers, she`s effectively beheaded and castrated, which is what sex slavery of the human futanarian host womb by the alien parasitoid devourer means for a race kept deliberately memoryless in ephemeral ignorance and disabled.

 When Eve, the first woman created by God, and Adam, the first man, were expelled from the paradise of heaven on Earth by God, it was because the serpent, Satan, had persuaded them to accept death, rather than the `fruit of the tree of immortality`: `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Death in ephemerality meant an inability to retain knowledge, which encouraged others to steal, and so slavery of the host womb of the species in parasitism was established.  After expulsion from Eden, Adam was told he must labor, while Eve would experience labor pain before her `seed` would be redeemed. Jesus` futanarian birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, was the sign of her `seed` redeemed. The conferring of escape from slavery through labor saving devices produced through technological progress is what humans were for, and medical science`s conferring of immortality is an attendant redemptive process dependent upon the sexual reproduction of brainpower from `woman`s seed`, which is why God tells Eve her `seed` will be redeemed. As the angels are depicted winged, so saurian evolution during the Mesozoic period (248 m.a.) of the Earth`s prehistory saw reptiles with wings, which suggests that the serpent, Satan, represents fallen reptiloid intelligence, although the angels of God are represented as remaining in heaven.

 The reptiloid angels and the fallen angel, Satan, along with the reptiloid angels that are traditionally represented as having rebelled against God`s plan that the human host should be greater than the angelic, depict a parasitical life form`s preparing to inveigle itself into the futanarian host womb of the human species, which began to emerge in the Jurassic period (220 m.a.) of the Earth`s prehistory. Adam`s self-fertilization, which results in the birth of Eve, is depicted euphemistically in the Bible as Eve`s creation by God from Adam`s `rib`. In Judaic tradition Adam is the hermaphroditic Anthropos,2 that is, Eve is the child of a futanarian woman with a penis and semen of her own. In short, self-fertilization is a human species` survival trait, which affords the possibility of individuals reproducing alone the brains` powers that humanity needs to develop. However, Adam and Eve`s encounter with the fallen reptiloid, Satan, suggests that the human race of the future is a hybrid male and female, that is, the reptiloid aspect is the alien parasitoid male devourer and the futanarian host womb of the human species is its slave in parasitism. Or, in other words, the male devours the female as an evil aspect of the unredeemed parasitoid nature of fallen saurian intelligence.



 Scientists` hypothesizing of a space borne viral life form arriving on Earth suggests a clue as to how angelic saurian intelligence fell, while providing a reason for the former angels` seeking to mix their `seed` with that of the futanarian hominids. If the alien viral life form was a degenerating parasitoid, saurian evolution was the first to feel it, and attempting to survive the degenerative effects of the debilitating alien disease by breeding with the hominids, the saurians transmitted the parasitoid virus through the future human womb. The resultant hybrid was parasitoid and alien to itself, which resulted in war against its own species as an aspect of the evil nature it`d perforce become, and it`s that which the Bible recommends humans to convert from as `sinful`. If the human race doesn`t convert, it`ll be prey to the male brained clockwork of a cosmos that`s parasitoid in nature and seeks to devour the human futanarian species of `woman`s seed` as an ontological aspect of its viral teleology.


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