Saved By The Blood Of Jesus

21/11/2016 07:39

Saved By The Blood Of Jesus

Christian Salvation hasn`t been criticized on the basis of its simplistic biblical maxims, for example, that `Jesus is the redeemer` and `the blood of Jesus` which was shed at his crucifixion, `saves`.  The `blood of Jesus` was shed by `the crown of thorns` placed mockingly upon his brow as `king of the jews`, and the nails that pierced his hands and feet, which held him to the wooden cross erected upon the hill of Calvary by the Roman representatives of the Empire then occupying Jewish Palestine, and where Jesus died, before his miraculous Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Just how Christians are to understand that Jesus died, so that they might be saved by his redemptive role, is difficult to separate from the simpler understanding that Jesus was a human sacrifice, which is the blood of the savior that Christians believe redeems them from sin, that is, the cause of death, so they have immortality through Jesus` sacrificial act of Redemption. However, Jesus` wasn`t a sacrificial act. He was killed by a Roman occupying force that saw him as a `dissident` rebel Jew.

 Jesus` unusual birth from his mother, the Virgin Mary, made of him a figure to follow and believe in. In Judaic tradition a Jew can only be born from a Jewess, that is, Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, birthed a Jew unaided, because that`s what human women do. In Judaism, the first man, Adam, was the anthropos, who was a hermaphrodite, that is, although the first woman, Eve, is depicted as created by God from Adam`s rib, hermaphrodites are human futanarian `woman`s seed`, and self-fertilization is a species` survival trait. Consequently, Eve and Adam were `woman`s seed` beset by Satan, the angel, who rejected the creator God`s plan that the human host should be greater than the angelic, and was turned into a serpent where God placed him in the paradise of heaven on Earth with Eve and Adam. Satan gave Eve the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, saying: `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) To be the womb slaves of the parasite, Satan, the human host would have to be kept artificially childlike, that is, Eve and Adam`s descendants would have to be ephemerals instructable in obedience to their enslaver, which is what human resistance to Satanism is concerned with.

 Although not explicit, the power Eve and Adam exchange immortality for, with its attendant knowledge of how to guard against being enslaved, is war: `And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war against the remnant of her seed.` (Rev: 12. 17) Jesus` disciple John`s apocalyptic Revelation of the future that ensues upon the Earth because men didn`t convert from their sin of obedience to their enslaver, is explicable in term of parasitology, where the parasite that emerges from the host to kill it is termed `parasitoid`, that is, the host womb enslaver of the species of `woman`s seed` is a parasitoid devourer. However, God told Eve: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) The human futanarian species of `woman`s seed` will breed stronger brains than Satan. It will escape to the planets and stars of heaven above the Earth through technology, so Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures that of `woman`s seed`, which is Redemption. Consequently, Jesus` blood saved the species of human futanarian `woman`s seed`, because Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, after he was killed, was the Satanical Romans` unplanned illustration of the unchained power of the human `foot` race to run and escape from Satanism to freedom. However, what Christianity has been taught, and teaches, is that human sacrifice is Redemption, because the sinner is saved by the blood of those who accept the teaching of Jesus: `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) What they haven`t understood is that sinners are parasitoid, which is what evil is. In short, saving the blood of `woman`s seed` isn`t shedding it, that is, Christians have been taught their children are saved if they fight and kill, or are fought and are killed, because their blood is shed in fighting their enemies, whereas humans are `woman`s seed`, so it`s her they`re fighting whenever there`s a war.



 The Christian perspective is that those who don`t believe in the blood of Jesus are unredeemable `sinners`, whereas `parasitoid` is the definition of an evil sinful nature, that is, whatever emerges from the human host womb to kill it. Consequently, the German National Socialist (Nazi) Christian government elected in 1933, with Adolf Hitler as its leader, built `death camps` in which upwards of 20, 000, 000 Jews were poisoned with gas before being stacked like logs and incinerated in furnaces, because that`s what parasitoids do. The Jewish `chosen people` of the Old Testament of the Bible, which is the history and law of the Jews, that is, the Torah and Talmud, were Jesus` `blood`, so the Christian Nazis expected to be redeemed. Jesus` redeeming New Testament is held by Christianity to supersede the Old Testament in which Judaism was founded by Isaac, son of Abraham and Sara, who was barren after Isaac`s birth, and so gave her maid Hajer, to Abraham. Hajer bore Ishmael, founder of Islam amongst the Moslem peoples through his descendant, Mohamed, who received the Koran (610-30 C.E.) from the angels of God, who`d been told that the human host was to be greater than the angelic. Although Christianity sees Islam as antithetical to Judaism, and the four wives permitted in Islam, amongst the Moslems, as a retroactive attempt to legitimize Ishmael`s birth, Islam is an extension of Judaism`s tradition of futanarian `woman`s seed`, that is, Islam`s four wives afford the possibility of sexually reproducing human women`s brainpower within the family. Christianity`s wars against Judaism and Islam suggest that it has embraced Satanism`s aim of extinguishing `woman`s seed`, while in the Bible it`s expressly stated that the parasitoid evil will experience eternal unendurable pain, that is, perdition, as God`s punishment for persisting in their sinful nature unredeemed and unrepentant.



 The prototypical anti-Christian symbol is the vampire, which legend purportedly began in Eastern Europe`s Wallachia with Prince Vlad Dracul (1431-76/7), who was known as `the impaler`, because of his impaling, on wooden stakes, victims after a battle. Although the legendary draco, Dracula, owes his name to Vlad Dracul in the novel Dracula (1895) by Bram Stoker, the premise of the vampire myth, subsequently perpetrated by novelists and movie makers, is that the vampire is killed by piercing his heart with a wooden stake, whereas impalation was rather the method employed by Vlad Dracul against his victims. Consequently, the legend of the real-life `vampire`, Dracul, contradicts the myth built in fiction, which is that it`s the vampire that`s impaled, whereas it was the vampire, Vlad Dracul of Wallachia, who was the impaler of victims. Because it`s the legend that the vampire becomes immortal by drinking the blood of his victims, Eastern European Christianity has confused Salvation, `through the blood of Jesus`, with slaughter, that is, Vlad Dracul is conceived as a Christian, because he lives by killing. During the Bosnian war (1992-5) the Serbian Christian militia built rape camps in which upwards of 70, 000 Moslem women`s children were male brained to damn `woman`s seed`. Consequently, the vampire`s stake is explicable as a transposed penis. If `woman`s seed` produces stronger brainpower, the draco damns or kills it to maintain its position. Consequently, in the hand of a woman, for example, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar in the television series about `the chosen`, that is, a US college girl who is the elect slayer of vampires, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), the stake is a symbol of the brainpower of `woman`s seed`. In Christian iconography, Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, symbol of human futanarian `woman`s seed`, is depicted crushing the head of the serpent, Satan, with her foot, because it`s the equivalent of the stake in the heart of the draco that`s drinking the life`s blood of her race in slavery for war against her species.

 At what is known in Christianity as `the Last Supper` before his death, as the human host, Jesus gave his disciples `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`, because he wanted to convert them from their evil sinful parasitoid nature towards `woman`s seed`. However, the disciple Judas, who was known for stealing from the collection plate after a sermon by Jesus, saw a woman anointing Jesus` feet with expensive perfume, `spikenard`, and suggested it be sold to raise money, but Jesus demurred: `Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6) Because he didn`t want Jesus` `woman`s seed` to sexually reproduce, he sold Jesus to the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, for `thirty pieces of silver`, and the Pharisees gave Jesus over to the Romans for execution. In short, the `serpent`s seed` live by killing `woman`s seed`, and have taught the `remnant` of humanity to fight and kill each other in order to have Salvation and Redemption through bloodshed, which of course is impossible and Satanical. The Romans attempted to present Jesus` crucifixion as the death of a vampire, because Jesus offered `bread and wine` to his disciples as his `body and blood`. Consequently, Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension was conceived by the Empire of Rome as that of an arisen undead vampire who proselytized on the virtues of blood drinking in order to preserve the body immortally.



 The crucifix itself was conceived by the Romans as a puppeteer`s control, that is, Jesus` hands and feet were pierced so that strings could be put through the holes and attached to the wooden cross as a control to be used by a puppeteer: `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54) The Roman guard Longinus` words reiterate the mockery of the Romans who believed that the Emperor, Tiberius, was `a god`. Crucifixion was a Roman method for offering controls to their supposed `gods`; as though they were `puppeteers`: so Jesus` Resurrection was that of a puppet with a controller `god` from a Roman perspective. In other words, Jesus didn`t want strings, but the Romans wanted Jesus to be a puppet manipulated by their `gods`, which is why they attempted to control him. Jesus` Ascension to heaven is a symbol of `woman`s seed` escaped from the gods` controls, which is why Jesus` `blood` is depicted as that of the `redeemer`. However, the Romans` description of Jesus` sacrifice to a controller condemns him as a vampire. Immortal through blood drinking, he needed to be controlled from the Empire`s point of view, so the control of the Roman gods was sought in the shape of the wooden cross upon which the Jewish Messiah was nailed preparatory to his being strung as a puppet eternally.



 Christianity`s is a history of pogroming Jesus` `chosen people`, while waging war on itself, for example, in world wars against German Imperialism`s (1914-18) reemergence in fascism`s ambition to enslave (1939-45), and upon the Moslems in Islam after Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein`s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.  Christinaity`s wars are an indication that it believes in blood drinking, that is, slavery for `woman`s seed`, as a means to live an elite lifestyle, which it labels Salvation through Jesus` redemptive `blood`. The principle of killing the enslaver in order to be redeemed through `blood` is a clear laudable aim, but what`s absent from the picture of Redemption is `woman`s seed`. What Satanism has done is convince Christianity that killing `woman`s seed` is redemptive. In Islam the women wear the black one-piece coverall of the burka, because they don`t want Western eyes to pry. Edutainment in the West is based on penisless `babes`, that is, women who`re the brainless `remnant` of `woman`s seed`, whereas Moslem women in Islam`s four wife marriages are futanarian. Consequently, Western images depict the death of `woman`s seed` because that`s what Satanism has achieved there, and Nazism is a prominent indication of Christianity`s embracing of it.



 According to the Romans, Jesus was one of `the little people`, fabled in myth and folklore as being smaller than humans, which is evident from the idea of Jesus` cross as a `control` for a `puppeteer`, that is, `a god`, who isn`t of the `little people`. In Byzantine Christian art, which is the iconography of the church of the Eastern Empire of Rome centering upon Constantinople, that is, Turkey`s Istanbul, Jesus is depicted as being a man full grown at the breast of his mother, the Virgin Mary, though he`s of the stature of `the little people`. Consequently, Salvation in the East `through the blood of Jesus` is parasitoid, that is, the imagery of Byzantine art is that of producing `little people` with the blood of `woman`s seed` to consume like ogres for the power they contain, which is what Eastern European vampires want `the blood of Jesus` for, because they`re anti-Christian. What the Romans did was explain that they were `little people` with `gods` as `controllers` who strung them like `puppets` and devoured them like ogres for the power they contained, for example, Jesus` ability to turn water to wine, and walk on water, was what made him precious amongst the `little people`, so the `big people` wanted to breed more of enslaved `woman`s seed`. Devouring the smaller like ogres, metaphorically `big people`, that is, richer or stronger, could imbibe mana,1 a term used amongst early Austronesian societies for power found in nature that`s ingestible.



 Jesus` Ascension was ostensibly due to a power apart from Rome`s gods, that is, God`s, but the Eastern church after Jesus conceived of `little people` as a source of God`s power through its eating of them, which is a phenomenon known as `god-eating`2 amongst South American peoples, for example, Aztec Indians. Although parasitoids aren`t cannibals, that is, the parasitoid emerges as a parasite from the host womb to kill the host species, it has the appearance of being a cannibal, whereas it`s an alien draco breeding `little people` as its sustenance, whether literally or in socio-economic terms. Bigger people are `little` peoples` slavers, because it`s what the bigger parasitoid wants the smaller humanoid for, although the physically smaller will slave those who`re physically bigger; if it`s nature is parasitoid. Consequently, despite Jesus` offering his `body and blood` symbolically in the shape of the `bread and wine` to his disciples, it was a part of his teaching that people should convert from their evil cannibalistic parasitoid nature, that is, the enslavement and consumption for power of the lesser by the greater. Otherwise, consumption will be the end result, that is, species` extinction through self-devouring. In socio-historical terms, the Eastern Byzantine Roman church`s depiction of Jesus as one of the `little people` born to a `big` woman, the Virgin Mary, and the legend of the vampire, that is, the blood drinker, Vlad Dracul, who lives through killing, represent aspects of an anti-Christian belief system, which is presented as Christianity, but is terminally parasitoid. Although the Roman Catholic Christian church endeavored to present Jesus` efforts to convert people from cannibalisic practices through the `transubstantiation` ritual,3 whereby those who took a sip of wine from the church officiate`s chalice, along with a sliver of wafer, were transformed in acceptance of `woman`s seed`, evil parasitoid nature remains sinfully ogreish and, in the absence of genuine teaching about `woman`s seed`, parasitoid contamination by the alien enslaver of the species` host womb continued to produce the consumer society of women`s consumed.

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