Onan and Snow White

21/06/2012 15:48

Onan and Snow White


In Genesis Onan`s brother is murdered because he`s `wicked ` (38. 9-10), and the explanation is that he didn`t want to impregnate his wife, Tamar, so that she would remain beautiful. Er was murdered by God and Onan was told to impregnate Tamar, who was Onan`s sister-in-law, but Onan refused and `cast his seed upon the ground`, which was an act supportive of his brother`s perspective that the woman`s eternal loveliness was more important than fertilization. In other words, Er and Onan were looking towards immortality and God was looking for mass production. In terms of the production process, Er and Onan wanted quality while God wanted quantity. Er and Onan represent the notion that an immortally beautiful woman wouldn`t want to reproduce, and they wouldn`t need her to.

 In the story of Snow White, the Queen is `wicked` because she has a mirror in which she perceives herself to be the `most beautiful woman in the world`. Each day she asks of her mirror the question: `Mirror, mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all.` Each day the mirror replies: `You. O Queen.` One day the mirror says: `Not you. O Queen. Snow White is the fairest.` At which point the Queen has a poison apple delivered to Snow White so that the Queen can be the `most beautiful` again.



 Onan`s story is usually perceived as God`s injunction against masturbation, which is why masturbators receive the condemnatory appellation `Onanist`, whereas Er and Onan`s story is actually about God`s seeming inability to develop beyond mass production to quality control, that is, oodles of women who are ephemeral can`t substitute for an eternal woman who has eons of experience and wisdom, which is what Er and Onan understand and God doesn`t seem to.

 Er and Onan are `wicked` because they want their woman to be immortal and wise, which is patriarchy, that is, the restrictive practices of God and Man towards Woman, and is why Woman is most often associated with Satan worship. Effectively, the `wicked` Queen in Snow White is an `Onanist` because she wants to look beautiful forever in her mirror and keep her experience and wisdom, which is what God actually promises.

 Revelation describes the protector of the `hidden` Woman of the Earth, that is, the New Redeemer, who keeps her until she is ready to leave for the stars and sow her own seed. Revelation describes her seed as defeating Satan who, together with his adherents, receive unendurable eternal pain as their punishment for interfering with the woman`s seed ( https://www.futanaria.com ).

 Because the woman has seed, she must be understood as having her own penis. Consequently, the story of the `wicked Queen in Snow White is similar to that of the `wicked` Er and Onan in Genesis, whom God slays for wanting their woman to remain young and beautiful. Wanting to remain young and beautiful is the reason why Er and Onan are described as `wicked`. However, in Revelation, the woman`s seed is promised a new heaven and Earth in which to dwell forever, which indicates that God`s perspective changes.



 Snow White is biblical insofar as the poison apple is again a central motif. The Queen`s wickedness consists of her inability to perceive that Snow White is desirable for the Queen because she`s the `most beautiful`. In other words, she can`t see her own penis in the mirror, the explanation of her beauty and why Snow White is now the most beautiful.  Because the `wicked` Queen is ready for a sexual relationship with her own species. However, she poisons Snow White because she`s programmed with patriarchal logic supported by biblical injunction. Snow White shouldn`t be immortally young and beautiful because God murdered Er and Onan for wanting eternal beauty for Tamar. The `wicked` Queen should be having sex with Snow White, because women have a penis, and even if some of them physically don`t, the fact that some do means the `wicked` Queen and Snow White are a species, whereas men aren`t. They`re parasites using her as `host womb` for their virus.

 The `wicked` Queen in Snow White is wicked because she doesn`t have a penis (visibly), and wants to be immortally beautiful and wise, which is what God gives her in Revelation, but before that she`s Satan. In other words, Satan`s a perspective, and when she defeats Satan in heaven it`s allegorical insofar as that defeat represents the Redemption of her male part. However, it`s the triumph over evil insofar as men would enslave her as a `host womb` for their parasitical murdering of her and the Earth.

 The Queen is wicked from men`s perspective because women have a penis, which makes her independent and, in terms of the actual meaning of the story, the Queen poisons Snow White because the Queen`s naïve, or `green` because she expresses men`s `penis envy` for them. She`s redeemable on the strength of her ignorance.  She `s been interfered with, on a fictionally propagandist level, by patriarchy, because it`s men`s interpretation of the word of God from Genesis that women shouldn`t be eternally beautiful and wise.

 Er and Onan were murdered in Genesis because God didn`t want Tamar to be anything other than `bred`. The Queen attempts to poison Snow White because, for patriarchy,  Snow White is Er and Onan`s Tamar, and in Genesis God  wants breeding slaves. As a representative woman the `wicked` Queen is, therefore, programmed by patriarchy with her own self-murder, implemented when she gives Snow White the poisoned apple.



 In Eden the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` is given to Eve by the evil serpent, whose `seed`  thereafter is at `eternal enmity` with the `seed` of the woman.  Adam is given some of the fruit by Eve and is defined as a `temptress` afterwards by Bible thumpers who don`t perceive that she represents wisdom.  Only at the closure of the Bible do we see that the wisdom she represents is that of the `hidden` woman with a penis of her own, who doesn`t need boy sons (poisons) because they signify God`s plan for her, which in Genesis is ephemerality and slavery. Later, in Revelation, God`s changed plan is for Woman`s immortality and freedom, which justifies Eve`s thirst for knowledge in Eden, where she gives the apple to Adam because she perceives development to be the key to freedom for Woman as a species with its own penis.

 Revelation agrees with Eve, which means that Satan`s refusal to bow before Man is also justified. It`s equivalent to Er and Onan`s rejection of God`s initial perspective that women should be breeding slaves and not immortally young. When women have their own penis and are sowing their `seed` amongst the stars in heaven, Satan`s penis will be free, as it were. It`s a unified symbol system in which Jesus, born of a virgin, and celibate, is the `Son of Man` because he doesn`t want to reproduce. Immortality is the perception that reproduction isn`t necessary, and so those who refuse to reproduce are concerned with having immortal youth. Jesus is murdered because, like Er and Onan, he seeks immortality. Er and Onan are, in fact, more advanced because they seek it for the woman Tamar. But Jesus` mother Mary, who` s a virgin when Jesus is born, symbolizes the woman who can give birth without a man, that is, her penis is implicit in the equation, which means that Mary, like Tamar, represents the perception that Woman should be immortal and free from men as parasites breeding her as their slave.

 In Answer To Job the developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) observes that Satan is an unconscious aspect of God`s omniscience, that is, God doesn`t know why God behaves swinishly towards the righteous Job, but Satan does. It`s because God`s a bully who bullies until God becomes contrite, that is, God sees the error of his ways.

 Satan is vindicated at the end of the Bible when the `hidden` woman leaves the Earth to sow her seed and eventually defeats the evil serpent`s `seed`, symbolized by the red dragon of Revelation wanting to devour her, to receive a new heaven and Earth as her reward. Satan hadn`t wanted Man, and at the closure of Revelation neither does God, which means that God, Jesus, Mary, and Satan are aspects of God`s developmental functionality coming to fruition.

 In Jungian psychology there are four functions of consciousness; Thinking, Sensation, Feeling, and Intuition. Two functions are male and two are female. In biblical terms, God and Jesus would represent Sensation and Thinking, because Eden is associated with seeing, and the Sensation function, according to Jung, is associated with the eyes when undifferentiated or unconscious.

 When Eve eats of the apple, and gives some to Adam, they immediately perceive that they`re observed and clothe themselves because they feel ashamed to be seen naked. This is because God represents the Sensation function, which is receiving differentiation. Adam and Eve are now being watched by the evil serpent whereas formerly they were being watched over by God. Their shamed reaction at being seen naked indicates their awareness of someone looking whereas they`d been a mirror for each other. Now the evil serpent will be able to mirror itself through them, and so they are ashamed because they were the mirror of God`s love.

 Snow White`s apple is evolutionarily regressive insofar as it represents the commonly held belief that Onan was a masturbator killed by God for `casting his seed upon the ground`, that is, the `wicked` Queen masturbating in the mirror in the understanding that she`s desirable to herself is `normal` because women are a species with their own penis. Symbolically, she no longer finds herself desirable in the mirror, that is, she no longer masturbates, because she`s looking for someone else to sexually arouse her, which is also `normal`.



 The Queen`s apple is `Edenic` insofar as it represents a woman`s temptation to knowledge, but it`s poisoned because she`s unable to conceive of her desire for herself in the mirror as a normal woman`s sexual desire for the more beautiful Snow White and, instead, contrives a murder plot, which is what God effectively contrives against Tamar when he doesn`t want her to have more than an ephemeral existence as a breeding slave whereas Er and Onan, slain by God for disagreeing, wanted her to be forever beautiful, and by extension wise.

 Nevertheless the `wicked` Queen`s masturbatory mirror does represent a woman`s desire to be normal in terms of her knowledge and sexuality. The fact that she`s unable to see her own erection in the mirror indicates that, somehow, her species has  been poisoned by men`s patriarchy, and so the poisoned apple is a metaphor for the Queen`s own self`s poisoning by men. Delivered to Snow White, the apple of poison is, therefore, a metafictional symbol of women`s difficulties in recognizing truth because of the `big lie` that, although they`re masturbatorily desirable for themselves in their mirrors, men say that their desire for other women is abnormal whereas it`s a species desire for its own self`s love.



 Eve left Eden because she wanted knowledge and wisdom, but also because the evil serpent wanted to watch her. The `wicked` Queen is Eve because she represents the desire to masturbate as an immortally beautiful woman with noone to watch her but herself. This is evolutionarily progressive insofar as female stars of movies, and music videos, watch themselves perform masturbatorily in recorded media. However, that doesn`t imply control over who watches, because the media in which their images are recorded is mass produced. Effectively, it`s the same problem that God had with Tamar, Er and Onan. God wanted mass production, whereas Er and Onan wanted an eternally beautiful Tamar and refused to impregnate her because pregnancy would, at the least, cause her beauty to fade, and might result in her death. God watches Er and Onan to see that they impregnate Tamar, and so God wants her to die. God murders Er and Onan because they want her to live. In economic terms, God wants disposable while Er, Onan and Tamar want permanency. In media star terms, mass produced masturbatory product masturbated over by whoever has the cash to pay implies no control over who it is that masturbates while watching the product, which in biblical terms means that the consumer is God.

 The dangers of consumerism are evident in Revelation where the red dragon is described as waiting in vain to devour the New Redeemer who`ll protect the `hidden` woman. In Genesis God envisions the mass production of human beings by means of an enforced breeding programme. Er and Onan refuse becaue they prefer quality to quantity. In simple terms, Er is happy with his wife as she is and doesn`t want to enter into the mass production process. Onan similarly `casts his seed upon the ground` because he doesn`t want her beauty to fade but rather appreciates the value of the woman, not wanting her to be mass produced so that female flesh, ephemeral and plentiful, has lesser value for Man.

 Although God`s perspective changes in the Bible so that, in Revelation, consumerism is condemned as evil, the shift from quantity to quality occurs too late for Man. Hollywood`s mass production of media recorded stars echoes God`s early concern with quantity and Mankind as ephemeral. Er and Onan, perceived as masturbators, are killed by God, whereas in fact they`re championing the uniqueness and inestimable value of an individual woman, Tamar. Hollywood`s mass production of media recorded stars coincides with God`s original plan in Genesis, which is to mass produce ephemera. By analogy masturbators are those who watch media recorded stars because they want them to live and be immortally beautiful and wise.  Further analogy would have the fans and the stars murdered because, as God`s murder of Er and Onan in Genesis for wanting Tamar to live indicates, that`s what God would want, at least according to Christian fundamentalist crazies. The current craze for VR would then serve as the basis for `believers` to snuff out stars in recorded media because, irrespective of God`s rejection of the devouring red dragon of Revelation that waits in vain to consume the New Redeemer, Christian infantilism would still hold to the belief that snuffing out people who want to be - and remain - beautiful is what God would have wanted for the wankers.



 In Revelation Jesus is described as having a sword which comes out of his mouth, and in Jungian psychology the sword is a symbol of the Thinking function, which is associated in undifferentiated or unconscious form with the ears. Consequently, Jesus` association with the sword, the mouth, and the ears relates to speech and words that are expressive of the truth that derives from correct or differentiated Thinking. In simple terms, Jesus speaks the truth in the New testament because God`s Thinking function is differentiated.

 Mary is the differentiated Feeling function because she can give birth to the Thinking function (Jesus). In Jungian psychology Feeling is duplex because it relates to eating, drinking, and speaking, which is why the sword, that is, Thinking, emerges from the mouth of Jesus in Revelation, because speaking is differentiated thought arising from Jesus` ability to listen to his heart, represented on Earth by the tutelary spirit or Paraclete after the death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus to heaven after his crucifixion. In simple terms, Mary is speaking her feelings when Jesus` words are heard.

 Satan is Intuition, because Satan refused to accept Man on the grounds that he didn`t like Man. In effect Satan is Woman`s Intuition. She didn`t like Man either, and as a species with her own penis she leaves Earth for her heavenly reward in Revelation. The four aspects of God refer to omniscience (God watching over Mankind), omnipresence (Jesus as the `Son of Man`), omnibenevolence (Mary as the Feeling function), and omnipotence, which is Woman as Satan`s penis redeemed, symbolizing God`s almighty majesty and power.



  The fire breathing red dragon of Revelation is a symbol of that which seeks to consume the New Redeemer and prevent the hidden woman of the Earth from leaving to spread her own seed amongst the stars rather than be snuffed by Anti-Christian nihilists masquerading as believers because the beautiful people should accept that God wants them to be ephemeral. Because the red dragon is described as waiting in vain to devour the New Redeemer we may assume that the evil consumerism of those Anti-Christian nihilists who`d snuff out the stars because they believe stars should accept they`re ephemeral will fail. According to Revelation the evil nihilists will be defeated by the woman and her `seed` and will receive unendurable pain forever as their punishment.


- Amen.


Jung, C. G., `Answer To Job` in Psychology and Religion, Vol.11, Collected Works, Princeton University Press, 1973.