Star Trek: The Good Kirk and The Noggered Kirk

30/04/2013 15:56

Star Trek: The Good Kirk and The Noggered Kirk


In episode five, of the US TV series Star Trek (1965-), The Enemy Within (1966) a `transporter malfunction` causes the splitting of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise and the creation of a good Kirk and a not good Kirk. The not good Kirk runs amok aboard the Starship, and attempts to rape Yeoman Janice Rand, a female crew member:


 `He kissed me. He said he was the Captain. He didn`t have to order me. I didn`t know what to do.`



 The good Kirk is the ego perceiving his demon, that is, my not good me, as an extrapolation of Christian monogamy. In the depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the anima or soul is female, which means that the ego is married to the feminine principle. Although a woman`s spirit is perceived as a `throng of male admirers` and is called the animus, it rather corresponds to a negative imago within the psyche of the human species, which is represented by the figure of the not good Kirk in The Enemy Within. In Jungian psychology the anima is the psychopomp or guide to the development of the ego-consciousness of the unconscious or half awake individual. Perceiving the woman as the path of physical and spiritual desire, because she corresponds to the soul`s ambitions towards God and heaven, in a series of interactions Jung calls anima-projection, the soul is led onwards.



 If the woman doesn`t correspond to the image that the individual has of her through the projected anima`s desire, he readjusts his anima to coincide with the reality picture, and in this way the individual develops by means of the `projection making factor`. Though Jung describes the anima as contaminated by the shadow, which are the personality traits of the individual that, rather than see as the enemy within, the individual projects them upon others, because they correspond to the woman`s animus or the male imago, which is resistant to integration into consciousness.



 In Christianity Jesus is born without the contamination of male semen from the Virgin Mary because he doesn`t want the animus or male imago, and at the end of Jesus` story he isn`t surrounded by a throng of male admirers. His disciples have planned to kill him and he`s alone upon the cross dying because the animus or male imago isn`t concerned with admiration but torture and murder of the humans species. Jesus is described as the first of `woman`s seed` in the Bible after God`s warning Eve in Genesis of the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for hers, which suggests that she has seed of her own.



 In fact women do have their own penis, so the Virgin Mary is a prefiguration of the `futanarian` woman as an independent reproductive valence of woman as a species. According to Jung the collective shadow was responsible for the Nazis pogroms against the Jews in WWII. Only a Jewish woman can bear a Jewish child, which effectively means that the women of Judaism are the true Jews, and so the Nazi `extermination camps` for the `chosen people` were designed to extinguish woman as a species, because Judaism represents God`s plan for humans.



 In psychological terms, the animus of woman and the male imago of the devourer are the contamination that Jung calls the shadow, which it is necessary to integrate or absorb into consciousness before there can be collective development through the raising of the level of individual capability. Because Jesus represents the `first of woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, his teachings of Redemption and the need to accept the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` represents a symbolic structure of shadow-animus integrations. At the `Last Supper` before his betrayal by the disciple Judas, Jesus shows the disciples bread and wine as symbols of his body and blood, which Catholicism gives to its believers in the Holy Communion service of transubstantiation as the wafer of bread and the wine from the chalice as transformational tokens. Together with the teachings of Jesus the symbols of the body and blood are Jesus` requirement that the individual should integrate the shadow-animus complex so that `woman`s seed` can be born. If women have a penis of their own, the human species is threefold. Women can reproduce without men, which means that men have the role of unredeemed petitioner unless they can demonstrate to God that they aren`t sick:


 `Men cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 In Revelation God sends a `blood plague`, which corresponds to the 21st century HIV/AIDS virus as the spirit of their biological contamination spread by homosexuals engaging in the witchery of the `biological warfare` of mixing blood, shit and semen to produce a `killer disease`. As an instrument of God the `blood plague` coerces men into converting from evil because they`ve embraced the ancient Greek model of pederasty`s enslaving of women as the `host` womb for spreading its contagion of war, whereas God`s promise to Eve in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, is she `shall crush the head of the serpent` as she leaves for the `new heaven and Earth` in the last book of the Bible, Revelation.



 Because the Virgin Mary produces a child uncontaminated by male semen that`s woman`s future. The Virgin Mary is not only the woman that can produce a male child without male semen, but woman as a species independent of men. In Eden the serpent wanted to see Adam and Eve, and he corresponds to the male spy. If women are a species with their own penis, the way of ridding herself of the male spies is not to give birth to them where they can see her. Moreover, if men are women`s parasites, at best they are a symbiosis preparing to devour her in their wars against the art, culture and civilization that she manages to produce from her womb despite her involuntary, or voluntary, enslavement to pederasty:


`… mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 God may be understood as a publisher, `In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.`  And God wants to publish his work. The socio-history of the human species may be understood as a paradigm struggling to emerge, where God`s plan is slowly revealed to humanity over the course of the several millennia that have occurred since Eden and the serpent`s tempting of Adam and Eve into working for it. Although Eve gives Adam the apple of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which the serpent tells her will make them `as gods`, Adam`s acceptance is her decision to give the serpent her womb. God`s solution is to take the womb away from the `serpent`s seed` by making `woman`s seed`, which is the `futanarian` woman who represents independence from men for woman as the new human species` future program for development. Man can be a part of that future but not unless redeemed.



 In Revelation Jesus` Second Coming depends on his being born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who gives birth to the `New Redeemer` and he `shall rule the nations with an iron scepter` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him. The woman is taken to a place of safety upon `eagle`s wings` where she remains `hidden` during the war in heaven between the evil `serpent`s seed` and the `woman`s seed`, which inevitably results in perdition as God`s punishment for the evil and eternal heaven for the good. The wings of the eagle are given to her by God and may be understood as any protector who is symbolized by the eagle, for example, the United States, or any of the other nations upon the Earth where the eagle is their symbol:


`The eagle has landed.`1



 Although the Apollo 11 moon landing represented the first step of humankind to the stars, by 1986 United States` President Ronald Reagan`s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) had made it plain that the ground and space missile defense system, which was still being implemented well into the 21st century, was designed to keep women a prisoner upon the Earth while men as her breeding captors decided what she`d produce next for them to devour. The eagle wasn`t any longer protecting her, and the need for Jesus Christ, the `New Redeemer`, was evident, because the devouring `red dragon` of men`s wars against `woman`s seed` couldn`t harm Christ, according to biblical scripture. Consequently, Jesus was humanity`s only hope for the future and his advent was long awaited.



 Although many expected the `New Redeemer` to be a person, Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `third person` of the Christian Trinity after God and Christ, suggests that the `New Redeemer` might be a spiritual power rather than a physical presence. This accords with Jung`s approach to depth psychology, where the spiritualized anima or soul finds correspondence, in Christian tradition, to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the inner guide to the path of heaven.



 In the story of Jesus his side is cut open by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus after Jesus` crucifixion and death, and before Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to God. Because Jesus, as the `Second Adam`, is the first of `woman`s seed`, and Eve was created by God from the side of Adam, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete corresponds to the woman from the side of Jesus who would have emerged invisibly into the spiritual realm as the disseminator of Jesus` teachings in the form of the wiser `Second Eve` when Jesus` side was cut open by the Roman`s spear:


`Surely this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27.54)



 In Scotland the word for church is `kirk`, which means that Captain James T. Kirk is the `churchman` aboard the Starship Enterprise in the TV series Star Trek. The meaning of the Bible is that women have a penis of their own and they want to escape, but men want to keep them in ignorance and so they don`t teach them the truth. They want to begin from the beginning, `In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.` Humans are ephemeral because men want infants to teach, whereas God promises immortality and heaven to `woman`s seed`, because older and wiser is better for those who don`t want to be devoured by a parasite that doesn`t want them to live long enough to recognize and kill it. Captain Kirk`s encounter with himself in The Enemy Within is his experience with the parasite.



 Obviously the encounter is a schizophrenic one, but Christian, because Kirk is the churchman. If women have a penis of their own but are taught that they`re lesbians if they find themselves sexually desirable in the mirrors of their dreams, that`s inductive of schizophrenia. Moreover, if a woman with a penis sees herself in the mirror of her desires she can see what she wants, whereas the mirror for men shows them what they shouldn`t want, while homosexuality proclaims that they do want it, and so the physical form of the current human species and education system is inductive of schizophrenic tendencies, which have long been regarded by psychiatry as the basis of the psychotic and psychopathic behavior that Kirk demonstrates in The Enemy Within as the individual that wants Yeoman Janice Rand sexually but not in monogamy.



 Because women have a penis of their own as `futanarian`, a woman who needs fertilization for her ova can receive it from a woman, but the woman with her own penis can`t receive fertilization from a woman without and so a third woman with a penis is necessary to the relationship, which effectively means an end to monogamy if Christianity accepts God`s plan for `woman`s seed`. Although Kirk`s behavior is schizoid, he represents his church`s failure to embrace what Christians called `Agape`, that is, love from an extended family, which can only be had from an understanding of the future of `woman`s seed` as `futanarian`, and that requires educated preachers. Kirk represents the idea that there can be no good men, because they`re parasitical by nature. They can be forced to be good, which is the role of the Captain, but the paradigm is of the prison, whereas the escape of `woman`s seed` from her imprisonment upon the Earth is God`s plan.



 That the mind is a prison is examined in episode one of Star Trek, The Cage (1965-) where Pike, the first Captain of the Starship Enterprise, and the woman Veena, were kept by an alien species, the Talosians. Pike and Veena are caged but free, which was God`s plan in Eden. On  the holo deck of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-) the crew can experience total freedom in a safe environment, which corresponds to God`s plan for `woman`s seed`. If women aren`t educated in their role as the human species, their minds are effectively imprisoned in a cage, whereas the Talosians of The Cage and the technology of the holo deck in Star Trek: The Next Generation represent God`s freedom. Technology is the liberator of the human, which means it`s in the interests of the enslaving and devouring parasite to keep the human species on a low technological level of development without education, information, or indeed brains. So the next generations can be taught slavery to a parasite and its promise of an early death:


`I am Captain Kirk!`



 The constant asserting of the parasite`s identity as the real Kirk represents the Christian perspective that those who accept the Holy Spirit/Paraclete want to be good and so aren`t concerned with the taking of the lives of others, which is what Kirk`s parasite represents. In The Enemy Within Kirk is reunited with his evil self by putting both himself and the evil Kirk inside the transporter and `reversing` the series of events that caused the mishap. However, the solution is Scottish Presbyterian in the sense that the ego of Kirk has control over his evil nature but he isn`t good, which is what the church asserts is unchangeable and contraverts Jesus` position. The church only asserts that people can be made to be good, while Jesus` teachings and God`s are that good is desirable:


`… they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like the angels in heaven.` (Mark: 12. 25)



 Just as the parasite wanted to be in Eden with Adam and Eve so it wants to be in heaven, which is why Jesus explains that, in God`s new heaven and Earth after the Last Judgement of God upon humanity, there`ll be no marriage, but `woman`s seed` will be `like the angels` because Kirk`s perceptions of `me`, and `not good me`, that is, monogamy, will `cease to exist` because `woman`s seed` won`t be married to her parasite. Because women look like each other and have their own penis, the perception that the other is alien isn`t part of their perspective, whereas the `me`, `not good me`, that is, the perspective of monogamy, is that `woman`s seed` are the aliens to men because they don`t look like men. Or, in simpler terms, men are indeed aliens to women, whereas women aren`t a species alien to itself.



 Men`s systems would have women understand they should be alienated from themselves as lesbians. In feminism women are equal to men because they might be homosexuals, while pederasty and the enslavement of women`s `host` wombs to spread its contagions further doesn`t reflect woman`s penis` desire for her own species, which is developmental; as the art, culture and civilization she manages to produce from her womb indicates:


`You want to kill me, don`t you?`



 Kirk`s observation to his `demon` is a double blind, which is how men`s television pictures for humans are constructed. He doesn`t want his evil self to die, and he doesn`t want it to kill him, because he needs it, `Can half a man live?` The parasite wants to go on and will find a way to espouse itself as a good plague carrier, but it can`t reproduce without a `host`, `I want to live!` Just as it can`t convince without a good `host` body to accept it:


 `I don`t want to die!`



 In The Enemy Within Kirk convinces his parasite to live as a part of him, because he`s a good `host` to a parasite, `You will. Both of us [will live].` Although God`s word isn`t spread through pederasty and war`s contagions, the churchmen of the Kirk`s crew harbor their parasites` devouring intentions, because they are good at disguising their parasites` true nature rather than being good `woman`s seed`.



 The parasites` heroes are actors, because they have to convince the `host` wombs of women to accept it, whereas women have their own penis and so don`t need them. The mystique of the Hollywood actor is his penis which is never seen, because the act is designed to make men attractive to a species that doesn`t know it as her devouring parasite. Why won`t it show her what it has in its pants? In the 21st century many women don`t even know that other women have their own penis in theirs.



 Episode one of Star Trek, The Cage, ends with the Edenic couple, Pike and Veena, disappearing into freedom controlled by the Talosian gods, while The Enemy Within concludes with the reestablishing of the veneer of seeming for the parasites that remain hidden beneath the surface of their willing hosts, who continue to act as people of good character:


`Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It`s five year mission; to seek out new life and new civilizations: to boldly go where no man has gone before.`



 Because they don`t want the first of `woman`s seed`, that is, Jesus as the `New Redeemer` of the human species, to be there amongst the stars of heaven interfering with the ambitions of their enslaving and devouring parasitism:


 `We come in peace.`2



 The term for `not good` parasitism in publishing is `noggered` because it`s the maintaining of woman`s perspective on her parasite in monogamy, that is, `my not good me` is always with her even though it`s her demon. With a very few exceptions, for example, Joanna Russ` Female Man (1974) the media and publishing industries are devoid of images of `woman`s seed`, that is, woman as an independent species with her own penis as the `futanarian` future of humanity:


`I did not and do not want to be a 'feminine' version or a diluted version or a special version or a subsidiary version or an ancillary version, or an adapted version …`3



 The notion of a human species published without men is only God`s so far, while pastors continue to preach, `In the beginning was the word and the word was God.` (Gen: 1.1) In Revelation God`s promise of a new heaven and Earth for `woman`s seed` is fulfilled, but pastors don`t get beyond telling us to read the Bible and study the word of God from the beginning, because they don`t understand it themselves. If they did they`d begin with the obvious statement that the Bible is the story of how women with their own penis formed an escape plan so that they wouldn`t be devoured by the Earth`s parasites, which seeks to be published forever with `woman`s seed` as a `noggered` Kirk. In episode thirty-two, second series, Star Trek, The Changeling (1967), a deep space probe describes its mission:


 `My function is to probe for biological infestations. To destroy that which is not perfect. I am Nomad.`



 Nomad has the role of God in the episode where Kirk, as the representative parasite, refuses sterilization for the crew, who Nomad has identified as units of `biological infestations`, which produces a reaction from Kirk similar to that of homosexuals when they were blamed for spreading pederasty`s contagion of the HIV/AIDS virus as an effective reinforcer of woman`s faithfulness to her demonic enslaving and devouring parasite in the monogamous unions of the late 20th century:


`You are flawed and imperfect, and you have not corrected by sterilization. You have made three errors.`



 Just as with The Enemy Within Kirk`s solution is to defend parasitism on the understanding that he`s a good man, whereas Nomad is fulfilling the requirements of its creator that the biological infestation, which is the parasitical virality of men in symbiotic relations with women`s `host` wombs, until they`re ready to kill and destroy her art, culture and civilization, should be sterilized.



 In Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) the theme is repeated when Voyager 6, the 20th century deep space probe, now calling itself V`Ger, returns to Earth directed by an intelligence not originating there. A robot peripheral is sent by V`Ger and it looks exactly like Ilia, played strikingly bald by actress Persis Khambatta, a former Miss World beauty queen from India, and the Enterprise`s navigator:


`… [Captain William] Decker offers himself to V'Ger; he merges with the Ilia probe and V'Ger, creating a new form of life that disappears into another dimension.`4



 He`s `noggered` V`Ger who is Ilia, the beauty queen from India, that is, the movie is an extrapolation from The Changeling in which monogamy is forced upon the other worldly intelligence that represents God so that the virus` contagion of enslaving and devouring pederasty and war can continue. The film demonstrates the parasite`s resourcefulness in persuading the `other` to accept it as a symbiote, whereas the actual socio-history of the human species is characterized by men`s destructivity towards the Earth and the `woman`s seed` striving to live upon it. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a propaganda movie for the good `host` who is persuasive in having `woman`s seed` commit suicide because that`s what parasites do.



 In Revelation Jesus is reborn from the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet because she`s `Liberty` in New York harbor after the moon of the flag of Al Qaeda`s terrorist attack upon the United States. Arabian hijackers crashed passenger planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on Manhattan Island on 9/11, 2001, which precipitated the second Gulf war (2001-11). That suicidal attack was mirrored in the waters of `Liberty` in 1941 when the red suns of the flags of Japan were seen on the sides of the MItsubishi `zero` fighters as their pilots crashed their exploding planes into the decks of the US Pacific fleet at Hawaii.



 The spirit of pederasty is reflected in such things as computer viruses modeled on the HIV/AIDS `killer disease`,  which ensures the breakdown of human systems by alien intrusions feigning intelligence. According to Revelation the `New Redeemer` can`t be devoured by the `red dragon` and the `hidden` woman will be protected by him, because she represents the intelligence of God`s plan for the human species. Although Jesus is often depicted as a suicide, he wasn`t. But his path to the hill of his crucifixion at Calvary just outside the walls of the city of Jerusalem demonstrated how suicide is the way that the parasite would choose for us. Jesus` disciples were good actors, but betrayed Christ to the Jewish police, the Pharisees, as soon as it became possible, because that`s what good actors who are parasites do. They persuade the focus of their desire that they are good, and then they persuade him or her to commit suicide, which is what Jesus` story tells us:


`Jim Jones was the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, best known for the suicide in 1978, of 909 of its members.`5



 Although Jesus, the first of `woman`s seed`, didn`t advocate suicide, his story is used to promote it. Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple demonstrated the classic behavior of the demoniacally possessed parasite advocating suicide for `woman`s seed`, because that`s what parasites do. The terrorist attack on New York`s World Trade Centre when hijackers crashed passenger planes into the Twin Towers there reestablished the `rough trade` of pederasty and war`s contagions, which submerged for the future all signs of the penis of `woman`s seed` while the world was agog at heroes in trousers in the Gulf mirrored by trousered Hollywood superstars exerting their heroic influence on screen to force our attention away from life with women because the nose bag of the devourer needed to be filled:


`I don't think we handled the aftermath of the fall of Baghdad as well as we might have. But that's now history.`6


  Victorious United States` General, Colin Powell, after the nose bag of the devouring dad, Saddam Hussein, had been removed, represented the reaction of the human to the `beast`, which is identified in Greek and Roman mythology, respectively, as Chronos and Saturn, while in Christianity Saturn is Satan, the devouring `red dragon`. In mythology Chronos and Saturn are depicted devouring their children, including Zeus and Jupiter, who represented the upcoming new age in ancient times, while Satan is the `red dragon` in Revelation seeking in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` as the herald of the new age of `woman`s seed`. In historical terms, the nose bag of the devourer, war, could have been replaced with the sweet smell of success for the human species, where the `Big Apple` of New York, representing the garnered wisdom of Eve since Eden, would continue to grow, but without knowledge of `woman`s seed` being disseminated to women as the `futanarian` future of the human species, the `Big Apple` would again be for the warhorse:


`… before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death…` (Rev: 6. 7)


1 Armstrong, Neil July 20, 4.18 pm EDT.


2 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left a tiny, fragile silicon disc with microscopic goodwill messages, including `We come in peace for all mankind.`


3, Russ, Joanna The Female Man, Bantham, 1975, 214 pp, p.206.