Jewing A Cassete

29/08/2013 12:57
Jewing A Cassette
The virgin cassette prior to a recording leaves the owner with two options. Either the tape can be recorded as permanent, which requires the removal of the tabs at the edge of the cassette opposite the tape itself where the magnetic recording heads transmit their tiny messages to the tape, or the cassete can remain re-recordable by leaving the tabs untouched. When the tape passes over the recording heads, it expands slightly due to generated heat, which can result in distorted sound during playback, and that`s the main reason why cassettes were largely replaced by recordable compact disk (CD) technology late in the 20th century.
If cassette tape expands too much during playback this can result in `chewing`,1 which is the mangling of taped recordings because of old or worn tape material unable to contract after expansion. At the Hit Gyulakazet, that is, the Faith Church, in Budapest and other cities in Hungary, the process is known as `jewing` Akh, Asset, where `Akh` is ancient Egyptian for `magical personality` and `Asset` is the goddess of rememberment, often called Isis.
Christianity doesn`t acknowledge its indebtedness to Egyptian mythology, it owes much to the concept of the `magical personality`,2 as the combined `Ba` or personality, and `Ka`, the spirit, which is the individual`s asset, and where `Asset` is therefore the goddess of the Resurrection of the individual`s `magical personality`.
 Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary, his mother, as the `perfect man`, which suggests he was a `magical personality` to begin with. Unfertilized by male semen in her birthing of the `Messiah`, Jesus` mother corresponds to the Egyptian goddess, Asset, and Jesus is the `Akh`, which appears after death in Egyptian mythology, because the `Ba` or `soul personality` conjoins with the `Ka`, that is, the spirit, in its continuing journey as a `magical personality`, the `Akh`, to heaven.
 For the Hit Gyulakazet, the Virgin Mary represents a `lock` to be `jewed`, and the `magical personality` of Jesus, that is, the `Akh`, is a Christian `Asset` insofar as Jesus` mother produced a `jewel`. For Christians it`s about how the `jewel` was made, so the Virgin mother is viewed as a cassette recording, that is, she gives birth, but the child will be reincarnated, and so the infant can be `played` with again.
 Jewing a lock is what the Hit Gyulakazet do, that is, the woman`s lock will be picked, and the tape of the individual`s life will run its course, before reincarnation and the `jewing of the lock` begins a new `recording session` using the same cassette. The recorded material is the life of the person on the tape, which is `thieved` after death, and in preparation for a re-recording, which is what reincarnation is; for the Hit Gyulakazet.
 Although Hit means `faith` in Hungarian and Gyulakazet means `church`, reincarnation and slavery is all that`s offered. Sometimes the tape is `chewed`, which means permanent damage, but thoughtfully so, because the individual knows too much, and so they`re `chewed` over. Because Jesus` birth was uncontaminated by male semen, knowing too much about `woman`s seed`, that is, the penis` semen of women, is enough to be `chewed`. In the Bible God tells Eve she`ll:
`... crush the head of the serpent as she leaves.` (Gen: 3. 15)
 Because it`s the magnetic tape head which won`t let go of her. God warns Eve her `seed` will have `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed`, because `futanarian` women have their own penis` `seed`, and so constitute the human species` desired independence from men, which Jesus` birth without the Virgin Mary, his mother, being fertilized by male semen, prefigures. Taught that lesbianism is `abnormal`, women exist in a state of schizophrenia, believing that their own species can`t fertilize herselves to self-produce her own brains` power and escape Earth and men as `woman`s seed` through technology of  her own devising.
 The Hit Gyulakazet is `gender pending` because, if virgins are recorded, knowledgeable `futanarian` women can be removed from the tape by `mafia hit men`, and so the picture presented by mass media entertainment, such as Hollywood provides, is of woman as a species either dead, or dying through exposure of her video cassette to the `snuff` movie industry of not-so-well-publicized Babylon, Los Angeles, CA.
 Young women often go to the Hit Gyulakazet to ask about their sexuality, sometimes openly enquiring if the church accepts lesbian congregational members? As a lay preacher, my own experience of the notion that women are a single spirit, because a single biunity as a `futanarian` family, is to be labelled as encouraging `multiple personality disorder` or `schizophrenia`, despite the pastor`s exhorting churchgoers to adopt Jesus` teachings of : `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31)
 Because you are your neighbour. The basic `schizophrenic` tenet of Christianity is that, if it doesn`t accept the single spirit, single body of the human `futanarian` family of woman with her own penis` `seed`, because it interferes with men`s design of imposing a schizophrenic lifestyle upon women who don`t know the sexual drive of their own species` self-reproductive nature, the church is psychologically unhealthy and damaging to humans.
 If women are taught that they`re a CD that can be replayed to reproduce a virus for herself, that is, a reincarnated parasite upon her host womb, corresponding to the men who don`t want her, rather than the possibility of exclusively female relationships involving `woman`s seed` extending human familial love to her own `futanarian` selves, the ultimate goal of the CD virus must be to erase what`s already been of the `woman`s seed`, which is what episodes of de ja vu are concerned with.
 In reincarnated lives without woman with her own penis` `seed` visible before us, the scene is that of a CD the virus has already attacked to remove the previously recorded woman, which explains the many people who experience that feeling of what the French call de ja vu, or `having been here before`. My experience is that the music from a Sony Mp3 player worn as a personal stereo gives the individual sufficient autonomy within the environment to rid oneself of false conditioning so that the mind and spirit can receive liberation from the picture painted by those who want to imprison our thinking.
 In Hollywood the `one foot on the floor`3 rule in movies like Pillow Talk (1959), starring the `gay` Rock Hudson,4 who died of the virus, that is, HIV/AIDS, and the reputedly `lesbian` Doris Day, represented the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` `seed` on the floor with no hope of rising. Anyone can watch a movie, but few look past gender assertiveness to see what the taboo against the penis` visibility is hiding there. Personal music for personal space at least gives us pause to think.
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4 Born Roy Harold Scherer Jnr, died aged 59, October 2nd, 1985, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.Jewing A Cassete.