The church, masturbation, and blindness

02/05/2013 16:05

The church, masturbation, and blindness


Most people go to the church because they want to see. The basic principle is that churchmen will enable the churchgoer to see, which means that they`ll show the believer the path to heaven. In Christianity there`re demons, and the word `demonstrate` derives from the word `demon`, which has a different meaning from `show`.



 The concept of guidance is represented in Christianity by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which Jesus said would come to the Earth as the teacher and guide of humanity after his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. According to theologists, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the invisible aspect of the Christian Trinity that includes Jesus and God, which means that men can`t show people the path to heaven because it`s the role and function of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete.



 At the crucifixion Jesus side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus, and thereafter it was known as the Spear of Destiny, because Eve emerged from the side of the first man, that is, Adam, in the garden of Eden, and so the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `Second Eve`, or rather the wiser Eve, emerging invisibly from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` to be the teacher and guide of humanity.

 Because Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, it`s possible to see what Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete teaches. Jesus was `the first of woman`s seed`, and the central concept in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is of the serpent who wants to see Adam and Eve naked and alone together. The serpent represents that which is demoniacal because it wants to `show` or demonstrate to the Edenic pair, which in the 21st century is what churchmen do, but that begs the question: what are they showing?



 As the `first of woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary, Jesus prefigures the woman who can give birth to herself, which is what `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own can physically do. Capable of reproducing, with a woman who doesn`t have a penis, or with a woman who does, because all women have wombs, `futanarian` women are capable of sexually reproducing themselves, by the simple expediency of bending their penis, which is longer and generally more flexible than men`s, into their own vaginas to fertilize their own ovum, and apart from anything else that makes them a better species` survival alternative.



 If the future of the human species is `futanarian` woman who can reproduce without men, that is, uncontaminated by male semen, that`s God`s plan, which is what the demoniacal churchmen don`t want the congregation to see, and so most preachings are based on the notion of the miserable sinner who can`t see because they`re evil rather than ignorant.



 In Revelation the `hidden` woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to Jesus as the `New Redeemer` in his `Second Coming`. She`s pregnant but there`s no sign of a fatherer, which is similar to the birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary without contamination by male semen, and suggests that the woman who is `hidden` is `futanarian` and has fertilized herself, and that`s the secret the Holy Spirit/Paraclete has been invisibly guiding humanity towards understanding.



 Rather than show people the path to God, churchmen want to show them that they`re sinful, which means that it`s virtually impossible to get the churchmen off the path so that the individual can progress, because the churchmen are demoniacally obsessed with `showing`, and the larger and more spectacular the church demonstration, that is, with singing and oratory etc., the greater the churchmen, who have now placed themselves in the role of demons, perceive themselves to be; in relation to the people who want to see.



 In the 21st century women such as Janet Jackson on the April 2008 cover of Black Book magazine, Britney Spears on tour with Circus (2009), Shakira in She Wolf (2009) and Miley Cyrus in Can`t Be Tamed (2010) have all produced sexually provocative imagery of a woman in a cage, which seems to be a picture of imprisonment, but the size of a cage is relative. What the women are saying is that Eden was a cage and they felt safer there than with the demon, who wants to put them in a smaller cage and poke them with a stick to see what they will do next, which is effectively what church leaders do, and what Longinus` spear represents for irredeemable men who only want the humans to perform in their `circus`. The image of the woman in the cage, whether she be of the `rib of Adam` or not, is of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete by the side of Jesus, who can live alone uncontaminated by male semen as a species independent of men, who have become her parasitical demons rather than her breeding partners.



 To take the analogy further, if men have effected a symbiosis with women as a species, the serpent of Eden was one of them, and God`s observation to Eve that she should have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed`, in its wars against `woman`s seed`, suggests that the `red dragon` of Revelation that waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` is the serpent of man that has grown in size until it feels ready to destroy the Earth and the art, culture and civilization that has effectively emerged from her `host` womb despite its parasitism because of the will of God, the Creator, that she should receive a `new heaven and Earth` while the evil receive perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain, as a punishment for turning the womb of God into its `snuff movie` producer.



 The term `circus` is often used to denote `spying`, which is what people who want to see are forced to do if they`re not able to. In the Bible Onan is killed by God for refusing to impregnate Tamar. He `casts his seed upon the ground` rather than give her a child because he wants to admire her beauty and doesn`t want it to spoil. In the 21st century people no longer believe that masturbation makes you blind, as they used to, but the idea of blinding the masturbator remains, because he wants to spy on what he can`t have, and so provocatively sexual imagery of caged women, for example, encourage feelings of sexual possession and the masturbator`s power fantasy, which gives the torturer the opportunity to accuse the desireful of being `spies` and demanding punishment for the despised lovers of what ultimately is God`s artwork.



 Throughout the 20th century the concept of the consumer as `spy` in the shop and the supermarket was encouraged by the belief that they should be carefully watched to ensure that they didn`t steal anything, which is what they were perceived as `spying` to do, and so the eyes of the security guards and the police defined the buyer as the `spy` rather than allow itself to be perceived as the devourer lying in wait for those who`d worked to purchase their daily needs from the retailer. By the 21st century an elaborate spy system had been globally implemented to accuse the consumer of `spying` and 9/11 precipitated the declaration of United States` President George W. Bush`s implementation of world surveillance in support of the `War On Terror` (2003-) by organisations like the National Security Administration (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).



In Revelation it`s described how noone can `buy or sell` without the `mark of the beast`, that is, 666, which is the reverse of the telephone number of the police in most of the world, that is, 999, but it`s 911 in America where 9/11 fostered the growing realization that the consumer won`t be able to live if the 24/7 security guards in the shops won`t allow them to. The security forces of the various nations upon the Earth have become the devourers of the lives of the people whose eyes are viewed as greedily envious of what belongs to others and so they`re targetted by the despisers who accuse them with their eyes of `spying` as a routine means of psychologically tormenting people with not being able to find what they`re looking for as blind seekers after a heaven that`s denied to them by the `concentration camp` guards who would rather exterminate the woman than let her buy anything she might find useful to assist in her plan to escape.



 Onan was killed by God because he perceived that reproduction wasn`t necessary if the woman was eternally beautiful, which would mean that Onan was a threat to the development of art, culture and civilization insofar as it emerged from the wombs of women. In the 21st century the plethora of sexual imagery is a masturbator`s paradise, but the socio-economy is based on work, which means the parasite doesn`t want the woman with a penis to see herself as a species, because she`d then work for herself. The enslaving and devouring parasite blinds the penis, which encourages further masturbation, because the `sinner` wants to see the sexual imagery of the woman, and then the churchmen `show` the guilty individual the path to God while secretly being the demons on the path to heaven because they`re the parasites that have blinded the humans to the simple truth that eating and orgasming is what human bodies are made to do.



 In ancient Greece society was based on the enslavement of women`s `host` wombs to further the spread of pederasty`s contagion of war further. The prototypical scenario is of the Greeks before Troy with the huge wooden horse that the Trojans took into their city as a friendship gift and the Greeks emerged to enslave the `host` wombs of the Trojan women to further spread pederasty`s contagion of war.



 By the 21st century the paradigm of pederasty and war as a virus` contagion was endemic. Mixing blood, shit and semen in the witchery of homosexuality`s sex between men`s penis and their anus, pederasty produced the child of its contaminated male semen, that is, HIV/AIDS` `killer disease`, which  feigns friendship for the body it kills. In simple terms, HIV/AIDS is a parody of the birth of Jesus, whose birth from the `futanarian` Virgin Mary represents the future of `woman`s seed`, with her own penis as an independent species uncontaminated by male semen, and its rejection of contamination by the male penis.



 Like the HIV/AIDS` `killer disease`, which is called `blood plague` in Revelation, and is perceived as sent by God as an instrument of conversion, the 9/11 terrorists feigned friendship for the body of the USA as tourists. Hijacking passenger planes and crashing them into New York`s World Trade Centre, they reestablished the `rough trade` of war and pederasty, which from a woman`s point of view is her species` contamination by male semen. 9/11 was the beginning of men`s expressing their virality, which is what the parasites do.



 In Arabia the women are `hidden` beneath their abiyahs, that is, the one piece coverall that conceals everything but their eyes, because they don`t want men to see them, which is why their traditional costume looks unusual to Western women who aren`t educated by their mothers in the `hidden` woman with a penis of her own as the `futanarian` species of humanity`s future independence from the `contamination`.



 If we interpet Jesus` birth as the first of woman`s seed, the birth of HIV/AIDS as the incurable killer disease of the 20th century is that `biological weapon` of `mass destruction`, which the Americans feared would be used against them and Israel in the Middle East, whereas it was produced by `black mass` worship, that is, in the practice of homosexuality in pederasty as a method of exterminating the human species before it could emerge from the wombs of women by keeping them faithful through fear to enslaving and devouring monogamous unions with their `churchmen`.



 At Boston Mass., the Arabian 9/11 terrorists hijacked the planes, and Logan was the airport because the movie Logan`s Run depicts a society in which people are killed before they`re older and wiser to object, which is what `futanarian` woman with her own penis would do if she knew of her own existence but men keep her in ignorance by fostering war and its contagions.



 The idiomatic phrase `ignorance is bliss` is equivalent to saying `bliss is blindness`, because those who don`t know are blind, and so the Earth is blinded by its parasites because they wants us to believe what we can see. Most people focus on the woman as the desirable object, even women, because whether they`re conscious or unconscious of it, women have their own penis as an independently reproductive species, and so find each other desireful. However, the narrowing of the gaze of the internet`s surfing masturbator to those tiny pictures of the nude women that can be seen there is a symptom of the socio-economy`s desire that the human should become blind to anything but the prettiness of the woman. The result is scenarios such as 9/11 `live on CNN` to improve the network`s ratings amongst TV stations competing for an audience.



 In Hollywood, Babylon, the pretty woman is often surrounded by devastation while her man contributes to the general destruction and the audience feels she is protected, for example, in films such as Gone With The Wind (1939) where the Southern United States goes to hell in the American Civil War to end its fight for black slavery (1661-5) and Scarlett O` Hara looks fine, or Barbarella (1968) where the collapse of civilization is a secondary consideration to Jane Fonda`s looking really sexy, or even Mars Attacks (1996), where the Earth is hilariously destroyed by evil aliens, one of whom brandishes a copy of Playboy and orders a dog`s head to be transplanted onto Sarah Jessica Parker`s nubile body to illustrate the point.



 Most people are now used to the sexy woman news presenter, and 9/11 `live on CNN` illustrates how, surrounded by disasters, the woman presenter remains unharmed, in the tradition of Hollywood, Babylon, where a pretty girl, such as Dakota Fanning in War Of The Worlds (2005) is delusorily protected by heroic action figures like Tom Cruise and the world is destroyed about her. 9/11 was the testing of the hypothesis that, as long as a pretty newsreader was visible, noone cared how much of the world was destroyed. so long as it wasn`t in the United States. As long as the desireful masturbator can see the woman`s tits and ass, he doesn`t mind if the world ends. As Britney Spears observes in Till The World Ends (2011) lulling the desireful masturbator and narrowing his focus till its gaze rests solely upon the attractiveness of the token female in the video is how the parasite works to promote its devourer`s vision:


`See the sunlight, we ain't stoppin',
Keep on dancing till the world ends.
If you feel it, let it happen,
Keep on dancing till the world ends.`



 Although there`s no actual blame attached to the act of masturbation, because it denotes the desire for woman, the agog masturbator is goggling, or `Googling`, as the internet porn surfer might be described with his desirefulness almost involuntarily directed by the unrestricted maw of his Google search engine, while the supposedly heroic males destroy the planet and the single girl is heavily defended. The masturbator is therefore guilty of desiring God but not acting to see more, or ensuring heaven can be seen outside of the tiny world of his personal computer screen.



 The so-called `adult` magazines that feature nude women represent the masturbator`s desire that she shouldn`t reproduce, because the penis of woman as an independently reproductive species isn`t present to the masturbating power fantasist who perceives the female as being at the mercy of his desirefulness that she shouldn`t escape, which is the scenario of the pretty young girl protected by the action hero figures of the movies while men implode and destroy the Earth as they collapse beneath the weight of their desire to protect women from sexually reproducing with herself as the Earth`s species opposed to the depredations of the alien parasites preying upon her, and the Earth of woman, as they emerge from their `host` wombs to devour it and her.



 Onan was on the verge of understanding that his penis was in the wrong place, because the woman Tamar should have been reproducing herself with her own penis, which means God killed Onan because he didn`t was on the brink of realizing that the species didn`t want to work for itself, so why should he? Onan was about to perceive himself as fertilizer and woman`s potential role as his slave, because she was the producer.



 If woman as a species with her own `futanarian` penis didn`t reproduce herself, either she lived as the slave of her parasite, or she didn`t want to live through reproduction, which begs the question: if women aren`t immortal, is God`s promise of bodily immortality without reproduction what women desire? Jesus Christ says people will be `as the angels` after bodily Resurrection and won`t be given to marriage, which is in accordance with the notion that reproduction isn`t on the agenda, but that doesn`t rule out physical pleasure and there are only two; eating and orgasm: which is what humans are made to do.



 In popular myth masturbator`s are punished by blindness, but pornography represents the perspective that the woman can`t see herself in order to reproduce with herself because she doesn`t have a penis of her own, and so the masturbator is contributing to men`s deriding of her as the human species` demons. All forms of pornography represent the role of the serious researcher, who is begun on a diet of attractive young women on TV and in movies, and graduates to the topless model in bikini briefs in the newspaper before finding the courage to buy the top shelf adult magazine in which the woman can be seen without her underwear, and the mystery deepens.



 Traditional pornography stops at heterosexual depictions of intercourse, which may include oral fellatio and cunnilingus. Although anal sex is the main focus of homosexual pornography, heterosexual sex also features it. Lesbian sex is more interesting for the penis, because it features only women and the aspect of envy is removed from the masturbator`s ambition, which is to have them all. Perceived as abnormally excluding, the masturbator actually has the correct perspective. The `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own, as the potentially independent human species, represents the woman who is alone with all of the other women. The aim of the homosexual parasite is to devour all of the women, which is what movies such as Cannibal Holocaust (1980), Hollywood, Babylon, 9/11 `live on CNN`, and pederasty and war`s `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS` paradigm of virality demonstrates.



 Because men aren`t women but their parasite, they`re not cannibals but devourers of the human species as the alien that preys upon her from its inception as a parasite within her `host` womb where it has denied woman the capacity to reproduce herself for the purpose of eating her. Maintaining its socio-economic perspective of keeping the Earth on a sufficiently low level of technological development that will prevent the humans species of woman from escaping to other planets amongst the stars so that it can eat her here rather than taking her out for a meal, the parasite`s modus operandi corresponds to that of the extraterrestrial invader so commonly ridiculed in movies such as Alien (1979) or Virus (1999), because the Earth has already been taken over by E.T The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) who appears cute and vulnerable to young, impressionable girls, who don`t know men at all:


`The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage. But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage. Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.` (Luke: 20. 34)



 Young women can never know men because woman, as the independent human species with her own `futanarian` penis, has been killed until she`s blind and ignorant of her captors. Her `churchmen` preach the path of the demon parasite, which is that she must take the path to heaven in monogamous union with a man, while Jesus maps out the path of Redemption for `woman`s seed`, and men assume that it`s theirs. If a `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own impregnates a woman without a penis, she can`t be impregnated without a second woman with her own penis, which means marriage between women is more like the Christian concept of `Agape`, that is, an extended familial love, and it isn`t monogamy.



 Because `woman`s seed` is the human species, according to God, the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for the Earth is, in biblical terms, Satan`s, who was the angel of God that rebelled and was cast down to the Earth to eventually experience perdition there. Because `woman`s seed` is the `futanarian` woman with her own penis as an independent species, she is Satan to men who don`t want her to escape from the Earth and spread her `seed` amongst the planets and stars as God has promised to her that she shall.



 Men embraced the role traditionally reserved for Satan because they wanted to keep the `woman`s seed` upon the Earth and force it to take them to heaven, and so the Bible says there`ll be `war in heaven` with men who refuse to accept the divorce between those who want to see God and those who don`t want them to, which is why the divorced men are evil. The `woman`s seed` is being told she isn`t wanted, but she can`t leave, because her tormentors are evicting her slowly, on the understanding that heaven awaits, while they pretend to be anticipating instructions from God and the angels to go with her.



 Reincarnation is the perception that the `woman`s seed` will be reborn so that she can never be evicted, and Resurrection `as the angels` is the Christian notion that `woman`s seed` aren`t the tormentors of Jesus` `seed`. Because they`re `futanarian` women who are capable of reproducing with their own penis as a species independent of men, like Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary. The removal of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of Jesus by the spear of Longinus cutting it open was an eviction process. Because men don`t want `woman`s seed` to be guided by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete without themselves as parasitical demons in attendance upon her future victimization.



 However, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the guide of `woman`s seed` as the `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` and, according to Revelation, the `red dragon`, grown from the serpent in Eden, can`t devour the `New Redeemer`, Jesus, in his `Second Coming`, which means that the Resurrection of man and woman as `woman`s seed` is certain, because they accept their divorce from men who were their parasites and devourers.



 The internet affords the possibility of being able to do enough research into the human species to produce `e-fiction` rather than works of eviction in which women are forced to either stay with a man or leave them for another man, before they die and are reincarnated in a womb from which they are to be born into eviction again rather than move into their heavenly abode after the Resurrection as `woman`s seed`.



 The fiction of Eve may have been partially constructed by her because she accepted the urgings of the serpent in Eden to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` with the exhortation, `you shall be as gods`, but 2000 years after Jesus Christ, Eve-fiction couldn`t be suppressed, even after the Arabian terrorists took a bite out of the `Big Apple` of New York on 9/11.



 Men`s fiction is that they`re the species of the planet Earth, whereas they`re its parasites and devourers. Eve`s fiction is stronger. Her story is that men are for Redemption and Resurrection, as `woman`s seed`, irrespective of her own species` independence as `futanarian` woman with her own penis, and God has already told her the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` isn`t strong enough to devour the `New Redeemer` who shall `rule the natiosns with an iron scepter` so she`ll have a `new heaven and Earth`, and that`s how the Eve fiction ends.